Published On: Sat, Mar 2nd, 2013

Reminding us that ours is a government of thugs with book-burning tendencies

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There is nothing that the corporate-media likes to do more than be able to present a case of a state primary school where none of the children speaks English as a first language, but which still gets top ratings by school inspectors. It’s supposed to train native Britons that they are second rate to immigrants – and it’s all a huge hoax. The Government’s approval of a school’s ability to “educate” children is worthless because the whole point of the state education system is to dumb UK citizenry down.

Getting good Ofsted results reflects the schools ability to deploy Marxist conditioning techniques (see here for example), and generally bewilder a child rather than instil him with a command of his environment. The cultural and economic vandalism that is British state primary and secondary education, followed by attendance at inauspicious and low-grade university, is hidden in plain view, and remains secreted until it is glimpsed from a perspective which has knowledge of corporate-government’s designs for society. Such is the confidence of the ruling elite (and its wannabes) that Britons will remain oblivious of their own intellectual castration, they feel quite at liberty to make public references to it.

Most recently the Tory Party candidate in the Eastleigh by-election, Maria Hutchings, caused a stir by seeming to claim that her 12-year-old son was too talented or ambitious for the local comprehensive schools: “William is very gifted, which gives us another interesting challenge in finding the right sort of education for him – impossible in the state system. He wants to be a cardio-respiratory surgeon”.

The Establishment, which wants low standards for the masses in order to baffle them and make them easier to control, was predictable in its response, but can perhaps be best summarised by the utterances of the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, who in a piece of fake left/right theatre, insisted that Hutchings had insulted every pupil and teacher at state schools “including those in Eastleigh.”

But the scandal in this case was not that Hutchings had hurt the feelings of some inadequate teachers or conditioned children; what was horrific for the likes of Miliband was that she let the truth slip out. There is also no scandal in Hutchings wanting the best for her children to the detriment of anything that government has arranged for her. The scandal here is that society has been engineered, especially by the Tories who abolished grammar schools, so that people who are not already in the upper-middle and upper ruling classes cannot obtain membership through their own efforts, nor without becoming beholden to powerful controlling interests. The truth of the matter, as Hutchings revealed, is that state education is just not intended to catapult council estate children into careers as journalists, surgeons, politicians, judges or any other position in the top and ruling rank of British society.

As for education at UK universities that aren’t in the global top lists – meaning anything else but Oxford and Cambridge, and perhaps a handful of others – Iain Duncan Smith recently made an illustrative remark after his flagship back-to-work scheme was ruled legally flawed. Seemingly annoyed because his will to rule had been challenged, and perhaps letting his power-maniacal tendencies get the better of him, Duncan Smith (as the Daily Mail reports) “issued a direct rebuke to university graduate Cait Reilly, 24, from Birmingham, who has a degree in geology and challenged having to work for free at a local Poundland discount store or face losing jobless benefits”.

The incredible admonishment came as Duncan Smith spoke on BBC television last month, and accompanied a revelatory comment about what the ruling elite actually thinks of university education, and its worth for betterment:

Most young people love this [work] programme and I am sorry but there are a group of people out there who think they are too good for this kind of stuff…

The next time these smart people who say there’s something wrong with this go into their supermarket, ask themselves this simple question: when they can’t find the food on the shelves, who is more important: them, the geologist or the person who’s stacked the shelves.

This comment provoked a response from the Geological Society of London which pointed out that “without geologists, there would be no way to supply supermarkets with produce, no transport for customers or staff – no shelves, in fact.” The society said that it was surprised at what Duncan Smith had had to say, but in fact, no one should be surprised. Britain’s current government is a corporate government, or in other words, a fascist government, and Duncan Smith’s comments illustrates that it is every bit as much a government of book-burning thugs as any Marxist-derived totalitarianism that came to power in the 20th century.

In a free country a university education is supposed to be valued as a means for the betterment of citizens to improve the condition of the common wealth. However, by his comments Duncan Smith shows that he and his ilk do not think very highly of what intelligent people, who otherwise would be destined to stack supermarket shelves or do other menial labour, can achieve with a proper education. This is not to say that Duncan Smith undervalues the universities themselves, he just knows that they are not supposed to produce a challenge to the corrupt hegemony, and as such is entirely dismissive (he was equally dismissive and in the same sneering way ahead of the  Eastleigh by-election result when he indicated to a RT reporter that UKIP was like a harmless toy dog around his ankles). In fact, it became clear to this author soon after the Coalition Government came to office in 2010 that universities were only valued by the ruling class as factories for producing minions for corporations or government; there is no concern for enlightenment in the tradition of Renaissance Humanism or the Reformation.

Without having enough leading members who can understand the Western human condition through its real Judeo-Christian historical experience, or by applying a real scientific approach – rather than through a Marxist (made trendy) construct or through post-normal consensus-based science – our society has become ruled by self-elected mega business technocrats (not meritocrats), and political minions, who are without scruple and only convinced of their right to dictate truth or to rule; this is why Duncan Smith seems to think that Britons should accept their own exploitation and have no right in law to protect themselves from it, and becomes incensed when Britons challenge his and the thuggish corporate-government’s book-burning activities.

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