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Evidence suggests Woolwich incident manufactured

No blood where Lee Rigby's blood should beAs the corporate-government occupying this land phases out nationality in its pursuit of global economic dominance, patriotism is reduced to feelings of worship for national sports men, awe for Royal ruritania and the gangsters bedecked in it, and gratefulness for the duty of the armed forces as they somehow defend our freedoms (by blowing Libyan children in half). It all sounds very Nazi Germany, does it not? British people don’t have much to be proud of when it comes to representations of their national identity because that is how they have been conditioned by their ruling class. How else could it be otherwise? If British people were taught as children about their own long history of battle against tyranny, then the hereditary dictatorship that is the Monarchy would be shortening its own odds for survival.

These State authorised points of pride provide the foundation for emotional triggering to cause a knee jerk reaction in the British populace whenever the State thinks it expedient to activate one. We live in days when the State really needs all the power of manipulation it can muster. There is a war in Syria to be had, of course, but closer to home the Establishment is plagued by the rise of UKIP. Infiltrating and corrupting the fourth (or should that be the third) national party from the inside is something that might already be underway. There is another tactic for undermining, which is to scare people away; indeed, there is a deliberate campaign underway at the moment, as the more astute Britons will have noticed, which will aid in that purpose. The UK is in the midst of an effort to enliven feelings of hatred for Muslims (who the Establishment imported for moments exactly like this). This is connected with domestic politics as follows: when UKIP deals with Islam the only way it really can – which is to treat its general practitioners as free men under the protection of English Law – this will not be good enough for natives who have become over-familiar and fed up with how the Establishment accommodates radicalism. On the other hand, UKIP will have no truck with radicalism, and will want to see integration, and this will be presented by the Establishment as racism. UKIP forums seem to be full of provocateurs goading other commenters into producing electorally harmful material.

The current campaign of “race-baiting” (aimed at white British people) started with the apparent murder of Lee Rigby in Artillery Place, Woolwich, May 22nd, 2013, but it has been slowly cooking for a long while as the British Government has been encouraging jihadists and separatists to operate in the UK. While filling the ranks of that branch of MI5 which is supposed to present an Islamic terror threat, the British Government has been engendering resentment for Muslims from other Britons. After Lee Rigby it has stepped up a notch. The English Defence League (also felt by many to be MI5), took to marching. There were (apparently) tit for tat incidents, rubbishy bombs, and desultory, denigrating paint-daubing. Graves were defaced. All parties finally agreed on ways to send Abu Qatada to Jordon, which looked like a little victory in the wider war; the Government looked as if it was on the same side as Lee Rigby, and all the Queen’s other Afghan opium-guarding victims.

There is no doubt that the death of a soldier at the hands of a supposed jihadist would rile the British people; especially if they were lied to consistently early on by the State media (by which is meant all of the corporate-media) which claimed that Lee Rigby’s head had been cut off. When this turned out to be false, but there came no retractions concerning statements about how Afghan and Iraqi jihadist warfare had come to the streets of Britain, here, then, were alarm bells to warn that the murder was not just being capitalised upon, but had been carried out by someone on the inside to create an opportunity.

The evidence certainly points to a false flag attack, and actually, even a hoax, and seems fairly conclusive in doing so. This article will make a brief account of some of this evidence, and at a later date, another article will be dedicated to a proposal as to how a hoax might have been accomplished.

The official narrative maintains that Lee Rigby was knocked down by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale when they happened upon him as they were driving the now infamous blue Vauxhall Tigra. The extensive damage to this car, as evidenced in the images of it, is supposed to have been caused by the impact with Rigby; this must be the case because there is no indication anywhere else on the scene that the vehicle hit another object. The assumption has been that the car struck one of the poles of a road sign, or at least pinned Rigby against it, because of the way that it is placed (in its so-called final resting place) in relation with it. Yet this is optimistic because the damage on the car is not even satisfactorily aligned with the supposed point of impact. But still it seems that no one can imagine that Rigby’s body would crumple the front of the vehicle in that way on its own. How could they, after all, when it seems that the car leaked engine fluids after the impact? A splayed track of liquid can clearly be seen in the images emanating from beneath the car; Rigby surely wouldn’t have been able to crumple an engine? Whatever the car impacted with, it wasn’t to be found on the scene of the crime.

This brings us to Rigby’s injuries. The outward signs of any penetrative trauma were restricted to blood stained hands. Although the midriff of the corpse was exposed due to an upper garment being pulled over the head (conveniently), it was clearly devoid of any indication that anyone had hit the area with a blunt or sharp instrument. The two Michael’s were said by witnesses to be hacking at Lee Rigby with blades. However, Rigby’s clothes were not lacerated. There was no leakage of blood onto the road where Rigby was possibly already dead; this is confirmed by “eye-witness” Amanda Donnelly who said as much in an interview with the Daily Mirror. Indeed, she felt able to sit down beside Rigby, which no stranger would have done if the body was laying in a pool of its own fluids.

In fact, there was no sign that blood had earlier seeped through the clothes from injuries underneath them. No blood splashed onto those exposed parts of skin already mentioned. We are assured that there was blood because we are pointed to an image (taken much later after the incident, it has to be said) where there is a distinct pool on the extremities of the sidewalk which the Tigra mounted. This is where Rigby was butchered, is what the official narrative says. A drag mark from the pool is supposed to indicate Rigby’s transportation to his final position. However, none of the blood that this action would have caused to collect on Rigby’s attire is either visible to any viewer of the images of his body, nor to Amanda Donnelly who was on the scene. More remarkably, the blood on the sidewalk is clearly not discernable in certain images even as they are still occupied by the so-called perpetrators of the crime.

It seems that Lee Rigby was as much a mystery to the medical professional who did the postmortem examination. The first report of this event told of how the examiner could not confirm the cause of Rigby’s death. Days later, the story had changed. With no reference to a new examination, it was now entered into the coroner’s enquiry that the postmortem could show that Rigby had died of cut and stab wounds, and had suffered “extensive and serious injuries”. We were also told that dental records had been required to identify the body. It seems strange, therefore, that the postmortem examiner could ever have been remotely clueless about what killed Lee Rigby.

So far, then, there is no other evidence except eye-witness accounts (some of them conflicting and highly suspect), and amongst them Adebolajo’s ranted confession,  to makes anyone believe that Rigby was killed in the incident that took place on 22nd May in Artillery Place, let alone that he was killed by Adebolajo and Adebowale. So far we could say that the treatment of his death has probably been a hoax. It has to be said that on hearing the news of the Woolwich “terror attack” the initial response of the author was to assume that the assault was real enough, but also to presume that the attackers were not who the official narrative claimed them to be. It came out later that Adebolajo had been bothered by an insistent MI5 who were looking to recruit him; of course, he told a friend that he had refused. He would, wouldn’t he? It also came out that Adebolajo had been kicked out of Kenya by an anti-terrorism unit and handed back to British authorities. Officially, he had been there under his own steam to train with al-Qaeda. In reality, the chances are that the Kenyans kick out British infiltrators at every opportunity they get. Libya and Syria have shown that Britain runs al-Qaeda operatives – and they also serve as a warning to other countries looking to avoid becoming destabilised. Incidentally, Abu Nusaybah was arrested seconds after he volunteered information about his friend and MI5 to the BBC’s Newsnight. Already, the incident smacks of being an inside job. If Britain runs al-Qaeda abroad, then it is very likely that the Government runs al-Qaeda at home.


Larger image: the white shoe that initially manifests itself. Smaller images are the same later frame aligned to enable contrast: the lighter object seems to be the right hand of the properly uniformed police woman

Some people say that this does not go far enough in understanding the incident in Woolwich. Some people say that it was a 100% manufactured affair – that it was not in any way organic; that it had actually been planned and played out by actors in a very highly orchestrated and organised way. Incredibly, there seems to be evidence to support this. The strongest piece is an anomaly that has been observed during the shootout (see image above and left, and see a video report here); a white-shoed foot seems to appear from the rear driver’s-side door of a police car as Adebolajo charges it. As the footage continues a properly booted police man suddenly appears from one of the drivers’ side doors and the white-shoed man disappears.†

These things are very weird to witness. It suggests that normal rules for time and space have been manipulated, or that the event was filmed in separate takes, as a Hollywood movie would be. Could it be that the film features the moments of some preliminary mock up – a rehearsal where the actors are not yet in their “costumes”? Could it be that somehow Adebolajo did not perform his routine correctly on the day and so an earlier practice take had to be merged into footage to be released to the public? How else do we account for the disappearing white shoes? If these things are true, and perhaps they must be because MI5 and the Metropolitan Police cannot change physics, then one must conclude that this terror incident was entirely manufactured – something that, as it happens, despite the evidence before his eyes, the author is still not completely happy about having to do.


† Update, 16/01/21: All is explained in the “book” hosted on, The Woolwich Terror Attack: A REPORT ON THE PRECURSORY INCIDENT TO THE ISIS PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION  (link), which at the time of this update, is nearing the end of a process and review and republishing. The article is not a shoe, but a bottle – and its appearance arguably supports the theory that the characters seen coming out of the vehicle are not professional police. This, however, is a mundane explanation to a minor mystery. The evidence to show that the police interaction with Adebolajo and Adebowale was a piece of theatre is plentiful.

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