Published On: Wed, Jun 22nd, 2016

Project Fear becomes Project Dog Whistle

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A pattern emerges of very good – nay, exceptionally good fortune for the British Government. When it wants a war on Saddam Hussein citing a War on Terror – and a dodgy dossier – a weapons expert happens to die; not to mention an obstructive MP who had caused embarrassment by quitting as the Leader of the House of Commons at the disgrace of the whole thing. When it wants to intervene in Syria against al-Assad on the pretence of fighting ISIS (which it facilitates), the next thing we are told is that a soldier (cadet) has been killed by jihadists in London. And so it seems that when the Government wants to win a referendum on EU membership which, given the historical unpopularity of the EU with the British, for all the world it couldn’t win – then, guess what? Yes – another MP happens to die right on cue: conveniently killed by a “racist” – a fortuitous permutation of circumstances which gave the Remain side an opportunity to campaign passively while the Leave side actually paid its respects, and enabled it to appeal to the emotions of the voter, rather than their reasoning. No need, any more, to argue for that corrupt organisation based on its merits – of which it has none. As ProjectFear morphs fully into ProjectExploitDeadMP, for its finale, one day ahead of the vote, the Government – can it believe it’s luck? – gets to campaign by “virtue signalling” at a memorial, organised by a Westminster PR machine, held in Trafalgar Square. But that’s not all – memorials are apparently going to be held all over the world on the 22nd June. How very convenient for the pro-EU British Government.

And the Government finds itself in this position of extremely good fortune all because of a narrative overlaid on top of a murder; a narrative that appears to the author to have been, in the first instance, created by the Government’s propaganda arm – the Corporate Media. Please refer to this article  [1] which deals with the establishment of the initial big headline of “Britain First” which undoubtedly was intended to have the  public conceive Mair as being an extremist. After that there was a dripping-down of information that was presented to bolster the first conviction. Apparently, “special Police units”  –  whoever they may be – were happy to tell the Guardian that they had found Nazi regalia at the home of Mair. Does briefing of the press about incriminating evidence sound like proper due process? Then we had the Southern Poverty Law Centre stick its oar in. As little as the author is interested in this thoroughly discredited organisation, it reminds him of the Witchsmeller Pursuivant from Blackadder, who would have the peasants believe that Black Satin the horse can talk to the Great Grumbledook. And seeing that we have stumbled into this territory, there is an episode of Father Ted that the author keeps being reminded of.

Unbeknownst to him, Ted is bequeathed a room full of “Nazi regalia” – we can call it that because in its original setting it was being used as a shrine. When it becomes Ted’s, it’s still Nazi regalia because there’s so much of it – you couldn’t get away with calling it “World War II” memorabilia – which is what such historic items can be called when they are in the hands of collectors who do not possess them with the intent to glorify what they represent (by the way, the author does not collect WWII memorabilia). Anyway, mark this, and mark the fact that police, who must have known what would become of the information, told the Guardian – of Graeme Howard fame (see article linked-to above) – that Mair possessed Nazi regalia.

Getting on with it, and the famous moment in the Father Ted episode referred to must be one of the most hilarious in all of the history of British comedy. Ted is standing at the window signalling to a Chinese father and son (actually from Lancashire by the sounds of it) newly arrived on the island. Unfortunately, there is a piece of black tape on the glass that is so ludicrously contrived in its placement to give the appearance of a Hitler moustache under Ted’s nose. Ted’s energetic and comically over-the-top gesticulations are completely unfortunate in this context. But crucially, it is the black tape that makes Ted look like a man acting in a different way than is his intention. Here is the point: the Corporate Media – and this could be said of it even before we heard of Thomas Mair – is always the Black Tape.

And the Governemnt always needs the Black Tape, and never more so than when in its current predicament. Given the loathing of the EU historically held by a majority of Britons, the author did not believe that any politician campaigning for continued EU membership could ever win any referendum for their cause – even one held in the context we find ourselves now. However, after investigating the huge stink surrounding the election at Thanet South (here and here), and then other elections such as Thurrock, I discovered how a victory could be achieved nevertheless. I came to the conclusion that the Government was capable of rigging an entire election. In the case of the 2015 General Election, I suspected it was done by targeting crucial seats in a criminal fashion – expense anomalies nothing in comparison to what must have gone on. Of course, it helped to be aware of the fear in the air ahead of the vote when the Establishment was preparing the way for the possibility of a Grand Coalition between Labour and the Tories. As it turns out, this was obviously a too dangerous outcome for the Establishment to tolerate.

All things being such, and considering the determination of our elites to build a global system of governance – which won’t be opposed under any circumstances – I have been convinced that the Establishment would try and rig the referendum. I have not been alone – please see this article which examies how one third of people voting to Leave think that there will be vote rigging.

Now, understand that the Establishment can’t rig the vote in isolation. It needs the people to believe that the outcome it engineers is a realistic one. In 2015 before the General Election there was a huge campaign of fear-mongering to plant the idea that voting for UKIP instead of the Conservatives would let Labour form a coalition with a surging SNP. This idea flew in the face of the messages that Establishment thinkers were sending each other – they feared the necessity of the aforementioned Grand Coalition.

This year, we are seeing something different. This year we are seeing a last-moment trap being sprung on us that, to be fair, many of us have actually predicted – the details being the only aspect that couldn’t be known. I am firmly of the view that the opinion polls are being manipulated prior to the vote – either by controlling the respondents or controlling the way the poll is targeted – to try and suggest a reaction to Jo Cox’s murder. Last week, when Leave looked headed for a barnstorming win, the polls may have been more organic, but it really doesn’t matter. This week – or more particularly as released on the 21st June (taken from here) – they look like this:

Remain leading by 1%

Leave leading by 2%

Remain leading by 1%

Remain leading by 7%

Remain leading by 6%

In other words, the Establishment, with its exploitation of Jo Cox’s death, is blowing a dog whistle that it, after all is said and done and a shock “Remain” vote is gathered in, will say we heard – even if we didn’t know it – and will say we involuntarily responded to after all. Our response right at the end of the referendum campaign was emotional – that will be the story.

In reality, giveOut_Voten the long-held feelings of grievance owned by a traditional majority of Britons, I suspect that people have already turned a deaf ear to the call. I suspect that the virtue signalling is not going to blare out what people are hearing on Radio EU-future, and I suspect that the drawn out groaning sound of a few hard facts in people’s everyday existence is not going to be drowned out by the jingle bells of a pretend reality.

The Establishment has never had anything in its armoury other than smoke and mirrors. The people of Britain, their hated and avowed enemy, have a real desire for the restoration of their national identity – something that is illustrated in the very interesting map above (source).

The way we beat the Establishment and their fix is very easy. The bigger the number of votes for Leave, and the larger the gulf between it and Remain, the more difficult it will be to meddle with ballot boxes and nudge the latter into the lead. The way we beat the fix is to go out in our masses and vote to leave.



[1] An interesting development. A man with a pair of binoculars was seen in nearby grave yard.

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