Published On: Thu, Mar 9th, 2017

Bill Cooper’s Mystery Babylon series

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The “tip of the spear”, Alex Jones, tells his viewers/listeners that the Global elite and the US/UK Deep State believe in all sorts of queer stuff, and it’s that belief system which provides them with a rationale for, and an apprehension of being seperate from the 99% – the masses – and therefore superior and entitled.

But Alex Jones never tells people the whole truth – and he should know it because he obviously studied Milton William “Bill” Cooper (and appropriated his entire persona), and in the author’s opinion, is initiated himself. Bill Cooper explained in his 90s Mystery Babylon series that the Global elite and the Deep State was a secret society: a sect of Freemasonry, or to be precise, a Mystery School, because that’s what Freemasonry is. At the heart of it all is Luciferianism, which appears to have nothing to do with Satanism, the latter being mock-Christianity. Luciferianism is about having Gnosis – the secret Hermetic knowledge of the ancients which an individual can utilise to transfigure into a god.

Of course, with the exception of the actual astronomy from which astrology derives, and the architecture with which the Masons are associated, Hermetic knowledge is cobblers. However, the prospect of attaining “secret knowledge”, dangled at them by a very few (who know the truth that “secret knowledge” is about empowering themselves) tricks a lot of very stupid, vain and compartmentalised people into facilitating a lot of evil.

If the reader is old enough, he or she will probably remember in the 90s, general Freemasonry had to conduct a lot of damage limitation by appearing to be friendly neighbourhood organisations. The author realises now that this coincided with Cooper’s revelations – such was the danger. People can believe what they will about the lodge in their town, especially if they are a duped well-meaning lesser-degree initiate. The reader might also better relate to the idea that in the Fabian Society and Common Purpose we probably have organisations that are of a Mystery Babylon school bent in ideology, philosophy and structure, and thus appreciate that there is a present danger to society from the cult. Indeed, the connections between the Fabian Society (the Labour Party) and Lucifer are well known about (please do your own research). On the “other side” of the political spectrum, the Tories – in the author’s opinion – would have traditionally obtained their own degrees of initiation from the Universities. And Saul Alinsky, who even David Cameron/Theresa May’s Progressive Tories see as a guru, would have dedicated his book to Lucifer, not because he was a Satanist, but because he was initiated into the Mystery.

And so Bill Cooper’s Mystery Babylon series is essential listening if you want to understand the world in which you live. It explains the “religion” behind Freemasonry, and its history, and how this pseudo-science has actually driven the major events of the 19th and 20th centuries. Bill Cooper, in the prelude instalment, also finally explains the book/film “2001: a Space Odyssey”.

Personally, the Mystery Babylon series was the inspiration behind the game devised by yours truly, Mighty Hunters (see the bar at the side of the page – and get your copy), which is supposed to be an instructional tool about Mystery School affairs. Please note, all of Bill Cooper’s Hour of the Time broadcasts can be obtained from here, but for more convenient accessibility (and hopefully the HOTT – if it isn’t as defunct as it looks – will appreciate the advertising), the entire Mystery Babylon series by William Cooper can be listened to on one FBEL page: follow the link.

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