Published On: Sat, Apr 1st, 2017

Burnaz revisits Westminster Bridge, Cristea “remains in a coma”

In the past week the corporate-media, from at least two of its orifices (as far as the author wanted to discover), ran stories that appeared at first glance to tell of how Andreea Cristea, and her boyfriend, Andrei Burnaz, posed together for pictures on Westminster Bridge the day before they supposedly became victims of the supposed terror attack that supposedly took place at the same location on 22/3/17. “Couple pose on Westminster Bridge just hours before terror attack that left girlfriend ‘critical’ after plunge into Thames” was a headline on the Mirror site on the 29th March. “Smiling snaps of Romanian woman and her boyfriend on Westminster bridge just hours before London terror attack that left her fighting for life”, said the Sun on the same day.

The reader must agree, this language appears to ask an audience to expect certain imagery – indeed, the Sun article even insinuates that the same certain imagery was taken on the very day of the “attack”. And yet on investigating the articles under the banners, one discovers that there is not one picture of Burnaz and Cristea together on the bridge. Granted, there is a photo of Burnaz, on his own, with the London Eye in the background – but for all we know that could have been taken at any time, and he could have been there, not for a holiday experience shared with a girlfriend, but rather like some of his countrymen before him (the Daily Star reported this, so follow the link at your own peril), to pick pockets, or run a Ball and Cup (shell game) scam on tourists (or even to sculpt a dog out of sand). But this is unfair; after the negative experiences people may have had, now, through Andrei, everyone should know that Romanians can be engineers and worthy immigrants too. There’s much more to a false-flag than being a way to persuade voters to acquiesce when Government makes particular, otherwise objectionable policy – for instance, there’s the opportunity that arises to take money from suckers as if candy from babies. Additionally, false-flags can be tools of social engineering by exploiting emotional responses, and in these days of Brexit, perhaps the Powers-That-Be think there are certain new attitudes that the sheeple need to be nudged into. Bear this in mind.

To continue: on perusing the abovementioned articles, one also discovers a photo (a “selfie”?) of Burnaz and Cristea together in what appears to be an underpass. What can the “journalists” who defecated this material into the world be thinking of as they try to pass it off as people posing on Westminster Bridge? That we’re all too stupid to grasp the attempt to deceive, perhaps? And why should these “journalists” be looking to deceive their audience, rather than convey facts to them? The answer is – and it’s always the same old answer – that the facts of the case are too damaging for the corporate-media to relate.

With suspicions thusly further aroused, the author was also very interested to see another development which can only be described as “festivities” that are being framed by corporate-media as being acts of defiance to terror. They seem to have culminated in a “thousand-strong” hand-linking across the Thames a week after the supposed terror incident. There was one particular story in the Mail about stuff that happened on and around Westminster Bridge a day after the incident. Notably, the said Mail article contained an image of a woman in a wedding dress, see below, and also the following image, accompanied with the caption “a couple makes a heart sign with their hands after the cordon was lifted on Westminster Bridge, the day after a terrorist attack rocked London”.

Who could it possibly be that we are being asked to recall by looking at these images?

Now, if you’ve been observing this sort of thing for any considerable amount of time, you might begin to figure out why we had previously been constantly reminded, at every possible opportunity, that Andrei Burnaz was to have proposed marriage to Andreea Cristea on the very day of the supposed terror incident. Romeo would have pledged his troth had Juliet not plunged into the Thames. The author wonders if we should have seen this great act of love publically performed as part of the aforementioned week-long celebration of the Churchillian-blitz-spirit, but for the fact that Cristea was discovered to have spent too long in the water to make a too speedy recovery (indeed, inspiring the throw away manner in which it is here introduced, a Sun article has now slyly announced that Cristea “remains in a coma” after her mishap – presumably the first that any of us has heard of such an important detail).

Notably, although Andrei Burnaz hasn’t been turned into a Morning TV minor celebrity, nor even appeared in the pages of the newspapers to tell his heart-rending version of events (as precedent might suggest he would be), he was literally wheeled out during the course of this pageant – and by Queen’s-Equerry or Army looking types, wearing lanyards with what looked like id badges on them, so that it looked for all the world as if he was being minded, and the Government was taking good care of him (incidentally, in what looks like the only statement coming from camp Burnaz-Cristea via family and since the Romanian Embassy stopped acting as spokesman for the couple, someone had this to say: “‘our family is so grateful for the first responders, the medical personnel and the assistance of the UK Government agencies”).

A cast on his left leg, and wearing the same cap so that we’d be certain to recognise him from the solitary photo in which he had so far appeared with Andreea, Burnaz looked suitably grim, and in one particular image, like he was grieving for someone he knew personally. We await developments…

In the next instalment in the FBEL investigation of the Westminster Bridge incident we take another, closer look at that plunge by Andreea, and the time she spent in the River Thames, and wonder, given the Sun’s propensity to show pictures of her in a bikini (citing a Facebook page the author can’t find), if she should have been a good enough swimmer, and what could have happened whereby she was rolled out of the water in a scoop as if a corpse.

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