Published On: Tue, May 16th, 2017

For “Strong and stable” read “Stronger In” (or no UKIP, no vote)

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This article is actually the third and last one in the series “The Tory Fake Brexit Candidates” (first two here, and here), but there is a broader point to make, thus the irregular title. It should also be the last article about the general election; this site has worn the subject out, and issued enough warnings. In this article the author wants to remind the reader of the very pro-EU nature of the House of Commons, and point out that that character isn’t going to suddenly undergo a Damascene conversion just because the plebeian and the profane voted to leave the EU. Indeed, the author has in a previous article explained that the Parliament has been captured by the UK Establishment for Globalism against the British Constitution. Based on this analysis, do you seriously think that you are going to be allowed to free Parliament from legal and regulatory harmony with the EU (otherwise known as Fake Brexit) by casting a vote in an election? You will not be allowed to do that, and the means by which you will be barred is the same way the British Government always prevents you from spoiling its agenda: psyching you out. The British Government’s plan to keep Parliament conquered for the EU involves duping you into returning a Tory majority, while simultaneously making UKIP – the means by which you could free Parliament – into a gutted out husk. The author can say this with certainty, not only because he understands, by study, what the British ruling class is capable of, not only because he has actually looked at crucial literature regarding the Government’s approach to “Brexit”, but also because he can foresee the ongoing nature of the Commons just by its components – its numbers – and understand that nothing is going to change with any Tory majority that you create in the mistaken belief that you are voting to construct independence from the EU.

Consider the image, below, taken from a BBC webpage that explains how MPs allegiances were distributed at the time of the EU Referendum.

If one visits the page and scrolls down, there are full lists of names corresponding to the chart. Please focus on the spread of the Tory MPs. At the time, there were 185 that wanted the UK to remain in the EU, and 138 who wanted the UK to leave. The total of these two sets are the number of Tory MPs who declared their position – therefore 7 names are missing. We know this because at the end of the 2015-2017 Parliament, there were 330 Tory MPs, according to the parliament website. It is true that since the 2015 election, the Tories lost Richmond Park, but gained Copeland, and David Cameron also stepped down to be replaced by another Tory: giving a net increase of zero. But did this alter the make-up of the Leave/Remain spread?

Trudy Harrison is the substitute Tory MP from the 2017 by-election, and this is what she has to say about Brexit in some election bumf:

This election is our chance to send a message that the EU referendum result must be respected, and to back Theresa May’s plan…

Robert Courts was the replacement for Cameron: here is what he had to say about the same:

This is a crucial time in our history and it is essential that the Prime Minister’s negotiating hand is strengthened, safe in the knowledge that she has the backing of the country.

So, on the face of it, both of these MPs can go in the pro-Brexit column (equating to +1, because Zac Goldsmith was replaced), and because Cameron was fanatically pro-EU, we can take one out of the anti-Brexit tally. The new Leave total would be 139, and the new Remain total would be 184 – with 7 that we can’t apportion to any side.

But it’s just not that simple. Crucially, both of these new Tory MPs are both of the “Strong and stable” catechism type. The previous article in this series (find link at the top of the page) introduced this idea, but we will deal with the point some more here. This “Strong and stable”† type are just ballast for the Theresa May Fake Brexit torpedo – to keep it hidden under the water until it hits the target. And we know this because they publically declare that they want to be elected on a ticket of giving her carte blanche; to back her unconditionally in her negotiations with the EU. The reader could probably bet the house that most supposedly pro-Brexit Tory MPs, new and old, are of this type. And that’s why it really doesn’t matter how many of them appear on the right hand side of the above chart. We’ll return to this crucial fact by and by.

The numbers in the Remain/Leave spread need to be modified a bit more. There are 8 MPs named in the Remain list who are standing down at this election. All the seats that these MPs are vacating are extremely safe for the Tories. As it happens, four of the incoming candidates have been dealt with in “The Tory Fake Brexit Candidates; Part One”. These are, Neil o’ Brien, Harborough; Vicky Ford; Chelmsford; Alex Burghart, Brentwood and Ongar, and Kemi Badenoch, Saffron Walden. One of these, Ford, is a confirmed Remainer. O’ Brien and Burghart were advisors to Theresa May, and Badenoch was with the Spectator, and is a current London Assembly member. Additionally, another of this ilk, a certain Julia Dockerill, is incoming in the Hornchurch and Upminster constituency. She was a Parliamentary aide who got a lot of unwanted attention when she was photographed entering or leaving Downing street with meeting notes, pitched under arm, but on display to the world. Kemi Badenoch is a black lady, but ditzy Dockerill looks like the one who is benefitting from affirmative action.

So here we have 5 candidates – one of which remains on the Remain side. Two of them are close to the Prime Minister – and so if they are pro-Brexit, then they are surely going to be pro-Brexit in the same way that Theresa May is: fake for the sake of votes. Be that as it may, let us put them in the pro-Brexit column in any case.

In Chichester, another insanely safe Tory seat, the incoming candidate is Gillian Keegan. She has apparently been on the district council in the City, but the author cannot get a firm fix on whether she was involved in the area before 2015. In the general election of that year she was the candidate for St Helens South and Whiston. Her bumf also makes her out to be a bit of a budding globalist “for… 25 years she worked and lived abroad, working in the manufacturing, banking and IT industries.” The author can’t definitively identify her as being pro-Brexit. Tyrie, her predecessor, was definitely not, and the author can’t imagine the Tories of Chichester discriminating for or against Keegan along those lines. In any case, we’ll put her in the pro-Brexit column.

The last two incoming candidates of the 8 are more verifiably pro-Brexit.  Andrew Lewer, an MEP who voted Leave, inherits the Northampton South seat. Esther McVey, about whom corporate-media implies pro-Brexit sentiment, is set to take over George Osbourne’s seat. This means two more for the pro-Brexit column.

So, with these new MPs in place, of the Leave Tories, there would be 146 in the Commons, and of the Remain Tories, there would be 177 – with 7 that we can’t apportion to any side.

The last piece of information we need for this exercise is the projected number of seats for the Tories in the 2017 election; the author picked one that appeared in the Independent at the beginning of May and was based on council election results. It predicted a crop of 349 seats. That is a mere 19 more than the Tories currently hold. Let’s put them all on the pro-Brexit column – which would give us a grand total of 165 pro-Brexit Tory MPs, and 177 Remain MPs – and of course, the 7 unclassifiable extra.

Now, the reader must agree that the author has been conservative, and has placed certain incoming candidates, who we should be extremely suspicious about, in the pro-Brexit count – but even so, all these new additions do not make the number of pro-Brexit  MPs overtake the pro-EU ones. Even if that unassignable 7 was attributed to the pro-Brexit count, it would still mean that there were more pro-EU Tories in the Commons than not. And on top of that, let’s not forget a very important point. It is probably safe to say that most pro-Brexit Tory MPs are going to be of that “Strong and stable” sort who will just go along with anything that the Executive branch of government – essentially the cabinet – wants to do. And with regards the cabinet, the author fully expects May to bring in her newly elected ex-advisors that have been discussed extensively on these pages, and we’ll find out that, like her, they are not so pro-Brexit after all.

Theresa May is a puppet doing the bidding of some people who aren’t publically in power, but who rule in any case, and for whom the EU referendum Leave result was a horrible aberration. Her being selected as the head of the Executive branch of the British Government was about ensuring an outcome that, those who pull her strings, are desirous of in the light of that deviation from their course – an outcome that mitigates the referendum vote. From the literature put out by the Government so far, it is very clear that the Tories are going to deliver what the author has consistently been calling a Fake Brexit – a state of affairs where Britain is in the EU in all but name.

And so ultimately, it doesn’t make any difference if you, being someone who wants to see Brexit fully delivered, and would usually have voted UKIP, instead vote for a so-called pro-Brexit Tory candidate or not. Clearly, you should vote UKIP if you can, and in preference to a Tory candidate. The author does not have a UKIP candidate standing in his town, and so couldn’t vote for a Tory ahead of one even if he were hypnotised by propaganda to want to do such a thing (fat chance of it ever happening). As such, the author is not going to vote, and advises others who want to vote UKIP, but who can’t, to do the same. Let the cards lay where they fall. If the LibLabCon has to form a coalition within itself to fake-deliver Brexit, then let it also expose itself in doing so. Whatever it does, it won’t suddenly announce no Brexit, because there would be hell to pay. But we will get to see the LibLabCon connivers cook in their own mess – trying to fake deliver something that they don’t want – and we, who didn’t vote for them – thus earning some rare credibility – will be on suitably high enough ground from which to direct the attention of pro-Brexit people, and direct it towards the miserable sleight of hands tricks that the Government is inevitably going to have to attempt. The British Government has long had it coming with regards its 40-year project of EU-treason, and that’s the delivery that we are going to make.


† After completing this article, the author was searching around for an image to use as a feature, and came across the one below. This image, which is captioned at its source in a way that clearly confirms the fact, shows that a version of the Tories “Strong and stable” general election campaign slogan was used to promote continuation of the UK membership of the EU.

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