Published On: Wed, May 24th, 2017

Manchester: the location of the explosion – various accounts

The reader might not be aware, but there is a race going on in Syria. It is between US-backed forces, and Syrian regulars, irregulars and Iranians, and the objective is to control the Iraqi/Syrian border. ISIS is collapsing in the south-east, but the US plan, which had been to control territory vacated by ISIS after US-proxies had expelled them from it, does not look like it will come to fruition. The reader may have heard about the trouble near al-Tanf where US fighter planes attacked an Iranian/irregular advance which came close to actual US and UK special forces that are based there (both countries committing international war crime, incidentally). Now, from the South Front battlefield intelligence gathering outfit, is this:

Since last weekend, the Syrian Army and its allies have made notable gains east of Suweida and along the Damascus-Baghdad highway. These advances posed a direct threat to the US-led plan aimed at building a buffer zone controlled by US-backed factions between Syria and Iraq. Now, the US-led forces are going to use force against the Syrian military in order to achieve their strategic goal.

One gets the feeling that circumstances are such that if push comes to shove – and with no appetite for war at home – the US and UK troops would have to concede what otherwise would have been hotly contested territory if a Syrian-Iranian-Russian-Iraqi alliance wants it that badly – and all the signs are that they do. However – and the picture is confused at the moment – it’s not beyond comprehension that the US and the UK would allow themselves to get dragged into a situation where they would be fighting alongside their “Free Syrian Army” proxies directly – if an appetite for such a state of affairs suddenly manifested itself in domestic public opinion. The most reliable, and well tested trigger for incensing a dramatic war lust would of course be terror; ultimately blamed, in the inverted-reality parallel dimension of Western propaganda, on Assad – he who always must be removed. And so, if this analysis even slightly resembles the actual scenario, then the US and UK governments have this week banked some excellent leverage for their escalation (with more to follow?)

But the author has already found little things about the Manchester Arena bomb attack that bother him. This article will focus on the way that the precise location of the explosion cannot be pinned down. There is a difference between what corporate-media, police, the venue management, and remote experts confidently talk about, and what evidence on the ground has to report when it appears in imagery and one very important witness interview in particular.

First of all, the author found the following two accounts, quite literally propping each other up in the Sun:

According to police, the blast occurred “within the foyer area of the stadium.” Manchester Arena said the blast took place “outside the venue in a public space.”

As it happens, the foyer is the location that all of the corporate-media (as far as the author has seen) cites as being the place of the explosion. [Update 24/05/17: see bottom of article for more images from corporate-media showing the location of the bomb – collectively, the claim of a bomb in an annex building is quite categorical. Note, there are various names for this annex, and the exact location of the explosion is never quite agreed upon]. The image below is out of the Guardian, and shows the foyer as being part of a protuberance sticking out of the main oval construction.

But the author has seen another account from a Will Geddes, CEO of security consultants ICP, as quoted in the Metro, which sounds very much like what Manchester Arena claimed:

They detonated a homemade bomb in the walkway between the stadium and the station…

No doubt they would have carried out some reconnaissance, it will have been very well planned and the individuals might have regarded the security at the stadium as too difficult and chosen the walkway as the next best option…

It was within the walkway between the stadium and the station this would have been an area with a high footfall with people leaving the stadium, they will be looking for somewhere they are going to optimise casualty ratings.

And yet, if the reader examines the two images below (click to enlarge), he or she will realise that the explosion could not have happened in the foyer, or in any place outside the venue, or in any place half way between the venue and public transport [the 3rd Update at the foot of the page clears this up a little. It seems that Will Geddes could have been correct after all]. The two images show some wounded being treated – apparently where they fell.

In the first, to the left of the image, you can see the entrance to the Prime Suite VIP boxes. The second image is looking at the same scene but from the other side of the doors that are visible at the back of the first image (see update at bottom of page for an uncropped version of the 2nd image). On the left of the second image, stairs can be seen.

The location shown has to be where the bombing took place – the evidence available to our own eyes tells us that. But that we can see the entrance to the Prime Suite VIP box tells us that the shot must have been taken inside the main oval body [a misunderstanding by the author – the 3rd update clears this up]. These hospitality suites ring the inner “field” of the complex – they are contained within a concourse running around the inside of the stadium that provides seating access and hosts conveniences and concession stands, etc.

And if we are still not sure, then there is more information that clarifies where this location is. Emma Johnson was waiting to collect her daughter (this is from the same Sun article linked to above – and the author has added emphasis in relation to identifying the site of the bomb):

She told BBC Radio 5 Live: “I was about 15 feet away from the blast. We were waiting for our children to come out and we stood at the top of the foyer – you go up some stairs and we were protected by glass on a barrier [the stairs in the 2nd image?].

“As the doors all opened – it was just before the end of the Dangerous Woman song – it hadn’t quite finished and obviously people were leaving to miss the traffic.

“So we said we’d stand up there so the children could see us. As people were coming out they were wearing the clothes of Ariana – you know the white, the black, the pink, because they all sold the merchandise.

“But for one split second I turned and saw what I can only describe as a bright red – that’s why it stood out – bright red, with a grey panel down the front with risen bits all over it.† [See Update 4].

“It was that that stood out because it was so intense, the colour, in this crowd of people.

“As quick as I saw it the explosion happened.”

The author has never been to the Manchester Arena, but it sounds like the foyer is seperated from the seating access area by a level, and also glass. [It’s actually seperated by the doors in the image – see the 3rd Update at the foot of the page – but what constitutes the “foyer” is still unclear].

The following is Emma Johnson’s account as told in the Guardian:

A mother, at the concert with her two daughters, described seeing a man she believes to have been the suicide bomber. Emma Johnson told BBC Radio 5 Live: “I turned and saw [a] bright red top in the crowd with a grey panel down the front with risen bits all over it. It was that which stood out because it was so intense among the crowds of people. As quick as I saw it the explosion happened.”

She said she was 15ft (4.5 metres) away. “It happened near where they sell the merchandise,” said Johnson. “There were dead bodies everywhere. I saw the remains of the torso and the remains of the body.”

The reader can check for him or herself, and examine a map (one here) which shows a floor plan of the Manchester Arena. Notice the symbols for merchandise shops. From Emma Johnson’s account, and the images, we can place the explosion within the complex itself. [In actual fact, the mention of the merchandise shop is very misleading. See 3rd Update below]. Where exactly around the concourse (or seating access area) the incident took place, the author hasn’t the information or the time to discover. But, the explosion clearly took place inside the oval, and not in the extending building that has been  identified as the foyer in corporate-media. [This is true to a certain extent – the explosion took place just beyond the doors into the concourse – see 3rd Update below].

The reader may be asking, what difference does it make? Of course, there is the issue of security – which we know little about except stories of its slackness (convenient). If the foyer is for public who can’t get to the seating access concourse, then it’s something that we should be able to understand so as to try and find out why this incident happened (how did the bomber get beyond it?) [In the context of the 3rd Update, below, what would be interesting to know is if people can get into the City Room exit area without having been inside the arena (i.e. from outside the complex, and without a ticket for a show)].

But the main reason is this: when something – anything – happens in our phsyical reality, then there should be certainty in all the following facts about it. That is how things were in the pre-Post-Normal world, and that is how some of us still expect things to be. So, when we look at this Manchester incident with those expectations, why would it be that there is a bombing, and there are witnesses, and there are emergency services on the ground, but their information and their experience can’t make it up through chains of command, or reporting, to the liason system, and its operatives, that communicates what is supposed to be factual truth to the public in general? Why is there a disconnect? It speaks to the author of the latter group – the people dealing with public perception – having a script, and sticking to it, while the former group reports what actually happened. And when there is this disconnect – which should be setting off alarm bells given the stakes – it means that when empirical data – information from actual experience – gets channelled to the public audience and it is very different to the “script”, then whatever is conflicting is just usually ignored, and the contrariness is not remarked upon. That there is a parlous state of dumbed-down obtuseness in the general population of Britain (look at the way it sends its children unattended to an age-inappropriate concert by artists into Masonic ritual as performance) is of great advantage to the British Government when its agents in the field of shaping perception require doublethink – or more accurately nothink. Fortunately, some of us do have the wherewithal to notice when something doesn’t add up, and when a story stinks like a fish. That’s not to say that there weren’t many terrible outcomes for individual human beings at this Manchester incident, and now unimaginable sadness for other people who lost loved ones. But there is, quite frankly, something globally more terrible at hand (war, no less), and for that reason we tend, here at FBEL, to allow a concern for a greater threatened catastrophe drive us to find whatever uncomfortable truth there is to be discovered.


From the Daily Mail:

From the BBC:

Second Update: 24/05/2017:

The above image is an uncropped version of one that appears in the body of the article. It was obtained from a video by Free Radio Revolution, and the creator of that channel, Jeff C, comments that warnings had appeared on Twitter about this being disinfo, and not real. Indeed, it is very hard to find this image on the internet via a google search. The author thinks that means there is something in it we are not meant to see.

Third Update: 24/05/2017:

New images, but things are only a little clearer as a result. The first is from one of the action comic strip things that the Daily Mail produces so its readership can get the gist:

The second image is a section of the ground floor map that was linked to above (it helps to understand the Daily Mail graphic):

The event, then, seems to have happened in the City Room exit zone, and very close to its northern perimeter. The Box Office is in the direction of the steps mentioned above, so looks like this is where the witness featured in the article must have been located, and there is a distinct seperation between it and where the attack took place. The DM graphic is not being honest – and notice the graphic doesn’t show what is east of the exit area. In fact, reviewing the material, there has been a general vagueness in the naming of the locations by corporate-media – see the variety in the images above.

Notice that a merchandise shop is shown in the DM graphic – this must be the one that features in the witness’ story (which the author now wonders about). Although the location of the explosion has been cleared up in the process of updating this article, it doesn’t change something essential. Although the corporate-media has been vague about the precise location of the explosion, and vague in its naming conventions, the attack didn’t happen in the Box Office – if the ground plan is accurate. And if the Box Office is also the foyer, it didn’t happen there either.

Fourth Update: 24/05/2017:

Today the Independent reports this:

CCTV footage seen by The Times showed the 22-year-old putting the suitcase down in the foyer between Manchester Arena and Victoria station shortly before it detonated amid Ariana Grande fans pouring out of the concert.

This is the first time the author has heard of a bomb in the suitcase, assuming from Emma Johnson’s witness testimony that the suspect was wearing the bomb (something to do with risen bits and his top). Note, that a more exact location is indicated, and note that somehow the Times newspaper (basically British Intelligence itself) has been allowed to see this footage. So now we are seeing the sort of narrative shifting and/or tightening, and prepostrerousness that we’d expect to see if the event was indeed a false flag attack.

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