Published On: Sun, May 7th, 2017

The FBEL “Newsletter” – coming soon…

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Coming soon:

The FBEL “newsletter” will be a professionally printed and bound A5 booklet. The plan is to release four to six every year – ideally one every two months. This booklet will be for material that would be better suited to the form than to a website article. The plan is to cover issues that include:

  • New and uniquely FBEL perspectives on historical “grand deceptions” carried out by the globalist technocracy.
  • Explorations of connections between globalism and Mystery Babylon.
  • Exposes on the links between ancient technocratic systems and modern politics and geopolitics.
  • Revisionist history in the light of 911.
  • Investigations into the link between architecture and Mystery Babylon.
  • Explanations of the eternal struggle between Abrahamic/Mosaic/Yushuaic freedom and Mystery School tyranny.

These booklets will be obtainable by making donations to this website via the buttons at the bottom of each article, or on the dedicated page that will be created for the purpose. The exact procedure will be announced when the first issue comes out, but to explain briefly and basically:

You will get issues sent to you after donating certain amounts – and these donations can be made accumulatively – a little bit at a time – or in bigger portions to cover the qualifying amounts sooner.

For the first booklet, you will need to have donated £25 in total;

And then for the second and third booklets, you will need to have donated an additional £20 and £15 respectively.

And then you can obtain all subsequent booklets for donations of £7.50 each thereafter (£10 if ordering from abroad).

If you enter the scheme after a few booklets have been published, and depending on availability of back issues, you may have an option to choose which booklet you want to receive first. But generally, you will receive the oldest booklet that is still in stock as your first booklet, and back issues will be sent as they are re-ordered into stock.

We use the PayPal payment system, but you won’t need a PayPal account to donate, and you will be asked for your mailing address in the process so that booklets can be sent to you.

The first issue should be ready in the next two months and, subject to receiving certain permission, it will feature an FBEL investigation into an infamous moment during the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon.

Any donations you make from the date of this post will start to count towards your booklets – whenever you’ve donated enough at each stage you’ll receive an email to acknowledge it.

So much “alternative media” is misdirecting; controlled or otherwise, it obsesses with “Zionism” and “Islamism” - never getting to grips with the common factor, and thus always contributing to a fake paradigm directed by the Establishment. Otherwise, it won’t evolve from a pre-911 mentality blogosphere, or it pushes the craziest theories that are conceived to contaminate the genre. Even though it didn't have any such thing as a TV studio complex in Texas, English language alternative media was arguably much richer in the recent past. The creator of this site has started to recognise the importance of the work of William Cooper, the American writer/broadcaster/researcher/militiaman who pretty much got to the bottom of the matter regarding the source of all the world’s ills, and would like to reflect it here. The material on this site has value because of its mission in the context of its environment, but more fundamentally, because the labour to produce it is just not free. You’ve consumed, so now please consider making a small payment in return. Thanks.
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