Published On: Fri, Jun 9th, 2017

Election 2017: the day of the dumb

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In the film, Omega Man, it isn’t that the world outside Charlton Heston’s fortified home is full of zombies – that’s just a metaphor for his being alone, with an intellect, amongst stupid people. He is the last man. In the UK, in 2017, we’re not far off that scenario. In fact, one could use a more recent film, Idiocracy, as an adequate example. Now the author usually refrains from calling voters thick, but how do you explain people voting for Craig McKinlay – a man on a police charge – in Thanet South? How do you explain traditional Labour voters, who would be the worst off under an immigrant friendly government, voting for Corbyn’s EU Rights and Protections Bill?

The reality of the permanent and irredeemable idiocy of the British electorate dawned on the author after the second result. Newcastle won that rather pathetic race (more bread and circus) between two towns in the North East, and so it was Sunderland –  the very same place where in 2016 it first became clear that Britain had voted to leave the EU – that demonstrated how completely manipulated the British people are (and how easily they allowed it). In 2017 a pro-Brexit constituency voted for a virulently anti-Brexit party. Yes, Labour won. Yes, Labour are categorically an anti-Brexit party – despite what they might say in any manifesto. And while UKIP – the demonstrably pro-Brexit party – had achieved 2nd place in the 2015 election, now, in 2017, the Tories had been leap-frogged ahead – not even to win, mind you, but just to finish in second place.

While “Ow my balls” cretinism is the rich soil that makes people ripe for the plucking, there also have to be triggering factors – or an environment for the growing. Consider the following, which has already appeared in these pages, and as such constitutes not only a very good analysis, but also a prediction:

Jeremy Corbyn is for two purposes. Firstly, he appeals to people who have voted Labour and who detect the dead hand of the British Government of and for corporate globalism. These people think that Corbyn is an anti-Establishment revolutionary – a reaction to the Blair corporatism – rather than the Government tool he clearly is. Corbyn demonstrated a disqualifying lack of integrity when he discarded, what we were told were, deeply-held personal convictions regarding opposition to the EU, to oversee an official Labour Remain stance during the referendum on EU membership. But in spite of this, the hoodwink suffers not, and so certain Labour voters won’t abandon the Labour party for UKIP because of Corbyn. On the other hand, Corbyn is the bogeyman that drives would-be UKIP voters to the Tories; the motivation is panic brought on by fear that a party with his demonised-self would rule the country. It’s an age old tactic.

But it wasn’t just “Corbyn-appeal” at work that made people abandon UKIP. A great deal of assistance was provided by Labour’s great silence in the election campaign on its position on Brexit – or the lack of scrutiny. Let’s be quite clear, Labour would make as much of a pigs ear of Brexit as the Tories wanted to; instead of being devious, Labour just kept shtum (which is a form of deception).

And yet the Establishment obviously thought that the Tories would mop up most of the UKIP votes. The dubious Leave.EU campaign was doing its darndest to help. But what probably happened is that as soon as the Labour contingent of UKIP saw one side of the party threaten to be scooped out in support of the Tories, it resolved to abandon the other. This is borne out in the media pundit analysis of the election: UKIP voters “returned” to Labour. Look at Bury North, where UKIP stood down for the Tory David Nuttall. The voters went prehistoric – let alone tribal – returned to type and the expected Tory victory did not emerge after all. The horses were never more frightened than they were in Clacton, where UKIP was clattered with a very heavy defeat. .

However, back at Sunderland, and the result merely reinforced the author’s conviction that this election wasn’t about delivering Brexit – or not. It was about reconstituting the LibLabCon. We’d noted previously that if the Tories really cared about Brexit then in a few places like Sunderland they’d make a “vote for the Brexit candidate” sacrifice and stand down. But they didn’t stand down, and instead forced the voters of Sunderland to make the binary choice with the rest of the nation – blue or red. (In the end this could have motivated the Labour resurgence – if there were no guaranteed UKIP presence at the end of the night, why invest in voting for it elsewhere?) The election wasn’t about Brexit, it was about denying UKIP. The election was about rubbing out the real opposition – the one party which the Establishment has to cheat against in order to make sure it can’t get elected. The result in the process doesn’t matter, although the British Government in its widest sense was looking for that useful Tory majority. That being said, the Tories are now depending on the DUP – who promise to be a driving force for hard core Brexit. It looks like an ironic twist, and maybe the Establishment has outsmarted itself.

Of course, in all that just described, there is a heavy element of manipulation of people by the government. And yet that still doesn’t alter the fact that the British public is an army of the dumb – an undead mob that can’t get to grips with the sophisticated way it is played like a wobbly banjo – or a concert piano if we’re talking about the skill of the player rather than the noise being made. And so, in this environment, the author intends to scale things down on this website, and produce services that are mostly paid for or they just don’t happen. He’s through trying to explain that Rachmaninoff is being hammered out all up and down the keyboard of the body politic – and doing it for absolutely nothing in return. And there’s a big problem in that the stupidity of the British people renders them unable to look at a few pieces of data that would eliminate their preconceived ideas – given to them by the corporate-media – which in turn means there is no deep soil for doing this work, initially, from no beans at all. Furthermore, the existing left-leaning British “truth movement” is barren for sustenance – because again, frankly, it is not very bright – regardless of how many books or radio shows it produces. The zombie nature manifests in a political blindness. There are researchers and writers out there in “truther” land, and intelligence “experts” on media with bigger audience, who think (or merely imply if they’re not very brave) that recent terror false flags were ordered by Theresa May to damage Jeremy Corbyn. They are both puppets. The scale of the denial, whereby people think that the same old criminality wouldn’t happen under a man (Corbyn) who, though everyone thought he was against the EU, lead a party that campaigned to Remain in it, is nothing short of fantastic. There are people who can spot a hoax only a minute into it (and usually in a crack-potted way), but who won’t call out the LibLabCon. There’s something wrong with that; indeed the more crack-potted they are, the more there is wrong. So, good luck with it.

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