Published On: Thu, Jul 20th, 2017

In which we notice Plato referring to the link between freemasonry and government

William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon series (hear it here) links modern freemasonry to ancient government by identifying it as a form of the Mystery School religion which at its heart is about protecting a ruling elite from any free randomness of the otherwise lethal masses. Ancient secret society, and all the barbarity that it entails (it has nothing at all to do with civilisation), is alive and well today. It commandeered Christendom as it co-optioned the Mosaic Israeli state before that; the saints who followed Yehoshua and Moses were engaged in leaving the World Order (it isn’t new), and thus they were extremely dangerous. The ability of the Mystery School to infiltrate Christianity is chiefly why it not only survives, but also why it dominates. But as freemasonry it forms the frame of modern government. We talk about the New World Order, and Globalists sitting over the top of supposedly elected governments, and the proof of the pudding is always in the eating; it is increasingly obvious that there is no representative government, but only an illusion of it, with power being exercised from above, and not below. Globalism is secret society structure on a universal scale, and it does exactly what it would do in any individual lodge – it ensures power in the hands of a few that won’t fail because of the way it binds membership into subservience of the hierarchy with promises of power through secret knowledge, and gangsterism – that ancient brutality as just mentioned. Furthermore, if we look at the cultural and academic output in areas of the planet under Globalist control we see it is for the purposes of propaganda and, telling us who is in charge, it is rife with freemasonic lore for inculcating the 99% into their slave roles. The contemporary globalist elite is as obsessed with disarming the same two greatest threats to its power as ever any of its preceding membership was: personal death and whatever random catastrophe the planet has in store. It won’t be gone into here, but this obsession explains the attempt at space travel, geo-engineering, cloning, artificial-intelligence and robotics. Science is also employed, as it ever was, in the service of keeping the masses down. Contemporary science is as good an indicator as the propaganda† (who can call it art?) as to who is running the show.

Evidence of what is actually the ancient superstition, and not science, of the Mystery School being behind key and timeless concepts of governance that endure today has been hiding in plain view in one of the most seminal works on government in the history of Western literature. In Plato’s Republic, when building a bedrock for his philosophy, Socrates refers to certain notions that must have been, in the contemporaneous culture, seen as self-evident truths. And it turns out that we can recognise these from Egyptian mythology, and thus they hark back to Babylonian Nimrod worship. Indeed, Socrates, in the exercise, is merely trying to reshape rule by an elite into a version that is just – but crucially, the old understanding of the universe always dictates elitism.

Hopefully, the reader is familiar with Plato’s notion of Forms. Basically, everything in the physical world has a template in the realm of forms. For example, a bed in the physical world stems from an ideal bed in the world of forms. Moreover, all types of bed in the physical world come from one ideal notion of a bed. In another example, you can create a circle in the physical world one way or another, but the perfect circle only exists in the realm of the ideas: it is the idea of a circle, then, that is the real version in Plato’s scheme. Likewise, it is the idea of a bed that is the real version.

In the physical realm, your eyes can see objects because of the light from the Sun. But in the realm of ideas, your mind’s eye sees knowledge because of the light from something called “the good”. It’s a very safe bet that in all the reams of literary criticism that Plato has inspired, this has never been called out for the Luciferianism that it clearly is. Lucifer is the bearer of light by which an individual has knowledge; in freemasonry (and beyond) he represents the receiving of illumination by which a man can evolve into a god. And of course, Plato’s idea was that people who were recipients of the light of “the good” were the philosopher-kings who should form the ruling class of a society. As such, he must only be restating general notions from an established world view that links the right to rule with a specific spiritual ability – in reality, a position of privilege or power onto which this skill is nominally grafted. His idea isn’t new, it’s merely a slightly different version of the same thing that had been around for ages.

Specifically are we reminded of the Egyptian connection with his philosophy when Plato writes “of all the sense-organs the eye is the most sunlike”. Here is reference to the Eye of Horus – the All Seeing Eye of freemasonry. The Sun, in the Egyptian manifestation of the Mystery School, Hermeticism, represented Horus. Horus wasn’t the sun, he was the idea that the sun resembled in the physical world. Worship in the ancient world wasn’t of the sun itself, but the idea it represented. There is an Egyptian trinity that enables us to better understand Horus (the same that is reproduced in Christianity). His mother, Isis (the moon) is the school by which there is initiation into the knowledge represented by her husband Osiris (the sun). Horus is the offspring, and a reincarnation of the sun – the body of initiates who are borne from the school – the men whose divine right used to be more commonly illustrated by the corona worn on their heads: the ruling class. Of course, the legend of Osiris is merely a retelling of the one of Nimrod – he who was also dismembered and then reconstituted with the addition of a golden penis (the obelisk) with which to conceive the god/man progeny.

And so it turns out our form of government is thousands of years old, all about tyranny that wants to defy God, and yet still believes in a divine right to rule based on what is frankly a lot of old nonsense (the author created an illustrative board game: Mighty Hunters [link temporarily unavailable]), and in Britain it even still uses the ancient confidence trick of majesty to elicit grovelling subserviance. Needles to say, our government is well past its use-by date, isn’t interested in serving the natural aspirations of man as God made them, and the only reason it still survives is its skilful wielding of the old art of technocracy, and an ability to convince the people that it is something very different than what it is. It has become quite clear to the author that voting within a system where representative government is a mere illusion is not going to produce anything to overthrow the Pharaoh at long last.

Withdrawal from the system is the only way to go, and when you aren’t allowed to withdraw, then you must use the government’s own system to prosecute individuals, and go after people who abuse power, and make them lose their jobs (and cause disarray, dislocation and above all financial cost in the ranks of government). Make it about the government burning its hands if it tries to deny you. It can’t hold on to its slaves if it keeps getting its fingers burnt, and this means more people are able to slip free. The more people are free, the less government is able to wield power. And the first and easiest thing for a saint who wants to leave Egypt/Rome to do is to stop paying the TV licence fee. There is no excuse for paying your TV licence fee if you are aware of the detrimental impact of government by and for the elite on your life. If you don’t stop paying the licence fee, then you are part of the problem (go and read your precious BBC, you’re not wanted around here). The enemy of the British and the wider Globalist government is Yehoshuaism – the model given to mankind by the fellow we know by a Greek name, Jesus. Live like the human being that God made you, and that you are supposed to be – live like one despite all the abuse that the “gods” can generate as they befoul the society you live in, or even attack you personally. Be unafraid of any punishment that they can invent for you. You aren’t supposed to become a god as the elite learn by their religion, and neither are you supposed to be one of their slaves. You are supposed to become a human being.


† “Hermaphroditism” is a feature of freemasonic lore, which explains the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism. The encouragement of a general tolerance of paedophilia is bound to follow.

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