Published On: Tue, Aug 29th, 2017

FBEL News & Newsletter update – unabridged

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Back in the day, what were known as “bloggers” used to be very proud to be awarded badges by the “political magazine”, Total Politics, to wear on their “blogspots” – much more often than not a space allocated to them on a multiple-blogger hosting site. Luikkerland, the author’s first foray into alternative media (on its own dedicated site from the outset), was unfortunately not immune, and was likewise condescended to in its first year of operation. The prize wasn’t big, of course, but it was enough to provoke an article ridiculing and attacking the system of corporate-media ancillary web-based writing that was prevalent at the time, and how the Total Politics’ rankings were used as a tool for ensuring conformity and a low-risk extra-official journalism environment. The reader can look at what was actually an important article in the history of British alternative media by following the link. No one else was thinking about breaking out of the restrictions imposed on “citizen-journalism” by a groupthink that had decided that “blogging” had to be a kind of “follow-up” to mainstream media – that it couldn’t set its own agenda. Quite early on the author decided that alternative media should look like corporate-media in order to smash through the limitations dictated by the Establishment and its operatives, hangers-on and useful idiots in the “blogosphere”, and that is why a magazine front page format was adopted for Luikkerland, and then for FBEL. To be honest, an inspiration was Infowars (we didn’t know any better then, did we?) – which the “blogosphere” generally sneered at because (at the time) it covered “conspiracy theory”.

And so did Luikkerland  – when its name sat in lists of RSS feeds in the sidebars of other blogspots it must have been an odd bedfellow. While the idiotic but much followed blogger “Archbishop Cranmer” was calling David Cameron a statesman for initiating a process to destroy the sovereign government, and then the country of Libya, Luikkerland covered the travesty from the point of view that it was an invasion-by-proxy on NATO’s behalf with al-Qaeda as a mercenary ground force receiving air support from the RAF and the RN; in other words, told the truth. It was a lonely path to tread, but it was important to do it because it spread the base of those in the know, and it helped expand the numbers of people who could pay attention to the method of war-by-terrorist as it was being rolled out, and who would see the same being used later in Syria. The big surprise is that one little operation can make a world of difference. It’s not about the readership numbers, it’s about its very existence as an act of resistance. It’s about being there to be a source from which readers can convey that particularly harmful-to-the-Establishment information to a wider audience. This isn’t lost on those who rule: Luikkerland would get some queer visitors during that Libya campaign (according to the ip-address lists).

The other day the author received a newsletter from the local UKIP branch, and it was noticed that the writer of the pamphlet would refer to the “LibLabCon”. It reminded of another important contribution by this site and its predecessor. Not long after launching Luikkerland, a piece of correspondence was received from a gentleman remarking on the use of the phrase “LibLabCon” at the site. He had invented the amalgam of words in one word in that order, he claimed, and was interested to see its use at Luikkerland. He received a reply telling him that this wasn’t doubted, and it was unclear where the author had first seen the phrase/word, but it had been adopted as being thoroughly the best way of describing the state of affairs in British politics. A bit later on, the author noticed leading bloggers using the term “the legacy parties”, but this didn’t and still doesn’t go anywhere near as far as “LibLabCon” in asserting that all mainstream political parties are one entity – which is something that only lunatic conspiracy theorists would do.  The point that the reader is being asked to appreciate is that Luikkerland must have been one of the first publications on the internet to express the idea tied up in “LibLabCon”. Now it is common currency. The idea of one Establishment and one agenda disguised by many faces is common currency.

More recently FBEL reported on the dangerous happenings in Bosham, West Sussex, where completely innocent people were being treated as suspects and being browbeaten by police to volunteer DNA in a supposed search for the supposed murderer of the supposed Valerie Graves. Featuring the author’s idea that the police were using the “death” as an excuse to harvest biometric data, the two articles on the subject that appeared at FBEL may very well had an impact, because after the first, the people conducting door-to-door requests to surrender DNA started wearing civilian apparel. Obviously, being frogmarched down to the mobile testing station by a uniformed copper looked too much like the coercion it most definitely was. Look out for more articles on suspicious activity in the smuggling locations of West Sussex appearing later here at FBEL.

Much more recently, there appeared at FBEL a series of articles about how the British Establishment were going to connive to have the UK effectively stay in the EU despite the Brexit vote. 99 percent of this material was written before the 2017 General Election and it was possible to write by looking at what was already in the public arena issued by Government itself. Not surprisingly, what was written at FBEL is all coming true – so much so that hereabouts this subject is at a close for the time being. Why duplicate effort, especially if the sheeple consistently cannot make the important kind of connections whereby a warning would convert into action to avoid a bad outcome?; saying “told you so” isn’t going to alter this. New synapses are not going to form in the brain when it is hooked on the BBC. And so when the government tries to pass the (betraying) legislation that we know is on the cards will be the time to wake up and start causing trouble. (The trouble is that the government is a canny opponent, and you can be sure there it will present its own Judas Goats to get the flock to panic into the wrong pen – because too many brains are hooked on the BBC).

Future projects here at FBEL will involve taking on the local council and the TV licensing company as investigative journalism exposing government corruption. This is about getting in the arena in order to force a fight – the results will be published in articles at FBEL.

Now we get to the point: hopefully the reader can see that there has been important work done at this site, and it will continue to happen. Thankfully, we don’t need to rely on donations to live, because hell would freeze over the day one of those appeared, and mouths would go empty. In actual fact, FBEL has received one donation in its lifetime – that person is going to get free FBEL newsletters for as long as they are published (more on that in a moment). But we can’t let this subject pass without a lecture on how stupefied even the audience of alternative media is. First of all let’s get this out of the way: if you are still supporting pre-911 mentality bloggers then you are wasting time and even money, because they have never achieved anything, and they never will. Moving on to operators who make a difference: the people putting you under the cosh are criminals who don’t care if they are defrauding hard earned money out of you. It’s like making bacon from a pig for them. This set of people includes all the fake alternative media – and there is lots of it – that you might contribute to (you must decided which it is). The reason that you are being squeezed until the pips squeak is that these same criminals then use their wealth to further fund their milking activity, and they facilitate even bigger fish who are pouring money into the social engineering to further put you under the cosh. And it wouldn’t matter so much that people who can’t afford to didn’t contribute to a fighting fund to push back, but the sick-making thing is that they won’t necessarily then deny the BBC by refusing to pay to pay the TV tax. The good work at FBEL is done for nothing. Make a sacrifice yourself if you want to fight the system: at least do not pay your TV tax.

The first FBEL newsletter was delayed because paying for it looked tricky for a while. It needs some finishing touches too, but it should be ready in October. More will follow, and are going to be available in limited numbers in return for donations (generally there wasn’t any interest, but what sheep are or aren’t interested in shouldn’t be allowed to deter human creativity – nor the struggle).

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