Published On: Wed, Oct 18th, 2017

Jesus has risen; Route 91 Harvest barrel shoot victims mocked

And lo, after 5 days, he did rise again, appearing unto the sheeple on the Ellen DeGeneres show, to allay their growing fears about malicious government and corrupt police. For a man who supposedly didn’t want media attention, according to MGM, and hence cancelled his appearances on news channels, Campos couldn’t have turned up in a more controversial, but predictable setting than an agenda-pushing, social engineering light entertainment show. If the fictional “Ow my balls” (from “Idiocracy”) was real, he would have been resurrected on that, because his little one-time-only disclosure about his experience on floor 32 of the Mandalay Bay hotel was all about keeping the stupid people on the reservation.

DeGeneres, interestingly, wore a jumper with epaulettes and pips on them, and with pips on her sleeves – perhaps this attire was for the purpose of psychology; a reminder of context for old Jesus. In any case, she was most helpful – so many leading questions that, if her show had been a trial, there would have been shouts of “objection” left, right and centre. At one point, out came a big map of the 32nd floor so that there was no room for any doubt in the audience’s pitifully propagandised minds that Campos had been there. Additionally, if they didn’t know before that they had to feel sorry for Campos (instead of casting a critical eye upon him), a Mandalay Bay maintenance man (supposedly also nearly a victim of Paddock’s rampage) was on hand with helpful cues; Campos got so many pats on the back that he started to look like someone being handled; someone tapped at the right time to prompt a briefed response.

Because it was an appearance in the powder-puff court of public opinion – one that Campos will presumably never have to duplicate for real – nothing was really divulged that could elucidate matters for a civilian looking for truth. We were told that Campos came through stairwell doors and heard drilling: DeGeneres’ offers this: “they were gun shots but you thought it was just drilling sounds”. Campos replies: “At first I thought it was just drilling sounds.” So, the shooter was firing already before Campos got shot? Unfortunately, we aren’t told where Campos’ intervention fits in relation to the start and cessation of the supposed attack on the Route 91 Harvest concert from room 135, 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay. The least we can say is that, once again, and despite a brief diversion of the official narrative, it matches a scenario described in a citation that Campos received from the SPFPA (Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America).

He approached a hotel suite where a gunman was firing automatic weapons into a crowded concert…

That “brief diversion” abovementioned was the first revision of the official narrative – which had Paddock shooting the security guard a full 6 minutes before the start of the assault on the streets. Obviously, Campos’ own account doesn’t support that. A second revision informed us that Campos was shot simultaneously with the commencement of the attack – this could be feasible according to Campos’ interview on DeGeneres. But this story could also fit the original timeline where he was shot at the end of “Paddock’s” rampage. In previous articles on this subject at FBEL it was reasoned that this opening floater had to be dropped like it weighed a ton because it very likely would have meant having to explain why police were on the 31st floor of the hotel without the hotel being aware of a crisis. While we’re about it, let’s have a quick word about this team in relation to Campos: he stated in his “interview” that he was on floor 31 before he was compelled to go to the next storey up. It’s a fair question to ask: was he on 31 at the same time as the police vanguard?

Campos went on to explain that he thinks that the sound of the stairwell doors slamming shut caught the attention of the shooter in room 135. Naturally, we wonder what happened to the do-it-yourself surveillance gear that had previously been stationed on a room service trolley (or did the author just dream that). Thereafter, when Campos was walking down the corridor away from the scene of the crime, he was shot at – miraculously only being hit in the leg by bullets that, miraculously, came through a door that doesn’t look remotely as if it was damaged in that way in a photograph of it. DeGeneres helped us remember the official line: he was shooting through the door? Campos’ answer was intriguing: “from behind the door – I didn’t know how he was shooting… if he shot out”. As far as the author is concerned, Campos let slip that the something else that happened in that corridor on that night, as discussed in the previous FBEL article, did indeed happen.

Whatever that “happening” was will remain a mystery. But we have the following leads (please refer to the previous article for how we came by them – link above). 1) A two-man police team that was on the scene relatively early, despite seemingly admitting that it wasn’t tactically useful; i.e. wasn’t capable of taking any shooter on. 2) The seeming denial of access to floor 32 for a strike team that appeared “out of the loop”. 3) A possible alternative position – outside of the hotel on “basement building” rooftops – from whence a gunman fired down on the Las Vegas Boulevard. 4) Shots seemingly fired in the corridor from outside “Paddock’s” suite.

If we are to follow what this data may be suggesting, we could propose that the room 135 was a decoy in which a “suicided” patsy was placed in order to be discovered – whereupon he would be presumed to be the killer. Having proposed this scenario, one would then have to explain how it could be achieved – and the clarification would have to remain in parameters suggested by the clues detailed in the above paragraph. A solution according to that criteria could be as follows: the patsy’s room, and indeed the entire floor, was guarded until such time the rest of the floor could be cleared of hotel guests by other teams who had knowledge of the operation. The guarding continued until such time the room was dressed as desired, and until it could be assaulted in the usual way by an (unsuspecting?) team of the sort that normally carries out such operations. The guarding, of course, is intended to make sure that the set up is not stumbled upon by anyone who wasn’t privy to it. Of course, this is where innocents might get hurt if they did happen to come along and see something that they shouldn’t.

If airing the above hypothesis seems unreasonable given the very little we are allowed to know, then the retort must be that, actually, getting to the bottom of crisis events, false flags, like the one in Vegas is becoming urgently and increasingly imperative. And we must work with whatever knowledge we are allowed to have. Don’t forget this: at 10.18pm, according to our reckoning – and so three minutes after Paddock is meant to have ceased firing – an officer using the call sign 765 was still having a problem with gunfire down at street level: “be advised, we are taking fire from a very high floor we believe it’s possibly coming from the Mandalay Bay”. We did our best to ignore this in the last article, but it won’t go away. There was a fish-in-a-barrel shoot going on down on the streets, and it was executed by multiple gunmen who were, according to several witnesses, herding people into killing zones, and it was executed by men who weren’t stationed inside the Mandalay Bay – and still, with this DeGeneres travesty, there is absolutely no acknowledgement of this from officialdom. Campos didn’t do anything to stop any mass murder, but DeGeneres hosted him on her show (presumably by order of her string-pullers) to “celebrate” him, and to present him and the “maintenance guy” with prizes of tickets to football games so that some of the fabricated heroism could rub off on the troubled NFL. It’s insulting to the people who died, and to the injured, and to their families; in fact it’s insulting to anyone with a brain in their head. Enough is enough, already.

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