Published On: Sat, Nov 18th, 2017

Cutting to the chase about Viktor Orban, his ilk, and the facilitating ignorance

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Over at Breitbart, the likes of Viktor Orban and Beata Szydło (Premiers of Hungary and Poland respectively), cut quite the heroic figures. Their attraction for the US/UK Alt-Right is obviously their anti-Muslim rhetoric dressed up as defence of a supposed “pan-European culture”. For Breitbart, this is all part of the game of stoking up the Left/Right divide for the benefit of the same Establishment that Breitbart sells itself as a foil to – as has been discussed in these pages before (see here and here). Additionally, given that the Breitbart news organisation was self-admittedly conceived in Israel, (and this needs study and far more space dedicated to it) it’s also reasonable to suspect that there are other motives for the constant Islam-bashing; i.e. the geopolitics of the Middle East. When the likes of Orban and Szdlo frame their nationalism† in the context of opposition to a certain type of immigration, it makes welcome reading for people who don’t want to believe that “Islamic” terrorism is largely the work of Western intelligence agencies, and committed in the name, not of Allah, but as a cattle prod for stimulating public support for war. Other people who have studied the bona fide blueprints of the World State know that “the phantom menace” is both a feature and an absolute necessity. And yet, time after time, the likes of Orban and Szdlo, supposed anti-Globalists, actively reinforce a myth that benefits Globalism. Indeed, their criticism of Globalism is highly selective, because the immigration of millions of the Globalist foot-soldiery from Eastern Europe into the UK is no skin off their noses. They complain about the dangers of multiculturalism, and at the same time, wielding a big lie about a single European identity, deny that the artificially created presence in the British Isles, in their millions, of culturally distinct people who emanate from a strip of land from the Baltic to the Black Sea that is as alien to the Cotswolds, the Dales or the Fens as is Mars, does not amount to the same thing. Unfortunately, when Breitbart exposes the British to the likes of Orban and Szdlo, the accumulative effect is the emergence of a folk tale about a single European culture in reaction to the perceived threat of Islam. This is Globalist Hegelian methodoloy.

Breitbart’s latest retailing of the ongoing Orbanic heroism appeared on the 17th November, and provoked the article you are reading, because at long last, the endless promotion needs to be called out for what it is: disruptionǂ. The headlines of said article announced that the Premier of Hungary was fighting a “Battle for the West” – which, given that the article never once quotes Orban uttering that particular geographic term, looks like an entirely disingenuous piece of reporting designed to make actual Westerners identify with the politics of Eastern and Central Europe without, presumably, having to reveal any disturbing truths. On the other hand, Orban does like to lump all sorts together in an image of European suffering under the Globalist yolk:

We see tens of millions of Europeans working hard and struggling day in, day out to keep themselves and their families afloat. We see how they yearn for security and order. We see how they cleave ever more firmly to their cultural identity, and fight every day for every square metre of their normal European life.

Sticking out like a sore thumb is the reference to “security and order”. This is a nod to the authoritarian government which is the intended solution for the fabricated terror problem. We also have an example of Beata Szydło exploiting false flag attacks – in this case, the one at Manchester Arena to be precise – to promote the idea of European unity as a reaction to Islam:

 It needs to be said clearly and directly: This is an attack on Europe, on our culture, on our traditions.

In the same article from whence comes the above quote is context for Szydło’s statement that informs that a refusal to accept a particular sort of immigrant is perceived in the halls of Polish power as being necessary to the defence of that supposed European culture:

The Polish government is currently locked in a battle with the EU Commission over plans to make each member state adopt the Common European Asylum System.

Let’s be brutally honest, shall we? On the face of it, the governments of Poland and Hungary started having a problem with the EU after it emerged that their countries would have to take some brown people as refugees. We’ll get to more about this by and by.

Back to Orban’s speech, and we learn elsewhere in the Breitbart article that cleaving to the shared cultural identity must have something to do with “insist[ing] on… Christian roots” – which makes interesting reading for an Englishman whose Roman culture was killed off more than three hundred years ago. In the 19th century, the Oxford Movement constituted an effort by a faction of the Church of England to reinstate older Christian traditions of faith – one could call that an insistence on Christian roots. The author, by his own observations, understands the movement to have been quite successful in its aims (this too requires a fuller discussion), and also appreciates it as an arm of a broader movement to reassert state control on a society that had developed such liberty that people had taken up the practise of holding religious meetings in their own homes. The long and the short of it is this: there is no single European culture, and there is no single European identity‡. The author suspects that Orban and Szydło use the word “European” in a racial sense – there are grounds to do so, as we will see.

Finally, the phrase about fighting for every square 3¼ feet of “normal European life” should be galling to any citizen of the UK who has, in the short period of 13 years, found his country inundated with Europeans so that there are some town centres on a Saturday afternoon where there isn’t a square metre of pavement that doesn’t have an EU immigrant in it. Officially, there are 100,000 Hungarians in the UK – but the number is bound to be much larger than that, and whatever the figure is, it is not a problem for Orban, who in January 2016, demonstrated that he too possesses that sense of ownership that appears to be an all too common trait:

We are citizens of a state that belongs to the European Union, who can take jobs anywhere, freely, within the European Union.

But the irony doesn’t end there. Consider this portion of Orban’s heroics (from the Breitbart article):

In Europe’s [multicultural] countries, acts of terrorism have become regular occurrences, crime rates are increasing, violence against women has escalated, and anti-Semitism is emerging again.

We are interested here in the evident accusation that a growing trend in anti-Semitism in Western Europe and Britain is down to Muslims. Is it? The brand new factor in the West that seems to coincide with “emerging” anti-Semitism is that elephant in the room: the unprecedented mass immigration of Eastern Europeans.

A previous article at FBEL started to uncover and examine the apparent deep-rooted cultural anti-Semitism of what was coined “Nazi-dom” – find it here – and it doesn’t take much casting around the internet to find that there are still problems that are very much swept under the carpet – presumably so that the “better than sliced bread” myth about the immigrants from the East can be maintained. Below are a number of quotations from recent stories; please follow the links and make your own decisions.

Members of the Hungarian Jewish community have voiced concern about the divisive public discourse that accompanied Hungary’s referendum on the admission of refugees, with some comparing it to the hate speech directed at Jews in the 1930s.


The Council of Europe has criticized Hungary in a new report, condemning xenophobia and violence against migrants and minorities. The government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban denies any wrongdoing.


Rising anti-Semitism in Poland has moved the European Jewish Congress (EJC) to warn it has “grave concerns” over the “deteriorating relationship between the Polish government and the Jewish community.”

“There has been a distinct normalisation of anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia in Poland recently and we hope that the Polish government will stem this hate and act forcefully against it,” EJC president Moshe Kantor said in a statement released Thursday.


On Saturday, November 11, at least 60,000 fascist demonstrators from Poland, Hungary and Slovakia gathered in Warsaw, the Polish capital, on Poland’s “Independence Day” to stage what has been described as the biggest far-right demonstration since the fall of Nazism. Some estimates suggested as many as 100,000 participants.

The rally was organized by a variety of far-right groups, including the Polish National-Radical Camp, the National Movement and the All Polish Youth, all of which are anti-Semitic and white supremacist. The historical antecedents of these forces were responsible for violent anti-Semitic pogroms in the 1930s, and helped the Nazis hunt down Jews during the German occupation, even when they themselves were persecuted by the Nazis.

Slogans at the rally effectively called for an ethnic purge of Europe. Banners read: “White Europe of Brotherly Peoples,” “Europe will be White or Depopulated,” “Pure Poland, White Poland!” “Death to the Enemies of the Fatherland,” “Pray for Islamic Holocaust,” and “Refugees, Get Out!” Marchers waved Polish flags and carried burning torches. Some also displayed the falanga, the main symbol of Polish fascism.


Incidentally, this march was covered at Breitbart – which was at pains to describe the Polish as Nationalists, and some Hungarians amongst their number as “neo-Nazis” – although it did report that “the rally was held under the slogan, ‘Poland for the Poles, Poles for Poland’, in reference to the ongoing the migrant crisis”.

Finally we’ll end on Orban showing his true colours. The story is from February 2017:

“Hungary’s ethnic relations are complex, so this isn’t an easy issue,” [Orban] said, adding that the country’s competitive labor market makes “such ideas completely unimaginable”.

To improve Hungary’s international standing, it must protect its ethnic homogeneity because “too much mixing causes problems.” Being a “single color” was important (the statement released on his website uses the word “egyszínűség”, which in English would translate to the exact opposite of “diverse”), as was strong public safety, and having a “clean, green Hungary”.


Naturally, the Hungarian government did a lot of back-peddling on this one, but it doesn’t matter because the cat got let out of the bag. When Orban speaks of European identity, he is talking about race. Orban reflects a cultural tendency that has no equivalent in Britain. Britain isn’t a province of Nazi-dom, and never has been. That the man is lauded in the pages of a website that has trouble defending itself against accusations of association with white supremacists is the height of stupidity (or is it cunning?)  That clueless Britons, who don’t understand that all those very many people of colour who, across all the years of Empire, amalgamated and blended into the British bloodline may well have done it in their family, cheer this icon of judas-goatery, just provides further evidence of their wretchedness. Let’s be blunt, shall we. The author has an idea that the Polish and Hungarian governments do not want immigration from certain sunnier parts of the globe because then all the true colours will come out for all to see, and they will not be contained – and slick backtracking, blaming mistranslation, will just not cut the mustard. Immigration that even slightly upsets ideas of “ethnic homogeneity” will aggravate sensibilities that have been so diligently and carefully concealed so as not to provoke even greater resistance to that vicious tactic of Globalist economic warfare against free Britons which is mass population movements from Eastern Europe into the UK.

Update: 19/11/2017

In a new article, Breitbart-London, with the help of the Guardian that it is bouncing off, spins the Polish Independence Day march as indicative of the growth of populist politics in Poland – learnt in the West!

In a piece perpetuating the perception of annual independence day celebrations in Poland as a “far right” festival, Britain’s Guardian newspaper has inadvertently identified an unexpected side effect of European free movement of labour — the growth of populist-right ideas among young Poles.

In other words, what was undisputedly a grand display of Aryanism – or Kurganism as we call it at FBEL (white supremacy by Eastern Europeans), is being likened in opposite factions of the British media as akin to the Brexit vote. This is how dangerous Breitbart is.

This piece from the Guardian seems to indicate just how casual the anti-Semitism is:

Every journalism school should show its students the video clip of the moment on Saturday when a chirpy Polish state television reporter asked a man decked out in red and white national colours what it meant to him to participate in a march celebrating Poland’s independence day. “It means,” replied the man, “to remove from power … Jewry!”

Here is another account of the event:

Along with the banners and chants, protesters carried pictures of anti-Semite Roman Dmowski, a leading Polish nationalist in the 1920s and 1930s as well as flags of Falanga, a nationalist group from that era that advocated “Catholic totalitarianism” and taking away rights from Jews.

The headline of the article from whence the above quote comes is “Poland Complains of Unjust ‘Image Problem’ After Racist March”. The author predicts that we’re going to find out that it isn’t just about an image – unjust or otherwise – of racism, but a matter of fact, and Britain is going to see a problem, that should have been entirely avoidable, stemming from it on its streets.


† It appears there has been a great educational failure in Britain (and perhaps a mere failure to grasp the notion where the same tradition of liberty hasn’t existed) with regards the meaning of “nationalism” in relation to a culture that holds as central core values such principles as freedom of religion, and freedom of association. No time now, but this is bound to be addressed in later FBEL articles.

ǂ Disruption is about agitation to cause distraction; sowing confusion; leading and pushing opinion and action into impotent cul-de-sacs; creating problems where there needn’t be any; interfering with the natural course of events or an enemy’s plans, etc.

‡ And Britain is entirely separate on another level. The Romans divided the world into Europe, Asia, Africa, and Britannia.

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