Published On: Sun, Dec 17th, 2017

Hairspray, wire and harnesses; NASA’s role in the NWO

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Last week Trump issued White House Space Policy Directive 1, which represents a decision to “resume” manned space travel to the Moon, and then to begin the same to Mars. At the same time, the corporate-media was touting an upcoming big announcement from NASA that would take place a few days later. Understanding that the two events must have been coordinated is only just beginning to comprehend the connection between them. The news from NASA was predictable in that context; in partnership with Google (whose algorithm detected it), a new planet was discovered that increased the number of bodies in a far off solar system (that the author suspects has never been seen by a pair of human eyes). Now, propaganda outlets could tell the public that this constituted proof that the “Solar System is not unique”. So much for Mankind and its achievements, but then the prospect of Extra-Terrestrial Aliens in modern “culture” is always about showing human beings up as inadequate, and this is because of the necessity for human beings to loathe themselves to facilitate the ease by which their ruling class can wring their necks like so many birds for dinner. But this is getting well ahead of ourselves. The apparent existence of alien worlds is intrinsically linked to manned-missions to space for the following reasons: 1) the promise of far-off exploration incites public appetite for the more modest missions, and, more importantly, the expenditure they entail, 2) the idea of there being worlds inhabited by Aliens, some of whom may be capable of travelling all the way to the Earth, creates a solid public belief in those modest manned space flights – or vice versa, where manned space travel is supposed to make the public think that Aliens are a possibility, so that when they arrive in their invasion fleets, the people of the world will clamour for the formation of the World State to secure their safety and security. The reader will have already guessed that the Alien war fleet would be a complete hoax.

It all sounds very far-fetched, but apparently the scenario sketched out at the bottom of the above paragraph is classified in US intelligence circles as Operation Majority, and is but a portion of a broader plan for global government: MAJESTYTWELVE. Follow the link to find out more, and as told by William Cooper, but the reader must remember that as we receive knowledge of it mostly by a second hand retailing, and not by original documentation, even if we usually trust the source, it can’t be taken as fact (to save time, the reader might want to search the document for “Operation Majority” for background information most relevant to this article).

Reading through William Cooper’s attestation about Project Majority, the author is mostly impressed by two details. The first is that in 1917, in a speech at the Municipal Banquet for the Imperial Japanese Mission to the United States, John Dewey, Professor of Philosophy in Columbia University, said this:

Some one remarked that the best way to unite all the nations on this globe would be an attack from some other planet. In the face of such an alien enemy, people would respond with a sense of their unity of interest and purpose.

The full speech is here, and perhaps worthy of fuller study at a later date.

Being a good 70 years earlier than the famous Reagan public sorties into the territory, this shows that the idea has been around longer than most people would credit it. We don’t need to get into John Dewey’s politics because he is obviously attributing the idea to someone else. What is important is that the concept of world unity through an external menace is part of the zeitgeist. And it is probably true to say that the first ever appearance in the public consciousness of a foe terrible enough for the purpose must be in HG Wells’ War of the Worlds, which was first published in a serialised form in 1897.

We might well suspect, given our previous studies of Wells at FBEL (to be discussed briefly shortly), that he made his blood-sucking Aliens demonic, horrifying, and traumatising exactly for the function of turning the huge black space above humanity’s head, and all the multitude of stars in it, into a source of prospective terror. By 1938, Americans were certainly open to being terrorised by a story told as if real about Martian invaders when Orson Welles’ Mercury Theatre radio version of the book took the form of a live broadcast. Cooper asserts that “an estimated one million sheople responded with sustained credulity and fear. Thousands responded with sheer panic.”

He goes on to say:

The broadcast was a psychological warfare experiment conducted by The Princeton Radio Project. The Rockefeller Foundation funded the project in the fall of 1937. An Office of Radio Research was set up with Paul F. Lazarsfeld as director. Frank Stanton and Hadley Cantril were named associate directors. Cantril used a special grant from the General Education Board to study the effects of the broadcast. Cantril published the study as a book titled The Invasion From Mars – A Study In The Psychology Of Panic. It contains a complete script of the broadcast. The book is one of a series of studies sponsored by the Federal Radio Education Committee.

Orson Welles’ version of War of the Worlds was a feasibility study to see how susceptible Americans were to a fear implanted by that known agitator for a World (socialist) State, HG Wells. The perpetrators can’t operate a psychological shock test unless they own all the tools to do it, and arguably there would need to be a gestation period for the conditioning to be tested to have taken hold – forty years would be ample time. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars reminds us that the necessary technology doesn’t have to exist when the plans are being laid, and other recent FBEL articles have demonstrated Wells’ apparent conditioning of his audience for a future war (World War II) from which a New World Order would emerge. Moreover, the order out of chaos that featured in his The Shape of Things to Come is a Masonic theme which, again, features in the War of the Worlds, because the most important aspect of the tale is the appearance of the underground “brave new world” that men construct to survive the ravages happening on the surface. This was technological innovation as a response to destruction: order out of chaos. We should not be surprised at all to see Wells’ Martians being used ultimately in the manipulation of the masses by technocrats for control.

There are books that are written by Masons for consumption by other Masons, but they generate a wider interest because the “profane” want to develop a knowledge of the motivating philosophy. Anything by Manly P Hall is useful in this respect. Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike is an essential in any researcher’s library. Another is Freemasonry and Catholicism (1919), by Max Heindel. Heindel was a Rosicrucian and a one-time member of Theosophical Society (which can be linked to the UK Labour political movement). In the abovementioned title, Heindel writes

Freemasonry today is an attempt by the Hierarchs of Fire, the Lucifer Spirits, to bring us the imprisoned spirit “Light”, that be it we many see and know.

Some readers may have cottoned on already, but here is the explanation: Heindel is talking about features of Masonic lore, and writes in his book about how the Lucifer Spirits are the angels under Lucifer who would not help in the Creation (that is, the production of the universe by God). Everyone should know the myth about Lucifer being cast out of Heaven, but the Masonic take on it is that he was a victim, who then kindly released Adam and Eve from imprisonment in Eden by helping them to knowledge whereby they could be as gods. In another version, Prometheus brings the gift of fire to human beings. Fire is a symbol for illumination – knowing – but it also represents practical technology. The Lucifer Spirits, Heindel tells us, are also known as the Angels of Death, and they abide on Mars (different sorts of angels live on the different planets – something that was reflected in the Catholic cosmology which has angels powering the motion of the worlds).

So know we can fully understand the War of the Worlds, and it isn’t about anything any university lecturer or essayist says it is. The Martians are the Lucifer Spirits bringing death, by fire – which is alchemic purification. This is the sacrifice that Mankind must make to evolve into a refined form – into gods. To be precise, the masses must be sacrificed for the benefit of a beknighted few, for the reader will notice that Heindel, in the above extract, says that Freemasons are agents of the Lucifer Spirits, or the Hierarchs of Fire. The Hierarchs are a real council of rulers – real men high up in the pan-Masonic structure – who are supposedly supernatural, but this is merely an expression of the mysticism that features in Masonry to control the befuddled in its lower orders.

The trauma from the idea of an aggressive and unstoppable Alien threat comes from Wells’ Masonic text, and it is intrinsically related to social engineering. According to Operation Majority, the purpose of NASA is to make humanity believe that the threat is plausible. It won’t surprise us, then, to find that Cooper has this to say about the activity that brought us the “Giant Leap for Mankind”:

All names, missions, landing sites, and events in the Apollo Space Program echo the occult metaphors, rituals, and symbology of the Illuminati’s secret religion.

(The reader must do his own research on the full extent of the connection between NASA and Masonry for the time being).

The scheme comes unstuck, however, if it becomes discovered that it is environmentally too challenging to perform the necessary modest missions to inspire confidence about an Alien threat. What would have to be done in that scenario? In the most recent extended publication at FBEL, the author exposed how the crew of Apollo 11 back-projected an image of the Earth onto a screen rigged up over Michael Collins’ window to make it appear that the vessel was 130,000 miles from the planet. This is not the only visual evidence that the author has seen that proves that the Apollo missions were hoaxed. Footage of the later moonwalks (that the reader can see by following this link) show “astronauts” on wires, and it is undeniable. The viewer of this footage can see an “astronaut”, who has been floundering on the “surface of the Moon”, finally lifted up when the wires supporting him take his weight. On another occasion, a falling “astronaut” rolls in the middle of the fall due to a cable on one side of his body becoming taut. On another occasion, an “astronaut” levitates as he is trying to get off the floor.

That the Moon missions were faked would be bad enough, but there is also a big problem with the current generation of manned space travel: the International Space Station (ISS). The author was made suspicious by the appearance of the clearly sprayed hair of the women “astronauts” that stayed fixed relative to the head rather than move following its motion. The film that first brought this to the author’s attention is the one where the female “astronaut”, from a stationary and still position, suddenly can’t stop falling upwards, and from her  legs from rising into the air. It suggested gravity at work – switched on suddenly. To the author it appeared as if the woman was in a zero-gravity plane. What has really hammered the doubt home is the film where an “astronaut” on the ISS turns a summersault, and as he comes back to his rest position, a colleague reaches across and steadies him by grabbing the cable that is clearly extending out of a hole in his trousers. (The reader can see this moment in footage in the YouTube film at the end of this link [beware, some unecessary swearing] – you’ll have to sit through another rather ridiculous little segment that doesn’t prove a wire and harness, despite what the film’s creator claims. This inconsistency is why YouTubers aren’t usually very helpful).

At this stage, we might start to doubt if there has ever been any manned space flight at all. To the people bringing in the New World Order, this is not a problem, because they only require the appearance of manned space travel for their purpose – as we have seen. Pretend space missions are also as good as real ones for the “Hierarch of Fire”, because they eat up wealth just the same. Recently, FBEL began analysing The Report from Iron Mountain, but didn’t cover how “a giant open-end space research program, aimed at unreachable targets” was proposed in that document to serve as an alternative, or an addition to a welfare system to reproduce in peacetime the economic wastage of war. So, another feature of aspiring to populate space is to waste money. Notice – the authors of The Report from Iron Mountain seem to understand the nature of the beast.

The other boon from the appearance of manned space travel is that it can be used to impress the masses into accepting the right to rule by the elite that appears to be able to transcend the boundaries of Earth. It is an equivalent to ancient pyramid building. This was aptly covered in a previous examination at FBEL of the shared nature, decades apart, of the films, Things to Come (adapted from Wells’ book) and Interstellar:

In simple terms, space travel is a tower of Babel (nothing exemplifies this more than the Apollo mission rockets) – a pretence that chosen men can indeed take their places in the stars: a hoax for the purposes of exerting control. There isn’t a class a people whose destiny is to take their place in the stars. It can’t be done actually, and to do it metaphorically is just self-anointment to rule regardless or not of any real authority – and this is why the likes of Walt Disney have to resort to having their heads cryogenically frozen in the hope that some technology will come along to resurrect them. They are still, and already dead.

Thus the portrayal of space travel in Interstellar is exactly for the same purpose of the space travel in Things to Come; both show the symbolism of the belief system of the people who control society, and therefore control the movie industry through which they can baptise large populations with conditioning – it doesn’t matter if this audience doesn’t understand the signalling, in fact it is better that they receive it on a emotional level. The previous discussion of Interstellar at this site deals with what that signalling is: a retelling of Freemasonic lore, and to inject an expectation of global catastrophe (engineered by the elite – but the audience isn’t told that) that justifies their probable extermination. Interstellar and Things to Come both serve to train their viewership into perceiving that it has a sacrifice to make for a common purpose – for the “beautification of the universe” to keep its wheels turning – for the survival of the efficient human collective, the political scheme that maintains it, and the evolution of the “brain” of that organism.

We can’t leave off this subject without regretting the apparent surge in popularity of the Flat Earth lunacy, because it is now appearing in corporate-media, and is dangerously being offered as a reason for why NASA fakes space travel. As this article shows, it is nowhere the truth, and doesn’t rely on any depth of knowledge about the scheme for and workings of World Government. In fact, it probably relies on an emotional response. There is bound to be a lot of vulnerability when people find that they have been lied to in the most desperate way, and if such people adopt flatearthism, it may be as a result of a lot of grasping at straws. If space is suddenly un-navigable, it might seem unreasonable for there to be so much of it. But actually, flatearthism is not really about a respite from NASA lies – it is meant to be the motivator for reinforced faith in manned space travel. Whereas the fake Alien threat was like the carrot, Flatearthism is like the stick. Whereas the idea of Aliens could elicit non-committal even in the well educated, flatearthism is met with solid ridicule. It reinforces the belief in manned space travel in a reactionary way because members of the public suffering from received thinking will react upon encountering the idea as if they had come across the legendary Meth Drinkers’ Corn Circle Society. In 2013, Obama used the term to discredit global warming “deniers”, and that tells you about the genesis of Flatearthism.

Human beings have seen other planets in the solar system that, by their shapes, suggest themselves to be globes. The author has, with his own eyes (through his own equipment) seen the bands across Jupiter, and the rings of Saturn. Others have seen the phases of the inner planets, which suggest that they orbit the Sun inside the path of the Earth. The phases of the Moon and the inner planets tell us that these round bodies are globular. The crescent of the Moon isn’t a special effect – it’s a true representation of how light falls on a globe. We can extend the observation to the round shapes of the outer planets and understand that they don’t have phases because they orbit the Sun outside of the Earth. The orbits of all these planets are predictable, which means that from past observations, and applying the maths that describes their course, we can tell where they are going to be in the sky. The crucial aspect to realise is that these calculations account for the apparent fact (that is, established through observation) that we view these planets from a body that itself is moving around the Sun. If the Earth is another body in this system, doing what all the others are doing, then it can be classified as a planet, and as such is most likely than not going to look like one – as confirmed by observations from the surface. But the big question that flatearthers need to ask is why would God make the dome of a stationary Flat Earth show all the planets as if they, and indeed the Earth itself,  were all travelling around the Sun (thus making it appear as if the Sun was at the centre of the Solar System)?

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