Published On: Fri, Dec 22nd, 2017

The 2016 Harlow “Brexit murder”; UK vassal government still in the dock, never convicted

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The reader may remember the case: the incident in question was in Harlow last year. A Polish man, Arkadiusz Jozwik, died during an instance of the sort of wide-swinging handbag-trading that, in Britain, has hospitalised many a late night, town centre drunk for decades. The episode was seized upon by the puppeteered ardently pro-EU faction of the British Establishment media as a prime example of Brexit racism. A Spectator article deals with this aspect quite adequately (the “certain Eurosceptics” who were pilloried for having “blood on their hands” appear to be mostly the one: Nigel Farage). And yet, being still of the Establishment, (and unlike FBEL – see here and here for starters) it won’t get to grips with the one real big problem that is innate with immigration from Eastern Europe, which is the importation of folk with an ingrained cultural racialism alongside which the British Alf-Garnnettism of part-time skinheads and football supporting fighting outfits (even when corralled into the ranks of the EDL) appears meek, mild and comic. For when the facts came out about the Harlow incident (the trial was in September 2017), it became clear that the racism had come from the so-called victims. The writer of the Spectator piece obviously would have liked to let things lie apportioning “shame on Britain for conditions in town centres late at night”, but that doesn’t get to the nub of the issue. If British society is already degenerate, why import more, and why import even worse?

The answer is, of course, because the British Establishment is set on demoralising the British people, through discombobulation by media conditioning and economic warfare, so that they are weak for manipulation, dumbed-down and ready to submit, and then for the destruction of their sovereign nation, along with their time-honoured sovereign individual rights. Right at the top of the list in the methodology is the unprecedented (in the entire history of the country) levels of immigration that Britain is currently seeing, and will continue to see for many years because of the entirely unnecessary Article 50 negotiations with the EU (two wolves – the other being the British Government – talking about how to still eat the sheep).

What happened in Harlow was a microcosmic representation of the failure of the British Government in the one duty that it has to perform – to protect British citizens. The British Government, clearly as if a vassal of the foreign power that is the EU, has undoubtedly collectively committed treason, and if Britons are not mad about it, and aren’t itching to do something to restore justice, there is something terribly wrong.

The 16-year-old boy at the heart of the occurrence has not been named for, apparently, the usual legal reasons. The author suspects that for the Government this is convenient; he would be a cause celebre if his identity was widely known. Let’s examine the case as it was presented in court by the prosecution – at least as the Telegraph reports it:

She [Rosina Cottage QC, prosecuting] said the attention of the Polish men was drawn to the group of teenagers as “something was kicked or thrown close to them” in The Stow shopping precinct.

“There was some laughter about their English and one of the teenagers was cycling around the group,” Ms Cottage said.

She said Mr Koscelski “was swaying and drunk and may have been argumentative, offering to fight”, but he made no physical contact.

She said two boys cycled close to Mr Koscelski and Mr Jozwik, which “seemed to spark a disagreement” between the two groups.

Showing CCTV footage to jurors, Ms Cottage said it appears that Mr Koscelski tripped over his own feet then the youth “appears to jump in the air and swing his arm with force to the head of Mr Jozwik”.

Some of Mr Jozwik’s family were in court, and some left the room as the CCTV footage was shown.

Ms Cottage said: “The prosecution does not say that [the youth] thought for a moment that what he did would result in the death of a man.

“However, we say he moved deliberately around the back of Mr Jozwik to take him by surprise and to hit him from behind.

“[The youth] jumped up from the ground using the whole force of his body to hit Mr Jozwik to his head.

“From what looks to be like a ‘superman punch’ that he threw he must have intended to send the man to the ground.”

The slightly built boy sat with his parents at the back of the courtroom, and Judge Patricia Lynch and barristers sat without their wigs and robes due to his age.

Blood alcohol tests on Mr Jozwik showed he was around “twice over the legal limit to drive”, Ms Cottage said.

“Mr Koscelski was clearly very drunk and the deceased Mr Jozwik was also drunk, but the prosecution says there was no need for violence to be offered to either man,” said Ms Cottage.

“We say he was not aggressive to the group and certainly not [the youth].”

She continued: “For whatever reason, maybe even just immature bravado, the prosecution say [the youth] took a deliberate decision to use unlawful violence when he went around the back of the group to punch Mr Jozwik.”

Of course, the prosecution is going to play innocent when it comes to the provocation. Examine the other side of the story:

In court, the boy responsible for the killer punch claimed the Polish men were “aggressive and loud” and saying: “Fight me, fight me.”

He also said it was the Poles who used racist language. He said one of the Polish men grabbed a friend of his and called him a “n*****”.

He added that he was “scared” and “I just didn’t know what they were going to do next”. A scuffle ensued and CCTV shows him punching Mr Jozwik from behind.

Just so the reader is clear, the word mostly obscured with asterisks is “nigger”. It is clear from all the reportage here that the Polish group, or at least one within its number, were guilty of an initial offense. For some reason – and it is probably to do with the fact that the ruling elite have a phobia against “self-defence” – modern Britain has forgotten about the concept of assault and battery, where the first part is verbal, and the second part is the actual material violence – but the first part is just as offensive as the second, and could be answered with a physical response quite lawfully (thus preventing the perpetration of the second part). And yet, the British youth was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in a young offenders’ institution. Naturally, a murder charge couldn’t stick, so he was found guilty of manslaughter. But was this even right?

The prosecution found itself having to call the youth’s blow to Jozwik, a “superman punch”  – and this was obviously to account for their story that a little lad could kill a grown man of 40 years old with a single punch. Is it a reasonable explanation? From other reportage, we learn that Jozwik also hit his head on the ground:

‘The fall to the ground caused a catastrophic brain injury from which he never regained consciousness… He had fractures to his skull and traumatic injuries to his brain which were the cause of his death.’

And so it looks very much as if it was the fall to the ground that caused the injury, hence on the face of it, the manslaughter conviction. But did Jozwik fall because he was hit, or because he was drunk? The prosecution admits that another Pole in the group fell over under his own steam. The probable truth of the matter is that it was six of one, and half a dozen of the other. But don’t forget this: a drunkard is responsible for any unsteadiness on his feet that might lead to his own injury; it shouldn’t be a concern of anyone who thinks he might be acting in self-defence (and crying about a blow to the “back-of-the-head” is hollow noise. Everyone knows that to defend oneself properly, an opponent must be rendered unable to hit back).

In any event, after the incident, the British authorities saw fit to fly in the Polish police to patrol Harlow (a disgraceful act of treason in itself), and the Polish living in the town had a march (see the image below). Obviously it was touted as a memorial; the author sees it as the same sort of memorial that the Orangemen have for King Billy. It is probably safe to say that the Polish who expressed their “silent defiance” at this event allowed themselves to be used for anti-Brexit propaganda (hence, were once again, willing tools of globalism). The author would not be surprised if the people of Harlow did not feel terribly aggrieved at all this†.

Above all else, the incident showed the true colours of the British “white liberal elite” and ruling class who want to use any perceived black-white tension as a stick with which to beat their own countrymen as racists – especially if the latter are voting to do away with criminal world government. But as soon as their “preferred class” of white people commit what they themselves deem to be the worst of offences –the utterance of the word “nigger” (drawn  from the depths of an anti-semitic Kurganist identification value-set, to boot) – then it all gets hushed up for fear of revealing the true nature of the UK vassal government’s Eastern European colonialists.

And while we are about this, it is way past time that people who may have darker skin, but nevertheless have English (or for that matter, Welsh, Irish or Scottish) blood in their veins, and have English names, stop standing for the divide and conquer manipulation by an Establishment and its useful “white” idiots (“liberals” and supremacists both) who want them to identify as “black” as if it was a foreign nationality, for the purpose of a strategy of tension.

The reader might be surprised that the author came across the word “cosmopolitism” in Proofs of a Conspiracy, by John Robison, [1798]. This book, which warns of Illuminati infiltration of British Masonic lodges, is very early notice of the intent to create a New World Order. Robison describes the French lodges from whence this idea is coming “cosmopolitical” – and the word provides a great clue; from Aristotle we discover that politics is “things concerning the polis” – for which we can read the Greek city state. Politics has also been called the science of government. The prefixing of “cosmo” to the word broadens the issue so that its describing all things that concern the citizenry of the world; world government. In the modern age, the word “cosmopolitan” is taken to indicate a place or person that is at ease with different cultures, and is somehow less provincial or unsophisticated as a result. This is always the way with the deceiving Luciferian Masonry (that rules the West): make something sound reasonable with the application of a disguise. Britons are told that immigration makes their country more cosmopolitan, and reaction against is not nice or normal. What is actually happening is that immigration, and particularly of the sort that has been experienced since the start of the new millennium, has made Britain “cosmopolitical” – liable to be subject to world government.

Nothing has changed since the British voted to leave the EU, and since they actually rejected cosmopolitism, as FBEL has been warning in countless articles about “Fake Brexit” (look for the term in the search bar at the top of the page). The confirmation from Government itself continues, as the recent open letter from Theresa May to EU immigrants in the UK testifies to. Here is an extract:

Your rights will then be enforced by UK courts. Where appropriate, our courts will pay due regard to relevant ECJ case law, and we have also agreed that for a period of eight years – where existing case law is not clear – our courts will be able to choose to ask the ECJ for an interpretation prior to reaching their own decision. So as we take back control of our laws, you can be confident not only that your rights will be protected in our courts, but that there will be a consistent interpretation of these rights in the UK and in the European Union…

We have agreed with the European Commission that we will introduce a new settled status scheme under UK law for EU citizens and their family members, covered by the Withdrawal Agreement.

If you already have five years of continuous residence in the UK at the point we leave the EU – on 29 March 2019 – you will be eligible for settled status. And if you have been here for less than five years you will be able to stay until you have reached the five year threshold.

As a result of the agreement we have reached in the negotiations, with settled status, your close family members will be free to join you here in the UK after we have left the EU. This includes existing spouses, unmarried partners, children, dependent parents and grandparents, as well as children born or adopted outside of the UK after 29th March 2019.

Immigration from the EU is not going to end anytime soon, and in fact threatens to be without end. It is for the purpose of making Britain cosmopolitical – and this is admitted in the letter with references to the foreign legislation that will still be enforced by the British Government even after the country is supposed to be independent. EU immigration whereby millions of racially prejudiced individuals can come to a country that has a multiethnic history is also, clearly, about creating social tension. Of course, some people do say that Islamic immigration should be of more concern in these respects. That it should be of concern is not disputed. However, the two issues need to be kept separate because the playing off of one against the other is undoubtedly an Establishment ploy, after it demonises Muslims by its false flag terror, to mitigate the actually more damaging EU immigration.

At the very simplest level, there are two types of immigration; one that is caused by British policy making (and before 1997, this involved tiny amounts of people in contrast with the state of affairs today), and one that is an outcome of the UK’s membership of the EU (on an industrial scale). It is definitely much harder to say that immigrants by British legislation have no right to live in the country, than it is to say the same about people who are in the UK off the back of EU membership. The UK’s ongoing membership of the EU has been founded on a contract between the Government and the British people that the former has broken over again. Take for instance how the British Government told the British people that there would be 15,000 immigrants per year from Eastern Europe ahead of the accession of the eight countries in 2004. In fact, when Labour was in office, it went out and encouraged immigration, and even now, after the vote to leave the EU, the Tories are doing the same (see Theresa May’s letter). Britons were tricked into EU membership in the very first instance, and ever since they have been led by the nose by politicians promising a referendum on membership – something that only came when enough people had had enough of being overwhelmed by cosmopolitism, and became determined to reject the cosmopolitical scheming of a globalist technocracy.

After the Brexit vote, mass EU immigration into the UK is an injustice that needs to be rolled all the way back. As the Harlow incident shows us, it’s not just about being seen to do what is just, but it is about stopping a ticking time bomb of social chaos. Indeed, after the repealing of the EC Act, 1972, continued EU immigration into the UK is going to be completely politically unsound as native Britons continue not only to be displaced, but also evidently held in contempt by people who the UK Government are also doing a disservice to by filling their heads with legal fiction regarding their “rights” to be in Britain. As Theresa May confirms, the ECJ is going to hold sway over legal cases that involve EU citizens even after Brexit; can we also expect the presence of foreigners to police a supposedly independent people after any old pub brawl gets trumped up into an attack on a member of the “preferred class” of citizen? With the seething resentment that can only be elicited from such a violation, there can surely only be trouble ahead, and will be all of the British Government’s own making.


† It get’s worse the more one looks into this case. The following is from the Independent article linked to above the footnote marker (for ease, here)

The Polish government has launched its own investigation into Mr Jóźwik’s murder. Prosecutors in the country have said that, under Polish laws, those accused of his killing are liable to face trial there.

“Under Polish law, foreigners who commit crimes against Polish citizens are subject to trial before a Polish court,” Warsaw’s regional prosecutor, Jakub Romelczyk, told Poland’s TVP Info public broadcaster.

This can only invite an attitude of “law unto one’s self”. Is Polish immigration still the best thing to happen to Britain since sliced chleb? Well, the author can imagine, if you are a Briton in your own country, it doesn’t matter what you think.



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