Published On: Sat, Dec 30th, 2017

The “Horusfest” Edition in which Harry Potter & Britain First have something in common

Back in the bad old days when the author watched TV, it appeared to him that for a number of years in succession, Harry Potter was premiered on ITV on Christmas Day. How ideal it appears now. Hopefully the reader understands that Christmas is a celebration to mark the fact that the Sun has come back to life after standing still for three days, and has commenced its apparent progression back towards the dark North – making a Harry Potter movie complimentary fare for entertainment after the sacrificial bird has been consumed. These days, the author watches Harry Potter on DVDs – purchases deemed necessary because of an interest in exposing what is a major psychological operation (all in good time). This time around, something significant was noticed. There is a scene in one of the films where the big eared puppet/CGI augmentation called Dobby (the author might hereafter refer to the character as Nobby, which seems to suit so much better), is killed by an over-acting Helena Bonham Carter. Potter declares that he wants to bury the body “properly” – meaning without magic. This might be the most significant line in the entire movie franchise for getting to grips with the concept of magic, and the real world craft that it represents.

As Potter points out, burying Dobby “properly” means using shovels to dig a hole. If Potter had buried Dobby magically, as we in the real world should understand magic, the creature would have remained on the beach where the sea birds could hack it to pieces; Dobby’s grave would merely be an illusion. In other words, the decomposing corpse washing about in the surf would be disguised somehow so that it couldn’t be recognised as such, and the headstone in the dunes marking the location of Dobby’s last resting place would be something that a visitor to it only thought he was seeing. In the fictional realm of Hogwarts and wizards, magic is when these illusions are made real; when real achievements are made without the usual effort. Naturally, this is stuff of fairy tales. Magic in the real world is about making its victims see the world differently by diversion, by lights and smoke and mirrors, by hypnotism, and in the modern age, even by holograms too. Schools and universities provide preparation for unquestioning acceptance of the illusory world, while corporate-media daily conjures it up. If the Daily Mail or Mirror ever declared that Nobby from Harry Potter was buried beneath a sandy knoll just outside Tinworth (or is it Teignmouth?) and wasn’t in fact lying on the nearby beach being gnawed at by the local rock-pool life, then it would be an incontrovertible fact.

The world of Harry Potter clearly serves as an allegory of how Britons are controlled by those who rule them. And this is one of the reasons why the author doesn’t think that J K Rowling wrote the books. This subject is quite the can of worms that needs endless more time and space devoted to it in future FBEL projects; and while on the subject of exposing grand psychological operations, it also needs to be said that when talking about reality being an illusion, the author is in no way referencing Ickean consciousness radio wave lengths (or whatever) where reality looks different because it is not being received properly. Anyone who teaches that self-consciousness merges with the universe is an Hermeticist, which is another word for a Luciferian.

There is nothing magical, or fantastical, or phantasmal, or mystical in the world. The only matter for profound wonder is the apparent existence of a Creator, God, who is for the most part, entirely separate from Creation in any case. Otherwise – mostly – there is only man, and his relationship with the world and the things in it. A long time ago, some men decided that they didn’t like doing their own hard work involved in making a living from the Earth that God had provided, so they started stealing and killing, and deceiving, and organising to make the bulk of mankind subservient to them. Because this transgressed natural law, these criminals invented their own mythology whereby God was evil for characterising their natural talent to rob and murder as immoral. In contrast, their work had always been good. It’s all as simple as that, and it remains that way today. The ruling class are the Wizards, with a self-declared right to act as though stewards of the Earth because they had *obviously* reached godhood by being illumined (another word for delusional). Wizards inhabit the world amongst the masses like men do amongst ants. The masses are the Muggles, who aren’t even aware of the Wizards in their midst – those gods who manipulate them, or even kill them, without the slightest appreciation of a crime being committed against them.

Tying this to a recent FBEL article that the reader, even if they have already examined it, should do so again in the light of the interpretation given here, the most powerful magic that Wizards have is legislation. This is the stuff that reinforces the mythology by which they claim a right to rule, and also how they regulate, despite law (which is obfuscated by spells), so that society operates in a way that benefits them. Spells are words that create the magical illusion. Legislation is naught but so many spells.

Another form of magic is in the deployment of huge platforms on the world wide web, and the identification of these giants as the “internet”. Within such a scenario, when an individual gets banned from Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, they are said to be banned from the internet. When an individual breaks the rules of these platforms so that he springs the trap of also breaking complimentary legislation for being an offender on the internet, then he also finds himself attracting the attention of police. It is all for the purpose of creating the illusion that an individual doesn’t have free speech on the internet – or, and this is a more significant way of putting it, to create the illusion that a few corporations have the power to permit or deny freedom of expression.

The reader will have noticed that high profile users who suffer such bans will often become cause celebres for certain corporate or alternative media platforms. The ban is meant to reveal the political sympathies of the social media platform through the bias evident in the act; e.g. a social media exclusion for an opinion on Muslims, for instance, is portrayed as revealing a desire to protect the interests of a group that only have ill will towards the Western way of life. Whatever the pretext, it provides a basis upon which a left-right separation can be instigated, or exacerbated, with thousands and millions, who are invested in the false paradigm, being brought into a deception whereby it appears that free speech is curtailed on the internet – and specifically around crucial, political-tribe defining issues.

Furthermore, the reader may not appreciate that while some larger alternative media platforms scream the loudest about “free speech violations” by social media, they are at the same time exercising their own ruthless operations to purge political expression that they don’t like from their own platforms – see the image below (click to enlarge). Such platforms don’t care about free speech, so they don’t really have a problem with the likes of Twitter or Facebook. It’s just illusory. (On the other hand, none of this is the same as pointing out the inconsistencies of big platform moderation – which is a real thing, and which much smaller, un-championed users do suffer as a result).

Free speech on the internet is guaranteed whenever an individual can pay a domain provider and a hosting provider, and in doing so own his own platform. No-one has taken this away. The author is not aware of any hidden contractual restrictions on the content of FBEL, and given that the site has been running for 5 or 6 years without objection, it appears that there aren’t any. Therefore, it is probably safe to say that the transaction between service providers and internet platform owners is a natural law engagement between one party selling, and the other party buying, and thus free speech is guaranteed in law. When Twitter or Facebook ban users, it is their prerogative to do so; but in no way is anyone being banned from the internet, because the internet is also made up of thousands of free-speaking small platforms which the user who is banned from Twitter is free to peruse, and usually, to contribute to. Every small platform owner can control contribution from internet users as they see fit – but free speech cannot even remotely be said to have been curtailed. This won’t even be the case with plots against the internet like the end of net neutrality – which is, when one boils it down, merely another attempt to make certain content invisible.

With this issue now addressed, we can finally understand the whole nature of the psyop that was launched by Trump’s retweeting of messages from a Britain First activist. The reader may remember the incident – and may have also read FBEL’s small mention of it in a piece about Silent Weapons. It was just in time for a “purge” of the “internet”. Twitter started to enforce a policy “prohibiting users from being affiliated with hate groups”. This was stylised by some media outlets as a ban of the “Nazis” – such as Vox, from whence the quote in the previous sentence comes. Helping to reinforce the associations, Breitbart styled it an attack on “right wing accounts”. Wherever one looked, the undoubted stars of this purge were Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen; even Vox, an American publication, thought fit to give them more of a mention: “the leader and deputy leader of a right-wing British nationalist group called Britain First”. Notice the equivalence made again by “right-wing” and Nazis (even if one subscribes to the left-right paradigm, it is highly deceitful to connect them). The ban was significant, said Vox, because of the Trump connection. The Telegraph made the connection even more overt in an headline: “Twitter bans Britain First leaders after anti-Muslim videos shared by Donald Trump”. According to this cunningly devised snippet of writing, the association with Trump is a factor in the guilt. At the same time as all this was going on, Golding and Fransen were being arrested for “hate speech” that had allegedly been delivered during a rally in Belfast – nicely timed to create the overall impression of crime perpetrated on the internet. And that is not all, the BBC reported that MPs were grilling Facebook on its tolerance of Golding, Fransen et al: “On Britain First, a far-right group, Facebook’s director of public policy Simon Milner said it was reviewing its future”.

It could not be clearer to the author – and this hunch has been shared with the reader before – that the British Government runs Britain First in order to perpetrate psyops. It couldn’t be clearer to the author that the group was a very handy tool in this latest one for creating an impression that certain huge corporations can ban individuals or their political speech from the internet. Of course, now we have neatly segued to dealing with that entity in Harry Potter which controls Wizardly affairs: the Ministry of Magic. In the real world, it is Government – or that part of it that manipulates the Muggles through information and illusory news events that are portrayed as being real (with help from fellow Wizards in the corporate-media and police). Don’t be fooled by the storyline in Harry Potter where there is a good Ministry which is usurped by a bad Ministry; the underlying pattern of that narrative is the good old problem-reaction-solution whereby government must come more draconian to counter a threat. The true Ministry of Magic is revealed under the Serpent-King’s leadership – which doesn’t make the pantomime villain played by Ralph Fiennes a reptilian – it means that he is a priest-king after the order of Melchizidek. The Ministry of Magic (to which men gain access by performing an act in a public toilet) has a monument in it showing the true place of the Muggles – squeezed in a vice. Such is the confidence of the Wizardry that this symbol could be openly displayed to the film-going (and later, museum-going) Mugglery who, as always, haven’t a clue that the mother of all jokes is on them.

That being said, the omnipotence of the Wizardry is being threatened as some Muggles are being helped to realise that they don’t have parliamentary representatives, they have Wizards; they don’t have independent and honourable journalists, they have Wizards; they don’t have trust-worthy Magistrates or Judges, they have Wizards; they don’t have well-meaning local government department managers, they have Wizards; they don’t have noble-minded educators, they have Wizards; they don’t have protecting and serving police officers, they have Wizards; they don’t have Hippocratic-oath taking doctors, they have Wizards – and all these Wizards are beholden to others who sit right at the top of the heap and reap the rewards of all that hard work that everyone else does; these Grand Wizards of finance and mega-corporatism with their controlling tentacles directly into that part of government represented by the Ministry of Magic. However, in Britain, the emerging awareness of the criminal network, although it is barely known by its common name, Masonry, is being countered in the only way these Master Liars know how – with more magic. The Muggles are being told that their awakening isn’t due to their own uncovering of the misdeeds of the ruling classes. The explanation is that the Russians are attempting to destabilise the UK. It really is exceptional stuff.

The sad truth is that the dominance of the Wizardry could be pushed back against and turned over in a relative instant if the Muggles would only stop feeding the system. There is no vice in which the Muggles are being squeezed – there is only the illusion of one. But what isn’t real needs to be revealed as such by the very few of us who are the active enemy of the Wizardry – those who can speak real truth against the power of any magic spell, and make it impotent. Unfortunately, there isn’t any real willingness amongst the Mugglery to contribute so as to amplify the anti-incantations. And so, the real hidden struggle continues.

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