Published On: Thu, Jan 18th, 2018

A dose of Gandhi’s Swaraj to cure the British Government

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On the briefest of inspections, the new UKIP leader has been caught in a honeytrap set by the Establishment. The connections scream it before anything else does: the paramour that Henry Bolton left his wife and children for was once involved with the Gilmours. The Gilmours, remember? Of Pink Floyd and swinging-on-the-Union-Flag-on-the-Cenotaph fame – who does that, right? (And remember how the bloke who invaded the House of Commons during the Countryside Alliance protest in 2004 just happened to be the son of “pop-singer” Bryan Ferry).

Of course, the author has seen it written – and with a good deal of certainty that he wouldn’t ascribe to the case – in comments sections on the internet, that Henry Bolton is an MI5 infiltratorǂ . Well, if that’s what Bolton is, then he wouldn’t be alone. UKIP’s history has seams of spies and saboteurs running through it more prevalent than the mould in a stinky and unpleasant tasting cheese. UKIP has been attacked with more disruption in its short history than is realistic – let us not be naïve anymore, folks. This Henry Bolton’s lover scandal would be the latest in a long line of Establishment dirty tricks and psychological operations: the many high-profile defections; the Steven Woolfe punch-up; the cheating at elections to be followed up by the “UKIP is dead” meme in corporate-media; the “UKIP is racist” slandering; the witch-hunt against Paul Nuttall; the Neil Hamilton trouble making; the long running, and very damaging Breitbart versus Carswell full spectrum dominance operation – which still goes on – and last but not least, the Anne Marie Waters incursion to turn UKIP into a major platform for a strategy of tension fulfilling race war.

People who want a change in Britain need to wake up and smell the coffee – if the reader will excuse the hackneyed expression. UKIP has been a largely grass roots effort to get a pooling of individual sovereign power represented in the echelons of government – but the Establishment doesn’t respect that. Let’s be clear about this. The British Government doesn’t want the Hoi-polloi spoiling the very specific plans that it has for the Hoi-polloi. Or let’s use the term recently discussed hereabouts – the Helots (read the FBEL article on the British “Spartan” ruling class to appreciate this term). We, the people, are never going to be allowed to have a political party in office that acts in our interests. Let us grow up, and face up to this reality. The Spartan-class – the British ruling class (see article linked-to above) – has its own interests, primarily in maintaining its own rule, and its own agenda that is has been rolling out for decades that involves our poverty, our disempowerment, our loss of nationality and rights inherent to it, our dependency on Government, our total submission, our slavery. Articles detailing the planning of the World State and all that it entails have appeared over again at FBEL (try here and here for starters). If the reader prefers official notification of the coming planetary gulag, then go to the UN website and read about Agenda 2030 – also known as Agenda 21. The British ruling elite are the inventors of the World State†, and Agenda 2030 is part of its implementation (along with supra-national political and economic blocs like the EU). Why would they let you vote to end their criminal scheme?

We have a right to defend ourselves against the British Government, and that right forms the basis of the lawfulness of any resistance to it. When Brexit happens, and Britons are made second class citizens in their own country because some supra-national court and legislation protects the British Government’s favoured EU-immigrant citizenry, then this won’t provide justification, because that will already exist. It will, however, make recruits to the cause.

What is the cause? The reader might well be asking. The cause is to hold power over our own lives. The Establishment won’t let us pool it for representative government, so we wield it ourselves. Our model is the one provided by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, and the aim is a version of Swaraj: sovereignty of the people based on pure moral authority; based on our common law rights. Any elements of mysticism attached to the notion are not desirous, of course, nor is communitarianism – but then Swaraj in itself is not what we would be trying to achieve. Our version would be Self Rule, or Home Rule, so to speak, but literally so – we would rule from our homes. The British Government could keep up the charade at Westminster – if it could afford to and if it could scrape enough legitimacy from elections where nobody voted – but from within our own sovereign territories, it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference what legislation was issued. The aim is to teach the ruling class who really rules, and to teach it submission. It’s about forcing it to understand that it would get on better itself if the playing field was levelled (leaving the EU will just be a node in the timeline of that process) – it must come to understand that there is no advantage in trying to prevent the development of our political power, or our individual or familial prosperity, and the full enjoyment of our individual rights – which includes the right not to be taxed (the author should be able to report on his own experiences of inisisting on lawful rights in this sphere in the coming year) .

The Indians expelled the British from their country and achieved Self Rule, and if the reader would care to watch the film by Richard Attenborough, it allows us to relate. When referring to the British, the likes of Gandhi and Nehru weren’t talking about the cotton mill girls of Bolton and Darwen that the former would meet on his 1931 trip to the UK. The British were the Victorian Spartan class – incidentally, the same generation that mass-murdered Britons in World War 1, which was of course part of the same political agenda referred to above – and which could not stand the challenge to its authority from what it must have considered a very low kind of Helot slave population on the Sub-Continent. In 2018, the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish have to drive the “British” out of their countries – or at least, make them irrelevant and powerless and no longer able to commit mass-murder – these days softly administered – as a tool of self-preservation. Like Gandhi’s movement, it needs to be peaceful, and non violent‡ – although the Spartan-class will try to entice us onto the streets to brutalise us, because this time there is nowhere for the British ruling class to go except the lampposts (which is just a poetic expression, it should be understood) and it will fight hard and dirty. And be realistic – the British Government will let its authoritarian nature show for all to see, but this is desirous because it is just grist to the mill.

But we won’t go to the streets, and we won’t do anything that the British Government can infiltrate so that its corporate-media can demonise us. This is something we do as individuals. It means not supporting a national political party that can be overthrown at the drop of a hat, and it means not voting in national general elections. If people do not vote for the national government, the national government is not legitimate. However, we should still put up local candidature for to represent us locally where we can turn up on a doorstep and demand justice and make a difference.

Gandhi’s movement was “aimed at crippling the British India government economically, politically and administratively” (quote from Wikipedia). Ours has the same ends. In India, they asked Indians who worked in Government to resign – we can’t do this, but we can make it harder for Government to perform the same functions that used to be simpler before our resistance. We can make Government inefficient. The political disempowerment has been covered briefly, but it is intrinsically linked to economics, especially in this day and age of corporate-government. The reader is directed to the following FBEL articles:

“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”; Part One: “Inductance” for economic dominance (link)

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Reflections on a by-election: another charlatan claims to represent the people, this time of Lewisham East (link)

But be not mistaken, dear reader, this is not a grand plan for revolution, nor is it proud sedition – how can it be when there is an insistence and emphasis on the restoration of true sovereignty. Restoration is the operative word. Quietness will be the modus operandi. There won’t be a storming of the Bastille. If you dare, you might organise with other parents to take your children out of school, or if you are wise, to never put them there in the first place – but that would be the extent of the dramatics. The restoration is something we do for ourselves and by ourselves. It starts simple, and it stays simple, and the majority might not even hear about it. But it will hurt the British Government.


ǂ There is a picture on the internet of Bolton with his lady friend on a train supposedly taken after a forbidden tryst. It looks like it was staged, so who knows?

† That is to say, the idea in its modern iteration. The unified world government of man is an ancient concept.

‡ To clarify, it goes without saying  – this is FBEL after all – that one has a right to defend one’s self and one’s property – with force, naturally. The point is that the Establishment will not be allowed to set an agenda whereby it can demonise lawful self-defence.

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