Published On: Wed, Feb 21st, 2018

David Hogg accused of crisis acting? Russian conspiracy bots to the rescue

Instead of getting gun control after the “shooting” at the school in Parkland, Florida, the Anglo-globalist Establishment is having to deal with the concept of “crisis acting” running amok in the domain of the public consciousness. It’s hardly striking a blow for the New World Order, is it?

It’s all down to 17 year old David Hogg who, while he may not be a crisis actor, is definitely too keen for his own good. There might be other things to say about him if his chief motivation, as suggested by previous behaviour (in part, referring to a non-story escalated to TV-news-level “importance” after the filming of a run-in with a life guard on a Californian beach), is to get himself on a news network at any cost. Chiefly, he appears to be a well and conveniently placed advocate for gun control with aspirations of moving into big league manipulation for anti-human agendas. Is he to be trusted? The answer is no, especially after the surfacing of the video in which he can’t seem to deliver his lines to camera. Lines come from a script, not from any place formed by conviction – or the truth, for that matter. Furthermore, the said film gives reason to believe that he had been coached for its production. Another word for coaching is direction. Actors are directed. And if it happened once, who is to say that Hogg didn’t receive direction for any of his other umpteenth gun control advocating TV appearances?

But because everyone is talking about David Hogg, there isn’t much analysis of the evidence being presented for a shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida (for sheeple who may have got lost looking for the Daily Mail or the Beano, one just doesn’t take the corporate-media at its own insistenceǂ). But then, the days of being able to pick a crisis event apart and demonstrate it as a deception are receding; going forward there will be less reliance by the Anglo-globalists on physical representations to establish narratives about false flags and hoaxes, and more dependency on the corporate-media narrative wholly supported by witnesses.

It’s reasonable, one must suppose, that in reaction there has been a shift to a focus on understanding the motivations of the people upon which these narratives hang. The Anglo-globalist Establishment has brought that on itself, so it shouldn’t complain about “outrageous” accusations of crisis acting. Indeed, it’s only in the shared psychosis of the War on Terror delusion that an environment exists whereby witnesses get such an easy ride. The bottom line should always be establishing the guilt of the alleged perpetrator, not the protection of the feelings of someone who may be giving false testimony (Hogg knew the name of the suspect as he did a piece to camera even as the shooting was still ongoing. A CNN war correspondent in the making, perhaps?)

All that being as it may, the really interesting thing about this incident is the rise of the Russian conspiracy bot. Just to be absolutely clear, the Russian conspiracy bot is more sleight of hand by the Anglo-globalist Establishment. It’s a sub-division of the Russian collusion hoax, which seeks to misrepresent opposition to Government within the constituency that it rules. Now, the reason why the Anglo-globalists have gone to such extraordinary lengths as to invent the Russian collusion concept is because the opposition it is looking to deal with won’t be fooled by a general election and a lollypop. This opposition frightens the bejesus out of the Anglo-globalist governments in places like the USA, Canada and the UK, because it recognises the fundamental criminality of the Anglo-globalist regimes. This opposition knows that it would be justified in overthrowing those regimes to restore natural law, and institute government of the people, by the people.

And so, the Anglo-globalists seek to tarnish any activity towards that end as work done on behalf of a foreign power. Hence, the new development where anyone on social media pointing out State Crime (for our immediate purposes, a grand name for the perpetration of false flags and hoaxes upon a people by its Government) is described as a Russian bot. Obviously, the Establishment is trying to create an environment where it would be acceptable in wider society to be seen to prosecute its opposition. But remember, these efforts constitute a hoax to frighten – it is the eternal way of the criminal acting outside the law. The defence is always the right to self-defence; speech emanating from that stance is unimpeachable (unless Government goes full-on authoritarian, which will also be the day that it dies).

The only way to go wrong is to not have a grasp on the Anglo-globalist’s stratagems, so let’s examine an example that illustrates the attempt, as introduced above, to declare equivalence between constitutional-restorationists, and the foreign power that is Russia.

The subject matter is an article that appeared at the Washington Post entitled After the Parkland shooting, pro-Russian bots are pushing false-flag allegations again.

It begins as follows:

For most Americans, the Parkland shooting was a terrible tragedy. But for social media accounts that promote the interests of Russia in the United States, it was a fantastic opportunity.

On the morning after the tragedy, the Russia-linked accounts were commenting fiercely, pushing the “crazy lone killer” explanation for the shooting and mocking advocates of gun control.

Of course, the reader will notice the layer upon layer of deception. What always occurs, without fail, after one of these shootings is a refutation by event sceptics of an official narrative that pushes the “crazy lone killer” version of events. And it needs to be said that yet again, there were accounts of multiple shooters from witnesses at the Parkland school.

So, notice that anyone who questions the official narrative is described as a “Russia-linked account”, and those who don’t are “most Americans”. The implication is clear with the use of the word “most”. The other “Americans” outside the set of the greatest number are agents of a foreign power: not real Americans.

The problem with this is that the illusion of the subversive minority cannot be maintained when the meme dominates social media, as the “David Hogg as crisis actor” one clearly has. In that case, what this approach only serves to do is reinforce a “them and us” perception, and it is harmful to the Establishment in the following way: an American who considers himself a patriot, and understands the importance of the Second Amendment, and also sympathises with the victims of school shootings, is hardened by being tarred as that “other” sort of American. By self-comprehension, this patriot understands that his accuser is not on the level; this is compounded by doubt about the integrity of the Establishment’s main protagonist pushing an agenda – in this case Hogg – who degrades all the more in the eyes of this example patriot for being seen to be pushing too hard. [A variation of the Streisand Effect?]

The criminals in the Anglo-globalist Establishment never stop digging, and that’s why they are in such disarray. But there is some important awareness expressed in the subject article, and it is this:

…the Russian interest is clear. They do it because it helps undermine trust in institutions — the police, the FBI, the media — as well as in the government itself.

The truth of the matter is this. When Government commits State Crime, and its policing and law enforcement arms help to stage and cover up, and its media arm maintains the false narrative for the purpose of what is a criminal agenda, then Government undermines itself. To put it slightly differently, but still in a correct fashion, trust in Government is undermined by the event sceptics† who are at the leading edge of the real opposition. To call these Russian agents is to try and marginalise their work, and even to criminalise it.

The prospect of a radical clamp down is hinted at in the Washington Post article by the mention of the recent federal grand jury indictment of Russian nationals for “violating U.S. criminal laws in order to interfere with U.S. elections.” These indictments, of course, are fruits of the Russian collusion hoax and, as Philip Giraldi correctly identifies, are “political theater as the accused’s defense will never be heard”. The US Government cannot put these individuals on trial to establish guilt.

Likewise, the Washington Post makes no attempt whatsoever to provide evidence that any social media users are indeed Russian bots. No names are mentioned so that the reader can inspect for himself (and no wonder, given the real prospect of being sued, multiple times, for libel). Moreover, the way that reality is conjured up to invoke the image of an army of invading Russian bots is highly suspect, if not just comically obviously flawed; the reader can find out how by following a link to a MoonOfAlabama article‡ on the matter – there’s never any need to reinvent the wheel.

However, indictments and general accusations of being Russian-propelled subversives do provide a matrix for the creation of an environment for persecution – or rather, the fear of being persecuted (for the purpose of creating wide-spread self-censorship, or peer-pressure – the source of which would be a good number of sheeple who have completely bought into the Russian collusion hoax). Notice that the author chose his words carefully above: “the prospect of a radical clamp down is hinted at”. As also previously stated, speech emanating from a position of self-defence is unimpeachable. The Establishment doesn’t really want a genuine and articulate event sceptic in court laying out the intestines of a recent false flag for the world to inspect. Beware, though, the Russian collusion psychosis may generate a situation whereby Government can accuse dupes to elicit admissions of guilt in the same way that the prosecution of hate crime largely appears to happen (as far as the author can see, at least).


ǂ There is no evidence in the public domain for a shooting by Nikolas Cruz. Indeed, corporate-media reports that he has confessed. No need for a trial, and no need for public scrutiny. This incident smacks of false flag.

† “Event sceptics” is used lazily to mean a very broad range of people who are causing a loss of confidence in Corporate-Government. In the FBEL article, The beneficent NHS, where corporate-government makes a buck from population control (here), it is noticed that Russia gets the blame for the work done by vaccine safety campaigners.

‡ Link does not represent endorsement.

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