Published On: Tue, Feb 27th, 2018

Ghouta: the Americans keep losing; UK Government’s al-Qaeda links to be exposed?

Using Sweden and some other lackey to sponsor the resolution so it wouldn’t look like it was coming from them, the US managed to achieve unanimity on a UN Security Council vote which required that a 30-day ceasefire should take place in Syria.

It was a bit like the old days, when the US would pitch up at the Security Council chamber, have Colin Powell whip out a vial of milk (telling everyone it was WMD), reel off a few fables involving babies and incubators. There would be a vote with plenty of time left over in the session to have a cup of tea and a natter, and then the US (with or without lap-dogs providing token assistance for the impression of a unified international intent) would proceed to bomb the living crap out of a country.

Not any more.

The very next day after the adoption of UN Security Council resolution no. 2401, the Syrians started their long-awaited campaign to retake East Ghouta against the likes of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), Ahrar al-Sham and their allies.

It was a slap in the face of the Anglo-globalists.

The Russians were quick to point out that the target of the Syrian operation were “outlaw” groups not covered by the ceasefire – and did some bombing of their own in Northern Hama just to rub it in.


To cap it all, news came out of Moscow that Putin had ordered daily 5-hour truces to allow citizens to flee the besieged area via humanitarian corridors set up by Syrian forces.


The US initiative via the UN was dead, and Russia, undoubtedly coordinating with the Syrians, were showing that they set the agenda in Syria, and no one else did.

The pencils of the American and British corporate-media had already been blunted by many days of propagandising ahead of the UNSC vote, but now they had to be extracted from rear-ends and nostrils, sharpened, and put to work to blame Putin for the immediate break down of the peace, blame Assad for his insistence on using barrel bombs (despite the fact of all the state-of-the-art Russian technology that has been deployed in Syria and is essentially, to some degree, at his disposal), and produce emotional responses in audiences using stories about dead children (who probably aren’t).

Indeed, Anglo-globalist corporate-media is redefining the meaning of the word “unhinged” in its treatment of the Ghouta scenario, and its telling of the Syrian war up to the present date: the US, by this reckoning, was always reluctant to get involved in a civil war (fact-check: the US was involved from the beginning of what was an invasion by proxy); Assad used chemical weapons on his own people (fact-check: these “attacks” were staged by the al-Qaeda proxy forces); Trump’s retaliatory cruise missile strikes were “strong action” (fact-check: the Russians knocked the most of them out of the sky, and the US got another lesson about its powerlessness); half the Syrian air-defence were destroyed by Israel (fact-check: the Israelis haven’t dared stage an incursion into Syrian air-space ever since); Russia is responsible for not reining in the “Syrian regime” after the UN resolution (fact-check: the Syrian Government is repelling an invasion perpetrated by the US, the Russians are assisting, the UN resolution was another in a long list of American abuses). In short, US and UK corporate-media produce fantasy material based on very little that is true on the ground and in the real world. That’s why there has to be moments of rare clarity such as this:

There has been extensive news coverage of the situation in Ghouta, but little has changed…

There is little appetite among the American public for increased military involvement in the conflict.

In other words, corporate-media is so deranged, that the US ship of war now has a rudder that isn’t connected to the wheel (rather like US cruise missile launchers [Arleigh Burke-class destroyers] under electronic attack from Russian aircraft) so that it can’t bring passengers to countenance military action. But the truth of this relationship actually relies on the assumption that public opinion affects a destiny which would feature war – which has never been the case; the Anglo-globalists generally figure that once they get to war, it’s easy to play the patriotism card, and everyone will fall in line to be supportive. If there is any concern about not being able to shape public opinion or not, it must be due to the prospect of the sort of dissent that is caused by any vehemently hated government policy, and the setbacks that that would cause in the current political climate. The US Government can’t afford to have the drooling Cult of Trump thaw into political melt water – not when there’s so much damage to be done that only a Republican administration can get away with.

In fact, the apparent lack of a desire in the public for overt war will be used to disguise the reality of US weakness – which is considerable. More proof this way comes: consider the response to the claim of the chlorine gas attack in Ghouta; the same that fizzled out on the very same day that it was introduced. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov dealt with it the way it should be treated:

There has already been disinformation in the mass media that last night or this morning chlorine gas was used in Eastern Ghouta as a toxic substance, citing an anonymous individual who lives in the United States.

Sounds like the American equivalent of the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (the lad in Coventry), who Lavrov also poured scorn upon when referencing previously.

However, we should understand that the Anglo-globalists had put measures in place to exploit this latest false flag. The ABC news piece linked-to above asserts without any proof whatsoever that “ten months later [after the attack in Khan Sheikhoun (see here and here)], Assad has used chemical weapons again”. The search term “chlorine gas Ghouta” returns pages of news print; those pencils have been scribbling furiously.

A very good clue that an operation had been launched to exploit an accusation against the Syrian Government was the convenient appearance of the MP in Parliament, primed with a question about chemical weapons usage in Syria, all ready to pose to Boris Johnson on Monday: “The House will have noted the disturbing reports of use of chlorine gas”, says the Foreign Minister. As the kids say these days, let this sink in: on the same day as the reports materialise, the Commons of the Houses of Parliament, without there being any chance of having received any sort of proper verification, is substantiating claims of chlorine attacks in Ghouta. Please note, all you “anti-imperialists” who see the Syrian war in terms of the left-right thing that you can’t let go of; the sponsor of the question was Labour MP John Woodcock; his words:

The men and women of Ghouta who lie in pieces, deliberately targeted by Assad’s Russia-enabled bombs, the dead children whose faces are altered by the chlorine gas that chocked (sic) them.

They should not be strewn in the rubble of eastern Ghouta. Those bodies should be piled up in this chamber and lain at the feet of governments of every single nation which continues to shrug in the face of this horror.”

Well, many a corporate-media outlet reported Johnson’s response as an indication that Britain would back limited strikes against Syria, but that was for contributing to the desired impression of Assad’s guilt. The following words of Johnson’s were far more significant:

I call for these reports to be fully investigated and for anyone held responsible for using chemical weapons in Syria to be held accountable.

Note the failure in the upshot to automatically accuse Assad. Likewise, France already made a similar statement about air strikes subject to strict conditions of proof. There’s a marked difference to all the hyperventilation that used to occur (as recorded at the time by FBEL: Cameron frantic for bloody results in Syria).

In his appearance in the Commons, Boris Johnson produced small print beneath the hot air and cockiness that indicated that there was no possibility of military intervention. Is this the stuff of government that knows it has already committed war crime, and is at great risk of being found out? Would it appear that normal behaviour and regulated language has been resumed to make it appear as if this sort of conduct had been par for the course all along? The British Government knows that at long last, the crime is not going to be hidden because the war is not going to be won.

Judging by the subject’s visisbility (or lack of it) as Tuesday came, the chlorine gas casus belli was evidently not been pursued by corporate-media or politicians. Because the US is powerless to stop the Syrians retaking Ghouta. And if the US is powerless, the UK certainly is (and British citizens should be ashamed of voting such laughing stocks as Boris Johnson and John Woodcock into office). The US and the UK know about their weakness, and that’s why it’s a reasonable assumption to make that those governments wanted a 30-day ceasefire in Syria in order to extricate their intelligence officers and special forces out from a prickly spot, and the possibility of being captured, interrogated, and having to spill the beans. If the reader is having trouble with the previous sentence, please consider the frenetic efforts of that section of the intelligence community that is the corporate-media to bring about conditions whereby humanitarian columns can go in, and vile sneaky vermin can be smuggled out (or be supplied where they are holed-up). Now please consider Serge Marchand, who evidently comes from Ghouta, and writes for the Voltaire Network…

The main city, Douma [in the north of the area currently surrounded by the Syrian forces], is a neighbourhood with a bad reputation, known before the war for its brothels and its criminal elements.

In reality, this area is held by Al-Qaïda, under the title of « The Army of Islam » (Jaych al-Islam), supervised by the British SAS and officers from the French DGSE ( Direction Generale de la Securite Extérieur) under cover of the NGO Medecins Sans Frontieres.

In the same article, he also mentions MI6 directing military parades; presumably the rationale must be to produce a statement of power with some pomp and circumstance the likes of which Elgar never envisioned.

Furthermore, it has been well established that foreign intelligence agents were captured after the retaking of Aleppo. While these elements were believed to have been released, such treatment might not be repeated this time around at Ghouta, especially if the Russians and Syrians don’t feel that there will be any military consequences.

Ghouta is another stomping ground for those al-Qaeda propagandists, the White Helmets, who have been the cause of so much disinformation to the extent that they are feted in Hollywood. There really needs to be a great demystification; and the exact relationship between al-Qaeda and the likes of Channel 4 and the Guardian (the author’s bet: British intelligence), who seem to be the biggest promoters of those charlatans, and also go to the greatest lengths to defend their name, needs to be exposed in such a thorough way so that the British Government becomes liable for prosecution for war crimes. The “non-lethal” assistance that the British Government gave to “Syrian rebels” is on the books. This assistance primarily consisted of communications equipment; obviously for propagandising. If this can be linked to the White Helmets, and the White Helmets can be exposed as al-Qaeda (with cut and dried evidence), then let the tribunals begin.

There is plenty of speculation amongst observers of the Syrian war about what squirming delights are going to be dug out of the bunkers of Eastern Ghouta by the liberating forces of the Syrian Government. It might be sooner than later; the Syrians are going great guns into the third day of the operation, with the easy seizure of the farmlands in the south east quadrant, and at the centre of the western demarcation line at Hasrata (which neighbours Douma) to relieve the military base there. That’s not to say that there won’t be a long-drawn out contest; contrary to UK and US media, the Assad Government appears not to want to kill innocent Syrians (which it views as victims of US and UK aggression). There might even be further false flags† in which the darlings of Hollywood and their corporate-media facilitators personally blame Assad and his barrels full of shrapnel dropped from helicopters, but this won’t stop what is inevitable. Eastern Ghouta is going to fall.

Update 27/02/2018, 22:00:

The BBC is reporting that the “UK expresses ‘deep concern’ to Russia over Eastern Ghouta attacks”.

It goes on:

The UK has urged Russia to put pressure on the Syrian regime to observe a UN-backed ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta and allow humanitarian access to the area.

The Foreign Office summoned Russia’s ambassador to express its “deep concern” over the siege of the city and the reported use of chemical weapons.

As stated above, the Russians know the parameters of the UN resolution, and don’t need the British to tell them. The same applies for the chemical weapons nonsense; everyone at that meeting would know the real score as far as that was concerned.

It’s a very good bet that all the “deep concern” is about the British intelligence assets and special forces about to be killed or arrested. Given that the British are “supervising” and “directing” al-Qaeda et al in the pocket, it wouldn’t be surprising if a deal has been done: territory in return for the vermin (their next mission, guarding the streets of London, with itchy trigger fingers, from dangerous Brazilian electricians). Again, as the Syrians and Russians are interested in safeguarding the lives of civilians in Ghouta (as well as in Damascus, who are being shelled from Ghouta), it would be a deal that they would take.


† It should be pointed out that the Russian military has long since made it known that it had been tipped off about the movements of al-Nusra operatives and more than 20 bottles of chlorine gas, and of a “forthcoming provocation, using poisonous chemicals, to air… on a foreign television channel”.

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