Published On: Sun, Feb 25th, 2018

On the ear ‘ole (excellent reasons to make a contribution)

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Other alternative media urge you to put money into the pyramid scheme that is bitcoin and call it activism. Not here at FBEL.

We are all about empowerment of individuals and acting towards the realisation of solutions – not teaching learned helplessness and profiting by it through snakeoil sales. We have some goings-on that need a war chest, and you are invited to donate to help out.

This month we are fixing on bringing a legal action against the local authority. It is relative small fry stuff, with the point of confronting, in court, serial abusers of power and those who think they are above the law. If it is something that lots of people can do, then hopefully, just by the nuisance value alone, it can be a way of tipping local authorities out of a fraudulent little rut they have settled in. It’s also a test to see if a judge will rule as he should on what is an obvious illegality. Failure to do so will be telegraphed. It’s too early to give any details, but there will be reports.

Secondly, the Government is closing down channels on the internet which are conducive for attracting traffic to a site like FBEL and therefore growing an audience for a viable enterprise to benefit more people as it gets better. Using the new crypto-currency ponzi-scheme social media platforms are not the answer either. In such circumstances, it would be a good idea to create media which doesn’t rely on the WWW, and which can get passed around even from hand to hand. This is where self-printed material, that doesn’t depend on a publisher’s go-ahead, comes in.

I am currently working on a series of long articles with the idea of creating a series of books that will be available on Amazon, and also printed as booklets. The hope is to make it a long running venture. The booklets will be priced when they become available (hard copies ranging from £5 to £10, depending on printing costs, the electronic copy probably less than £5).

The topic of the first volume is a study of the New Testament taking into account its corruption by Mystery School concepts. Donations made will also go towards the cost of producing the first batch of these to get the ball rolling.  What we’ll probably do is send out free copies of the first issue (when they become available) for donations in March that cover the hard copy price.

Thirdly – and this idea also stems from the idea of needing “other media” that can permeate in culture in a way that the internet can’t, nor relies on the mainstream to do it – we’ve started developing board games (see Currently in development is a game called “Mighty Hunters: Pipelines” and it is all about extracting oil and gas from the Middle East and Central Asia. We need to purchase a prototype for testing and promotional material. We’d like to put some money into this too.

Fourthly: producing the material at this site takes time, and time is actual bread off the plate. If you believe in the value of things – and you should if you’re a regular visitor here – then make a donation via the paypal button below.


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