Published On: Thu, Mar 22nd, 2018

Parsons Green: the anatomy of an explosion

In advance of an article about the recent trial of the “Cartoon Jihadist”, Ahmed Hassan, this page will host images to be referred to in said future article. The intention is to avoid having the text interrupted by reams of media.

These images are stills that have been taken from the footage generated by the onboard CCTV cameras in the tube train carriage where the supposed bucket-bomb explosion occurred. They represent immediately sequential frames of the footage, and are placed here in the same order in which they were extracted.

There are two sets of images – because there were two cameras that captured the moment of the explosion, one at each end of the carriage.

It appears that prior to the appearance of the fireball, a spurt of dark material emanates from somewhere above the passengers’ heads. Efforts have not been made to make this material clearer to see because the reader will be better convinced if he or she is able to study the images for him or herself and be able to see the emanation without prompting.

Set A – coming from left to right; the first “puff” actually appears roughly in the middle of the image and at the same height as the overhead bars.

Set B – from right to left; focus on the area in the rectangular space formed by the bottom of the LED display and the yellow vertical rails on the right. The emanation occurs close to the angle in the top right corner of this area.

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