Published On: Fri, Mar 9th, 2018

The Russians must have done it, because the UK Government says so

Where would the country be without SPECTRE COBRA meetings:

THERESA May is drawing up a “full spectrum” retaliation against Vladimir Putin for the nerve agent hit on spy Sergei Skripal, The Sun can reveal.


Thunderbirds are very much go!

Note the very familiar “proof by headline” technique. If there is a caveat or condition dependent on the word “if” then it hardly matters. The same drivel is flowing out of every Establishment orifice; MPs in the Commons blustering about acts of war; bloviating “experts-of-nothing” on rolling news (the author only sees these quoted in print articles);  the lock-step corporate-media, lumbering around like First World War technology on the information battlefield – voluminous noise being its chief armament. As such, we can have greater confidence that all is not as the British Establishment claims regarding the Skripal poisoning incident – but then, when should we ever have confidence that the Government is telling the truth? Don’t forget, this new “Russia did it” episode comes from the very same people who claim they are delivering Brexit.

The British Government is attempting to whip up a broader sense of the country being targeted; after all, how much sympathy can be stoked for a Russian traitor who received thousands from the British Government, obviously from the public purse – and to do what, exactly? Is Britain any safer in terms of its national defence because Skripal sold it Russian secrets? The answer is no, but then it’s also the wrong question. Britain’s involvement with Skripal is very likely about bringing Russia into the New World Order. The Establishment’s man, Hitchens, hints in his column in the Mail on Sunday that Skripal was involved in efforts to pass funds to Non Governmental Organisations, of the type that are intelligence fronts in Russia, to orchestrate or facilitate “regime change”. Don’t have any illusions about MI6, dear reader, and notions of its existence for your defence. Increasingly it appears to be tasked with extending the Anglo-globalist tyranny to countries who don’t yet suffer from it.

And yet, there is a desire to represent the poisoning of Skripal and his daughter (usually resident in Russia) as an attack on the UK. We are told that 21 people have been medically treated in connection with the case. Whether this is actually a big deal or not depends on the poisoning agent and the location of its delivery – but will the truth ever be disclosed?

Take for instance the claim that an investigating officer, Nick Bailey, also ingested the poison, which some corporate-media is reporting to have been a nerve agent known as VX. He is in hospital, and although his condition is described as serious but stable, he is sitting up in bed “awake and engaging with medical staff”; all-in-all pretty chipper compared with the comatosed Skripal family.

But then, initially the Skripal’s were diagnosed with contact with a substance that might not have the properties whereby Bailey could be affected purely by coming into contact with them:

Early reports suggested that colonel Skripal and the unnamed woman may have been exposed to the synthetic drug, Fentanyl, which is up to 10,000 times more powerful than heroin and has been linked to scores of deaths in the UK.

The same Telegraph article continues to relate this handy information: “When prescribed by a physician, fentanyl is often administered via injection, transdermal patch, or in lozenges.”

But then again, the VX nerve agent, which has become the latest bait to hook belief in the narrative, has a quality whereby it poses a small risk of creating immediately obvious affects in collateral victims – it has “low volatility”. It’s not that any person having had any secondary contact with it does not become ill, but rather they will have longer term problems [update, 18th March 2018; VX is actually always very dangerous, and the misapprehension about it here is dealt with in a later article – link]. The speculation has it that Bailey must have touched a surface on the bodies of the Skripals whereupon he came in contact with the agent.

Now consider this:

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a chemical weapons expert, told Sky News it is not sarin, or VX, and the other options are soman or tabun.

He said: “It could also be a boutique or exotic chemical weapon that was made for this attack.

“They know what it is, and they can treat it. With Porton Down on the doorstep, they couldn’t be in a better place to be treated for this chemical attack.”

There’s a clue if ever there was one. How convenient. Porton Down is on the doorstep. Porton Down. The same installation from whence a vial of foot-and-mouth just happened to go missing at the same time as the 2001 outbreak; the very same people who have been accused of deliberately releasing foot-and-mouth into the environment (possible economic shock testing, as discussed in the FBEL article Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, Parts 2 & 3). Porton Down, where VX was invented (according to Wkipedia), and tested on animals in a number of experiments as recently as 2017. Now please don’t be surprised, reader, that some of us do not wonder that chemical weapons experts, with their blatant ruling-“Spartan”-class designations, appear all over television to tell the Helots not to be suspicious about the VX nerve agent.

In 2010, the Russians released Skripal to the UK in an exchange of spies – without having harmed a hair on his head – and so the auto-Russia-blaming, while there doesn’t seem to be a very good Russian motive, should create doubt about the narrative that the British Establishment is insisting on. On the other hand, the Anglo-globalists might have a very good reason to shut Skripal up if he was involved, as some are saying, in the compilation of the Trump Russian-collusion dossier.

Consider the following:

The Telegraph reported Thursday that Sergei Skripal—who remains in a critical condition in hospital alongside his daughter and a British police officer—was in close contact with a security consultant who worked for Christopher Steele, the former British agent who compiled the infamous Trump dossier. The newspaper refused to name the consultant, but reported that a LinkedIn page deleted in the past few days stated that he was based in Salisbury—where the attempted murder took place—and had previously done work for Orbis Business Intelligence, which is run by Steele.

And this:

Sources close to Orbis, the business intelligence firm run by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, who was behind a dossier of compromising allegations against Donald Trump, said Mr Skripal did not contribute to the file. But they could not say whether Mr Skripal was involved in different investigations into the US President for other interested parties.

In January, Steele was referred to the US Department of Justice for investigation by Republican prosecutors Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham. Steele is alleged to “have lied to the FBI about his contacts with the media while he was a bureau source”. The thing about a coma is that anyone suffering from one can’t talk. They certainly can’t sit up in bed.

Naturalment, the historic case of Litvinenko is being trotted out to suggest the continuation in a trend of Russian skulduggery on the streets of Britain; ironic, because Litvinenko is a case in itself of British Establishment flim-flam to push its own agenda. According to the official enquiry, the Russian Government was “probably” guilty of Litvinenko’s murder. Which, strictly speaking, means not guilty – but British Justice today is a pale shadow of even its Medieval-self. People who have looked into it, and are aware of the trail of poisoning in and out of Israel that followed him, say that Litvinenko was a smuggling mule who died by accidental or over exposure to polonium.

If we can put the Skripal affair into some sort of perspective, especially as we are being asked by the British Government to be angry at the Russians because of it, we  must surely only become aware of the brass necked impudence of the Establishment: for we should cogitate on the

750 secret operations… [targeting] hundreds of thousands of ordinary Britons [who] were subjected to ‘mock’ biological and chemical warfare attacks launched from aircraft, ships and road vehicles.

This is a reference to the trials conducted by the British Government, between the 2nd World War and into the very late 1970s, on the British public – without their knowledge or consent, of course – where biological and chemical weapons attacks were simulated on real population centres. Don’t let the word “mock” fool you, reader. Harmful substances were used; they just didn’t strike their victims down where they stood – that’s the only difference.

The reader should do his own research; there is only enough space here to discuss two cases: the ‘The Fluorescent Particle Trials’, that were carried out between 1955 and 1963, and the ‘Large Area Coverage Trials’, 1961 to 1968. The following is from a 2002 Guardian article covering a report released at that time by Government. Each paragraph describes the trials in the order named above:

Planes flew from north-east England to the tip of Cornwall along the south and west coasts, dropping huge amounts of zinc cadmium sulphide on the population. The chemical drifted miles inland, its fluorescence allowing the spread to be monitored. In another trial using zinc cadmium sulphide, a generator was towed along a road near Frome in Somerset where it spewed the chemical for an hour…

More than a million people along the south coast of England, from Torquay to the New Forest, were exposed to bacteria including e.coli and bacillus globigii , which mimics anthrax. These releases came from a military ship, the Icewhale, anchored off the Dorset coast, which sprayed the micro-organisms in a five to 10-mile radius.

Zinc Cadmium Sulfide is a carcinogenic – meaning that it aggravates to cause cancer. In World War II it was considered a chemical weapon. Bacillus globigii causes food poisoning (sometimes with deadly consequences), peritonitis and septicaemia .

While the foot-and-mouth allegations are just that, these experiments are admitted to, but under a disclaimer that they were harmless. Even so, there are people who think they have suffered because of these experiments, and they have demanded something done (the Guardian mentions Bournemouth man, David Orman), but it’s futile, because the British Government can’t admit to deliberately harming the British public. However, this doesn’t stop members of the British public from being aware that it goes on – i.e. has happened in the past, and probably continues. The author has long wondered if the huge effort to harvest DNA in Bosham and Fishbourne, West Sussex (as covered extensively at FBEL), on the back of the supposed Valerie Graves murder, was related to the monitoring of a chemical or biological weapons trial, “mock” or otherwise.

It needs to be said while people remain at liberty to say it: the Russians are not a threat to the British people. The threat to the British people comes from the British Government – not just in terms of bad health from contemptuous treatment as guinea pigs, but economically and politically in terms of the determination to remain attached to the EU. Urgently there is a need to recognise the British Government’s somewhat cavalier attitude regarding the potential for millions to be slaughtered in a war with Russia, and this needs to drive a campaign for its delegitimization; it can’t be allowed to represent peaceable Britons in the world. We are not for sacrificing. Britons need to stop voting at general elections, and the assumption that there is a part of private ownership that automatically belongs to the government (i.e. tax) needs to be resisted in culture, and in action. The over-promoted street-sweep known as Gavin Williamson, the British Secretary of State for Defence, recently exclaimed that “we are being pushed around” by Russia. Well, your class might feel the pressure these days, Williamson, but Russia certainly isn’t pushing us around.

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