Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2018

If the Israelis don’t dare fire from Lebanese airspace, what chance World War III?

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It starts to appear that the Douma chemical weapon attack false flag didn’t actually happen‡. The Syrian Red Crescent said it couldn’t find a trace of a toxin; neither could the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, whose doctors went looking for victims without success. Maybe it was a case of “here’s one that we baked earlier” for the US/UK-backed and overseen Jaish al-Islam, who, if certain reports are correct, may have made thousands of hostages vanish; people who were otherwise expected to be released from Douma prisons.

On Monday, the Russian representative at the UNSC, Vasily Nebenzya, let it be known to the governments of the world that the incident was “staged” as part of “a confrontational policy against Russia and Syria without any justification” that was leading to a “dangerous threshold” for the entire globe. The message was: follow the USA at your own perilǂ; significantly, right in the very midst of the maniacal Anglo-globalists’ efforts to isolate Russa, Nebenzya was pointing out that, in fact, it was the USA that was alienated. The American representative, the banshee who goes by the name of Haley, was told this: “Your so-called friends are just those who can’t say no to you. This is your only criteria for friendship”.

Haley must have got the gist of it all, because amidst her chaotic gurgling, gangling and choking, the following English was thought to be heard:

History will record this as the moment when the Security Council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of Syria. Either way, the United States will respond​​​.

So, what is being said here is that military action by the Trump regime would signal that it had failed in its attempt to turn Russia into a pariah nation; a country that feels too ashamed of itself to resist, and a state of being that would be essential for American plans for Syria. However, at this point we then get into a catch-22 vicious circle situation. As discussed previously at FBEL, the Americans cannot take the sort of action they would ideally like to because the Russians are too strong – hence the need to have Moscow back off. But the Russians are not backing off. And obviously, whatever action Haley was asking the Security Council to take whereby the alternative was, presumably, an American military strike, for the Russians not to veto would have represented that desired surrender. As it is, with the Russians being implacably opposed to the USA, the UNSC could not have discharged its duty as Haley would have liked it. (Please note, the author is finding it very hard to find any detail about any resolution proposed by the USA at the meeting that it initiated on Monday).

And so, if the Americans do anything other than send cruise missiles to be shot down (the sort of failure that can be ignored in western corporate-media), the Americans face the prospect of acting militarily in Syria at the high risk of getting a decisive regional kicking; the outcome is very likely to be a massive loss of face, and a loss of appetite to broaden or continue the aggression.

Nevertheless, there was a flurry of activity yesterday in rent-seeking and bone-broth-selling alternative-media regarding the world war that was impending. For example, from the same people who brought you Russian ICBMs on Y2K, and the certain doom of the Ebola apocalypse, Paul Joseph Watson reported that the USS Donald [“Duck”] Cook was being harassed by Russian jets: U.S. to Launch Air Strikes Against Syria Tonight?, ran the headline. Watson, who usually debunks false flags – presumably as an effort to be “taken seriously” – has apparently identified the Douma incident as a provocation, and evidently, has been keeping his eyes peeled for the coming signs and omens of a guaranteed consequential escalation. In doing so, Watson noticed a tweet by a certain Jacob Wohl, who describes himself in his Twitter profile as “20 Year Old Financier and Political Commentator | Conservative, Trump Supporter, Zionist | Editor In Chief of The Washington Reporter”. The saying, “birds of a feather flock together”, has a whole new dimension added to it through human usage of Twitter.

Wohl had tweeted thusly:

The USS Donald Cook, a destroyer armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, has arrived off the coast of Syria, and is being harassed by low-flying Russian fighter jets -Turkish media reports

The source of the report appears to be CNNTurk, and admittedly the author doesn’t know enough about that outlet to understand if it would have a motive for creating heightened tensions; in any case, the US has since denied such entanglements with Russia. Nevertheless, Veterans Today, which has, for what appears to be several weeks, been prophesising an imminent Jewish assault on Syria, had a theory. It thought that that Trump himself had a plan to goad the Russians into attacking the US Navy guided missile destroyer. This would then lead to World War III a la Pearl Harbour.

All of this wouldn’t be so bad on its own, but a Chicken Little syndrome has affected even the most eminent figures (supposedly) in alternative media geopolitical analysis. It’s not hard to look at the information, and understand what it is saying, so one has to wonder.

Something eminently more sensible was proffered by the LandDestroyer website, which made an appraisal of the situation regarding the failure of the US “diplomacy” that chimes with FBEL’s.

After failing utterly to produce public support for a US-led attack on Syria following an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, northeast of the capital Damascus, the US appears to have immediately circumvented the United Nations and international law, apparently tasking its proxies in Tel Aviv with carrying out initial attacks on Syria’s T-4 airbase.

Of course, the idea that Israel attacked Syria on Sunday night/Monday morning on the behalf of the US is one that is new to FBEL – but the author can see that it makes perfect sense. It’s not just about using the entity in the Levant that is above-the-law to circumvent international norms, but also about not having to lose a reputation when the attack inevitably fails – which this one did. We would say it was an unmitigated failure, but three missiles did appear to reach the T-4 airbase in Homs.

Recently, FBEL speculated (and as good as concluded) that Damascus had closed down Lebanese airspace to the Israelis for the purpose of attacking into Syria. And if one looks at the data surrounding the latest assault, it does appear that a problem could remain regarding the ability of the Israelis to fire missiles from Lebanese airspace: for it appears as if the Israelis fired the missiles from the Mediterranean.

Consider this extract from an RT report:

According to Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen broadcaster, the missiles were coming from the Mediterranean Sea, through Lebanese airspace. Meanwhile, Al Masdar News is reporting that “unknown jets” have entered Syrian airspace from Lebanon, and is speculating that the jets could be Israeli. In response, the Syrian Air Defense system at Mezzeh Air Base was activated, the report added.

Of course, the Russian Ministry of Defence, in a statement that it put out, is supposed to have gathered all the loose ends together regarding the Israeli aggression, with the facts being that two warplanes had fired missiles from over Lebanon. However, the reportage that carries elements of this statement (as far as the author can mostly find) tend to cite Interfax as the source, and there doesn’t appear to be the full text of the statement at that place. It could be possible that there has been some “Chinese whisper” degradation of the information between the Russian MoD and the English-speaking consumer.

Indeed, there are numerous indicators that speak of the missiles being released west of the Lebanese coast. Here’s an extract from another RT report:

Lebanese Armed Forces have also confirmed that Israeli fighter jets and a reconnaissance plane violated the country’s borders and remained in Lebanon’s airspace for about ten minutes. Israel’s aircraft were flying over Lebanon’s northern areas as well as over the sea, it said.

Citing its own correspondent, Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen channel said earlier on Monday that an Israeli reconnaissance aircraft was airborne during the attack on the Syrian base. The missiles crossed Lebanese airspace over Keserwan and Bekaa, heading towards Syria, according to the broadcaster.

The place names are that of entire provinces of Lebanon: Keserwan District, and Bekaa (or Beqaa) Governorate. This land represents an entire span of Lebanese territory between the Mediterranean, and the Syrian border. The extract, therefore, is saying that the missiles crossed Lebanon from one side to the other.

Moreover, a number of people reporting events on Twitter thought that the missiles were launched at sea – leading to assumptions that they had been fired by the US Navy, or by Israeli submarines.


#keserwan#Lebanon It appears to be american land attack missiles #Tomahawk pass over lebanese skies targeting syrian lands. Some sources comfirmed attacks on #T4 airbase


Update The #WhiteHouse denied that the US targeted the #SAA But every one in Syria including me thought that it was the #US because the missiles came from the sea and with large numbers.

#Israel might just used its subs to launch a cruise missile attack on #Syria


2-Most likely #Israel used the Dolphin Class submarine in this strike, to get safe/ensured results especially after the Syrian air defense managed to down an Israeli F-16 during it last engagement with #Syria.

The writer of the last tweet in the array made a very important observation. The Israelis could have been worried about losing aircraft. He or she rationalised that this caution had led to a decision to attack from vessels in the Mediterranean.  Other data is telling us that the Israelis flew aircraft out over the sea to fire the missiles. Was this necessary because they would become a target if they were detected by the Syrian/Russian air defence systems letting go of missiles over Lebanon?

Frankly, the information isn’t available to make a proper decision about what happened, but from what we appear to know, do we think that the United States military thinks it will fare any better when it sends manned aircraft to attack Syria? Is World War III really on the horizon?

Moreover, how many consumers of alternative media have involuntarily ejaculated their dollars into the purses of doom-mongers after having been aroused by World War III fear porn? Did these people ever pause to wonder what all those purveyors of seductive literature about the coming Armageddon were going to do with the money if the world really was about to end? Maybe, having learnt a lesson for the future, they would be much better off spending that hard earned cash on something else – something useful – and, as far as their alternative media buck is concerned, on an operation that doesn’t engender anxiety by promising war… perhaps?


‡ And the hoax looks to be the work of the British – see Charles Shoebridge’s tweets.

ǂ Fascinatingly, the UK was open to Russian proposals; from Sputnik News, UK Envoy Karen Pierce:

I was very interested to hear the Russian offer that OPCW fact-finding mission could visit and would have the protection of Russian forces.  Mr. President, I believe that this is an offer worth pursuing but it would of course be necessary for the OPCW mission to have complete freedom of action and freedom of access.

† Much like the 2017 US cruise missile attack which was reportedly trailed by an apparently coordinated ISIS offensive, the attack on the T-4 airbase had its own little follow-up:

Daesh terrorists have attempted to launch an offensive in several districts of the Homs province after a missile attack on a T-4 airbase in the province’s east, Al Mayadeen broadcaster reported on Monday.

Many have written that the USA could rejuvenate ISIS as and when it wants to, and the wiser observer would make an educated guess that the proxy-mercenary will be the way that the USA continues to execute its war in Syria.

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