Published On: Sun, May 27th, 2018

While it remains to be seen if ghosts can be incarcerated, it’s certain that suckers are still born every minute

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Some people are saying that a fellow who goes by the name of “Tommy Robinson” is languishing at Her Majesty’s pleasure: incarcerated by a freedom-of-speech hating State, and in need of being freed (or at least, you contributing money to a fund in the name of doing it). Furthermore, some people, including writers at the biggest Alt-Right on-line publication in the UK, are claiming that a court has raised a reporting restriction “requir[ing] all publications within the United Kingdom to cease any mention of the details of the arrest and court proceedings”. Indeed, many appear to be proposing that the measure is one by the State so that the public does not know about the plight of the individual involved, who might be at risk – even of death – from other people who might not appreciate his robust views. The flagship Alt-Right media organisation in question tells its audience that “several media outlets”, including itself, and RT, “complied with the restriction and removed articles concerning [the] case”. Although it had to admit that “several other media outlets have kept their coverage of the arrest and the subsequent court details up”.

It is indeed true that tales of the most recent misadventures of a fellow who goes by the name of “Tommy Robinson” are still discoverable online, “despite potentially falling foul of the court-issued ban,” as the Alt-Right publication warns. The Independent has famously retained its reporting from since before the so-called reporting restriction, and at the time of writing, the Sun, the Standard, the Metro, not to mention the mighty Hull Daily Mail, were all potentially law-breakers according to the bounds insisted upon by said Alt-Right news organisation.

Well, if the document doing the rounds on the internet is anything to go by, there certainly does appear to be a court order in place to prevent “the publication of… [the court] proceedings” in the case of a fellow who goes by the name of “Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon”, and not “Tommy Robinson”. However, there doesn’t appear to be the same social media wave of indignation regarding this other particular fellow – if he is indeed in custody and in need of being at liberty, which theoretically shouldn’t be a piece of information widely known according to the court order. Indeed, given that no mention should be made of the court proceedings of the fellow who goes by the name of “Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon” until after the completion of another court case – the date of which does appear to be a complete unknown –  for all the information-starved, $$$$-stirred†, moronic herd know, the individual in question could be at liberty already.

And so what suggests itself, quite spontaneously, is a very interesting line of enquiry to take, with lots of fascinating fragments of information to be gathered together for the purpose; but this is for another time – of course.

For now let us content ourselves with looking at the commotion, off the back of the primary story, driven by certain individuals – some of whom have already been scrutinised in the pages of FBEL to appreciate their activity as being related to an Establishment attempt to stir up a “culture war”, not only in the UK, but in the US too.

The Alex Jones organisation has a British arm, an agitator extraordinaire in his own right, who was discussed most recently at FBEL in the article If the Israelis don’t dare fire from Lebanese airspace, what chance World War III? However, the king of the extraordinarily hyperbolic, not to mention provocative, rhetoric is the man himself: “Is Tommy Robinson Alive? Thousands protest Disappear At UK Capital!”

Obviously, Jones’ tweet was intended to work on the notion clearly held by people talking about “Tommy Robinson” on the internet, and as already abovementioned, that his life is in danger. Jones goes further: “Tommy Robinson” has apparently been “disappeared”. It is a disgraceful invention even in the mythology – which names a specific prison as the location of incarceration. But just as when he produced the torrent of Ebola lying, and when he warned of Russian ballistic missiles being fired into the USA during his Y2K frenzy, Jones is clearly attempting to instil an immediate sense of danger that could result in het up, and disruptive crowds on the street.

In fact, this would be the objective of the people behind the Alt-Right movement. It hasn’t yet been successful, and the reason it hasn’t is because the likes of Jones are a victim of their own efforts to inculcate learned helplessness in their followers – additionally, a good many people do see through the psyops designed to provoke flare-ups, between police and what is to be perceived to be a persecuted white majority, necessary for the heightening of a perception of that desired culture war. (please see The Alt-Right trap misfires – survivors scramble to save their skins). That all being said, the effort continues.

Take for instance, the wrecker of UKIP, Raheem Kassam, who actually went further than Jones: “#FreeTommy Everyone down to Victoria Park Gardens now!” This was a gathering of some, say, one to two hundred people, according to the images, that Kassam called “the #FreeTommy Rally”. Later in his twitter timeline, he also talked about having been involved in a “#FreeTommy March on Whitehall”.

Take note, dear reader. Marches and rallies in London – because of what? A ghost? A man who goes by the name of “Tommy Robinson”. Is Tommy Robinson (without quotation marks) a prisoner of the State? It’s a damn good question that lots of useful idiots should take a long time having a think about. Here at FBEL we’ve tried to help them out – although they probably wouldn’t have reached this far down the page.

So now take a look at where all this is going. Here is a tweet from Gerard Batten, someone who, as it turns out, is undoubtedly going to oversee the death of UKIP, who appears to have been at the same event that Kassam urged people to and attended himself (unless there were two separate ones):

Batten: “I attended a peaceful demonstration opposite Downing St at 3pm today. It was to support Tommy Robinson in his current difficulties. However, a few fools ruined the whole thing by trying to scale the gates of No 10. Destroying the legitimacy of the demo. Does no one any good.”

Batten is referring to an incident also reported by the Metro:

Far-right protesters climbed the gates of Downing Street today to demonstrate against Tommy Robinson’s arrest outside a grooming trial.

One man made it all the way to the top and was pictured emptying a can of Stella Artois right on to Theresa May’s backyard.

… [there is] fury among far-right activists, who turned up in force at Downing Street this afternoon to show Robinson their support.

Footage shows the large group waving St George flags as several men make their way to the top of the gates and pump their fists at onlookers.

Scotland Yard told the protest, which later moved to Parliament Square, was under control and no arrests were made.

However, photos show dozens of officers wrestling with supporters as they push towards the gates.

With the football fan behaviour, one is tempted to say the event looks like a gathering of the EDL (barely) in disguise – and the reader of FBEL knows where all that comes from, don’t you? Not to go into full detail all over again‡, it is plain what is going on here. The British Establishment has a long term plan to demonise opponents of Globalism as white supremacist, racialist, nationalist, thugs. It does this by having George Cross waving, gate climbing, lager tipping crowds attend rallies by provocateurs, and then get into trouble with the police. This, then, is designed to attract sympathy for people perceived to have been persecuted by the State – while feelings of hostility against other people of a different race and religion are aggravated by what is seen as preferential treatment. What you are witnessing now is the thin end of the wedge. At the fat end is a situation in which a general public, ever convinced by propaganda because the bad behaviour of the “disgruntled racist” always matches the demonization, won’t care if an innocent (who may be particularly problematic for the State) is falsely accused, tarred with the same brush, and “disappeared” for real. But mostly, this is about causing a huge distraction: getting people to obsess about something unimportant while Government executes the actual deadly abuse (Fake Brexit and continued Globalism). Anyone who gets involved in this is being played like an out of tune banjo, and not just at their own peril. Everyone will suffer.


† $$$$-stirred means having been provoked for the purpose of giving money to the aggravating individual or organisation, or cause for which attention is being raised.

‡ Here is a starting point:
False flag terror bears fruit: the fantasy “far-right” decoy & the real target for British ire (link)

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