Published On: Mon, Jun 4th, 2018

UKIP (now with football fan street-politicking) and the “Tommy Robinson” psyop

The “Tommy Robinson” arrest psyop begins to appear to be part of a much bigger “summer of tension” program. We can understand this to be the case by the way that different strands have weaved together to create the whole. Conveniently, but perhaps not surprisingly, the amalgamation is observable in one twitter message, and the story that it was conveying. The tweet comes from Gerard Batten, the leader of UKIP, and it was a retweet with his own comments attached. The original communication read: “Police arrest woman for standing near DFLA rally.” Batten’s additional material went like this:

I don’t know the details of this case, but it does seem worrying that you can be arrested for just walking down the street.

The DFLA – the Democratic Football Lads Alliance – is an offshoot, or a splinter group of the Football Lads Alliance (FLA). The FLA appears to have been organised to commemorate the London Bridge false flag attack of 2017. It went on to hold a march to Westminster Bridge, the site of another false flag attack that happened in the same year, and rounding off the trio of 2017’s big spectaculars, it also marched in Manchester to commemorate the incident at the Ariane Grande concert. Evidently, the organisation believes that Muslims take it upon themselves to commit atrocities without being incubated, facilitated, steered or ordered by British Government as it commits its State Crime – and right there, especially in the context of the undeniable 911 silver bullet, and the wholly unravelled War on Terror narrative, is a reason to know that such a group is for reinforcing a fake reality. Thus we can understand for whom it works. Indeed, it would be quite natural to assume that the FLA is merely a rebranding of the English Defence League (EDL) because of the way it has been able to quickly organise itself.

The EDL was supposedly born in Luton, which is another hotspot in terms of a source for “terror” activity, and extremist Islam versus anti-Islam tension. Wikipedia attests that the EDL expanded through pre-existing connections that were in place for the hooligan sub-culture. Now, it appears that modern football supporter “vigilantism” (hooligans turned political muscle), or as source of social chaos, serves the same purpose as when the concept was evidently introduced in the 1970s. Alan Bleasdale’s BBC TV drama, GBH, for instance, appears to tell all – the trouble is, people just never take a lesson from a probable insider, and won’t make the necessary connections. It is highly doubtful that we will ever find direct evidence, from the past or the present, to show that Mi5 has “boot boys” up and down the land on standby for mobilisation to do their dirty work. But it would be extraordinarily naïve to believe the oft stated “fact” that “Tommy Robinson” founded the EDL, and that it mobilised out of concern for social issues. More likely, somebody with a lot of money paid people to move and organise other people to make it happen.

The DFLA calls itself the “true FLA”. Perhaps, it doesn’t think that the FLA is living up to its mission of being against all forms of extremism; perhaps someone has clocked that the FLA, in its activity, would itself be an extremist group – although doubtful: for a football fan who is familiar to being marshalled through streets in huge numbers just wouldn’t appreciate that big crowds – even before they are being used to intimidate an entire section of the populace who happen to be of a certain religion – are not normal, and not desirable, in the civilised human experience (a whole essay could and should be written on this subject – this assertion is going to get lost on a lot of people†).

The DFLA had a march in Manchester on Saturday 2nd June in support of “Tommy Robinson”. The Metro, under the headline, “Hundreds of Tommy Robinson supporters storm streets in protest after he is jailed”, reported that up to 1000 could have taken part (again, the pictures are cunningly contrived to reveal the true size of the crowd).

Look at the dangerous language used in the Metro headline: “Tommy Robinson supporters storm streets”. It is an indication that while the football fans (who are intrinsically backward, by the way, because of how their development has been arrested by an activity that should have been given up after childhood) are led onto the streets to protest against Muslims, and for “Tommy Robinson”, the corporate-media is going to demonise them, and make other members of the community feel threatened by them. The ultimate trap for these useful idiots, of course, is a run-in with the police, and surrender into the legislative wiles of the Establishment whereby they become criminalised. This appears to be what happened to a woman at this Manchester DFLA march, and it’s exactly the type of thing that was warned would happen in the previous FBEL article on the subject. Expect more, because “Tommy Robinson”.

Naturally, the psyop can then, and will certainly snowball, as Gerard Batten, and others in the Alt-Right brotherhood will be gifted opportunities to pronounce a judgement on cases of “Police State oppression” that appear to echo that of “Tommy Robinson” (obviously, not being familiar with any detail of a case will not prove to be an obstacle), and to agitate a crowd that therefore thinks it is being persecuted.

With the metamorphosis of UKIP into something startlingly different through the action of its leadership, we can now understand the attempt in 2017 to infiltrate the party with Anne Marie Waters. The Establishment evidently wanted a readily recognisable anti-Islam party to vocalise, and therefore amplify the message of the street politics that it had organised. It turns out that Batten was good for the role all along – and has been busy getting things ship shape since he took the reins:

Interim UKIP Leader Gerard Batten has announced a recruitment drive aimed at securing new members, including from street protest group the Football Lads Alliance – who are hosting Anne Marie-Waters at their next event. The leadership of the FLA have endorsed UKIP, according to Batten.

The extract is from Westmonster – Arron Banks’ “anti-establishment” website; Banks, of course, was behind the campaign to get UKIP voters to vote for the “Brexit” Tory candidates at the 2017 election (which was either a disruption operation, or signalled that the man was and is incredibly stupid). At least the article recognises the fundamental shift that Batten has instigated:

It now looks likely that UKIP will increasingly focus on Islam as a party. It’ll be interesting to see how that goes down with the membership…

For the reader’s information, this member, i.e. the author, won’t renew in 2018, and predicts that there will be plenty of others who will follow James Carver MEP out of the party for the same reasons (it would be nice to see branches split off to form local political parties – see here). Carver said that the party had left him – a sentiment with which many would agree. With UKIP actively recruiting useful idiots for the State, the new ethos is running rather deep, and the party will become, at its core, everything that the British Government has always desired it to be: an entity which political opponents can call racist with good justification, and a tool of its strategy of tension; a means to achieve divide and conquer, rather than an obstacle to those ends.

The reader doesn’t need to take anyone’s word for it; the evidence that the new ethos has been swiftly imbibed right up to the gills is highly visible. One of the more well known blogsites run by UKIP members (there’s no need to link to it) has in the past attracted writings from UKIP MEPs, and so it could be said of it that it is semi-official. This particular site has come out in full support of “Tommy Robinson”, and is feeding the “Tommy as political prisoner” hysteria with false tales about the circumstances of his arrest. For instance, and although there is a question mark about whether reporting restrictions should have been in place or not, according to the court lists, the jury was out deliberating a verdict when “Robinson” was arrested; to claim, as the editor of this particular UKIP site does, that a verdict had already been reached and the suspects were awaiting sentencing is not telling the truth. This talking point can be seen in lots of places in the defence of “Robinson”, and one has to wonder if is centrally distributed.

There are other contributions, either in full articles, or in comments, at this particular UKIP site that are typical fare for the purpose of engineering a blanket perception whereby all Muslims are tarred with the same brush, and thus are all potentially ripe for persecution. Sharia, did the reader know, is poised to take over – notwithstanding the fact that there are actual “Muslin grooming gangs” on trial in English courts who somehow missed out on the protection afforded them by their own system of law. And did the reader know that such is the “religious and ethnic nature” to a certain form of sexual abuse, that it’s possible that the Establishment would like to cover it up – despite the fact that “Muslim grooming gangs” are on trial and have been on trial, and have already gone to prison.

What comes to the fore in the “Robinson” case – in any treatment by an irrevocably anti-Islam camp member of the sort that is now conjuring the zeitgeist of UKIP – is a complaint whereby it is somehow not enough that crimes by alleged Muslim sex offenders have proceeded as far as criminal court. The unhappiness, in the author’s view, is due to a perceived missed opportunity: “Tommy Robinson” has not been allowed to play up to certain prejudices and justify the hatred. For there is something that we all have to face: the truth is that some people just don’t like a brown chap. Grouping such individuals under the umbrella term “Muslim”, and believing that it is a characteristic of all Muslims to commit heinous crime, becomes a rationalisation which legitimises the hatred. The defence of “Tommy Robinson” that one sees over again is “Muslim grooming gangs”. And there is no sense of anything else in the UK being awry; “our freedoms” are in danger because “Tommy Robinson” can’t “report” on crimes supposedly committed by Muslims. In other words, everything is ok, except for the Muslims: it is scapegoating, and nothing but – and “Robinson” is a device to facilitate it. Britain is not, in terms of individual liberty, a pristine land of milk and honey where Britons are never ever slaves, now at risk of soiling from a brown hand. Britain has been a NWO gulag long since before the second world war, with only a delusion of freedom of any sort, but especially of interference from criminals.

Indeed, when one reads about the already processed “Muslim grooming gang” cases, if one is being honest, one cannot escape the context of general social malaise. If one keeps an open garbage pit in the back garden, there is going to be flies in the house. The social context in which there thrives a phenomenon of sexualised children, and mutual under-aged sexual activity, has been voted for in elections over again (or acquiesced to) by the very same people who want to see all Muslims as degenerates. There is no sense of responsibility for the climate whereby an adult, whatever the colour of his skin, can abuse an older child. And look at how useful this selective outrage is to the Establishment: when paedophilia is framed as a brown fellow having sex with a 14 year old, then the activity that the Savile case threatened to open a window to, where a Royal or a politician does something nasty to a younger child (and never goes to trial for it), must be something else.

Aside from the aspect of the broader social context, there is obviously a lot more going on with the “Muslim grooming gang” phenomenon. We have to notice that it is being used to antagonise rather like false flag terror was. The approach has to be different; with terror, the State has to be seen to be battling on behalf of the white man; with “endemic Islamic sexual abuse”, the State has to be seen to be trying to cover up on behalf of a cosseted, brown class. But the outcome amounts to the same thing. There are, of course, glaring problems that should provoke doubt. If it is a feature of the phenomenon that police stand down so that the crime can continue, then it begins to look like a sanctioned activity (police certainly don’t stand down to conceal the perpetration of the crime from the marching, chanting stupiderrati – which is of no threat to them). Therefore, the activity would serve the State – but for what purpose? Would it be for creating operatives who are forced to comply because they are compromised? There will probably never be enough evidence to even approach a hypothesis linking “Muslim grooming gangs” with State Crime – especially not if it is inherent in the scheme to hide the details from public examination (ironically, if the mobs of useful idiots didn’t scream as they are prompted, there would be fewer excuses for concealment).

To finish, and to reinforce the point, here is another Gerard Batten tweet from the 31st May. Undoubtedly, it is implied in this tweet that “Robinson” may be moved secretly to a location where his life would be threatened. Like Batten, we’ll ask a question: is this deliberate sensationalism-mongering to incentivise and anger a gaggle of football hooligans just before a weekend of protesting?

Tommy Robinson latest: Family visit to Hull Prison to confirm his safety cancelled with no explanation. Are they planning to move him? If so it must not be to Woodhill Prison where an Islamic gang are serving time for planning to kill EDL members.

Of course, an event sceptic has another take on the content of Batten’s tweet: “Robinson” isn’t in Hull Prison.‡


† In fact, the following books provide excellent background reading for an explanation of the assertion; the latter of the two is more of an academic work:
A Polite and Commercial People: England 1727-1783, Paul Langford;
Spaces of Consumption: Leisure and Shopping in the English Town, c.1680-1830, Jon Stobart, Andrew Hann and Victoria Morgan.

‡Update, 24/10/18: Officially, “Robinson” had indeed been in Hull Prison. The point being made is that of much diminished plausibility and laudability through (co-ordinated) sensationalism to aggravate and engineer a potentially violent, and certainly disruptive response.

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