Published On: Fri, Jul 6th, 2018

Dropping like flies in Salisbury, and the Skripals’ resurrection bucks the trend

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Ever seen a picture of Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess together? Well, you might have, but not one that the corporate-media wants you to understand as such. No, as of the time of writing, there are no official snaps of them together, which some might consider odd because they are supposed to be a couple – not just in the sense that one can infer from certain (deliberately vague) reporting: that they are a couple of unlucky blighters who got poisoned. No, they are a couple – boyfriend, girlfriend: sometimes the corporate-media is that explicit. However, it cannot make up its collective mind, seemingly, as to whether Dawn lived with Charlie at Muggleton Road, or whether she lived in the sheltered housing at John Baker House.

Did you ever see CCTV footage of Charlie and Dawn dumpster-diving at the back of charity shops? Ok, then, did you see any CCTV of them going through a bin or a bush in Salisbury, raking it over for bits and bobs to sell? No, as of the time of writing, no one has seen such an article. Again, some might find this odd, since Charlie and Dawn are supposed to be well known in Salisbury for always rooting through the city’s garbage, or the border foliage and shrubbery of those parks in the city frequented by drug addicts, street-drinkers and other salvagers of detritus. On the other hand, we have seen an image from CCTV of Dawn in a shop. From what has been reported, one almost expects the day-in-the-life imagery captured by shop CCTV to show Dawn, fresh from her latest acts of vagrancy (including smoking dog ends scraped off the pavement), as a grubby individual, with visible stinky wave lines emanating from her, offering 1970s Roy of the Rover annuals and old Christmas decorations as payment in exchange for wet-the-bed strength zider. Instead she looks clean, and presentable, and she has a purse – indicating that she would be purchasing items with money.

What about that Sam Hobson? He is the unemployed car mechanic and, luckily for the corporate-media, natural communicator who was announcing that Charlie and Dawn had been exposed to nerve agent even while Porton Down were still testing samples, as the following extract from a July 4th Guardian article demonstrates:

Scientists at the government’s Porton Down defence laboratory were carrying out tests on Wednesday [July 4th] night to try to establish if a couple had been exposed to a nerve agent in Wiltshire…

[Wiltshire Police] …said “Further testing is now ongoing to establish the substance which led to these patients becoming ill. At this stage it is not yet clear if a crime has been committed. We are keeping an open mind as to the circumstances.”

Sam Hobson, 29, a friend of the couple, said he believed they had been struck down by a nerve agent. He said Sturgess fell ill on Saturday morning, and later that day Rowley also became sick.

And thus we have our first problem with Sam Hobson. In fact, in an interview that the Guardian published to YouTube on 4th July, Hobson claimed that the hospital was treating Rowley and Sturgess for contamination with a nerve agent. In fact, this is expressed in the text of the same said article, where Hobson explains: “They thought it was drugs at first. They now think it’s a nerve agent”.

Unless anyone can present a contender, Sam Hobson looks to be the original source for the information by which a talking point was going to be established, and this is straight out of the false-flag playbook: have a civilian witness supply data from the ground to shape perception about the nature of the incident. Does that mean he is a knowing accomplice? No, we can’t, and won’t, determine that sort of thing on the slightest of evidence; we just start to see which way the wind is blowing.

By the way, there was another version doing the rounds regarding when Rowley and Sturgess were discovered and taken to hospital. This is from Sky News, published in the evening of July 4th

A joint investigation is under way between Wiltshire Police and the Met’s counter-terror command to investigate a possible chemical substance attack.

It comes after a man and woman were found unconscious at a house in Muggleton Road on Saturday night.

In fact, the said Guardian article that carries Hobson’s version has a infographic that states “Muggleton Road[:] Two people found unconscious on Saturday evening”. The information appears to be clear cut in both cases: the couple were discovered at the same time. As we have seen, Hobson said there were two separate admissions to hospital, and rather than it being a case of “the unconscious discovered”,  he was present on both occasions when ambulances came to Muggleton Road. In fact, Sam Hobson stuck to Rowley and Sturgess like glue all day Friday and Saturday (depending on which story you believe):

This is from the now oft quoted Guardian article:

Hobson, a mechanic, said he was in Salisbury with the couple on Friday evening in locations close to some of the places associated with the Skripal case. He said he and the couple spent time in… Queen Elizabeth Gardens… on Friday. “We were having a drink and chilling in the sun,” he said.

They visited a number of shops, including a Boots chemist store to find red, white and blue dye for their hair to show support for the England football team, as well as a mobile phone shop and a store to buy alcohol. They bought food and visited a charity shop to purchase a blanket to sit on…

[On Saturday] After she [Sturgess] was taken to hospital, Hobson and Rowley went to a Boots in Amesbury. Later they attended a free hog roast organised by the local baptist church on a green.

Your girlfriend goes to hospital “[needing] to have a brain scan.”, so naturally you go to the Hog Roast with the gooseberry. After dining on pig, Rowley and Hobson returned to Muggleton Road, where the former started to have a fit (rule out food poisoning; Roy Collins, church secretary, said “nobody else… suffered any ill-effects”).

Fascinatingly, in a July 4th piece†, the BBC joined Sky in contradicting Hobson, to report that “Charlie Rowley, 45, and Dawn Sturgess, 44, were found unconscious at a house in Amesbury, Wiltshire, on Saturday”, implying that they were found at the same time – and there was more; the following is very important:

Mr Rowley and Ms Sturgess are believed to have attended a family fun day at Amesbury Baptist Church on Saturday afternoon before they were found unconscious in the property they had just moved into…

To be or not to be… in the hospital dying of exposure to Novichok, or chewing on grilled hog courtesy of old Roy Collins and the Bible set? Which version is true? Maybe if we find other reasons to doubt Hobson, then we can settle on a conclusion that his is the crock of crap, and then perhaps we might give some thought to, at our own leisure, and considering it on the whole, the meaning of the behaviour.

Well, it was said previously that Hobson stuck to the couple like glue – but not quite; from the Mirror:

Their friend Sam Hobson, who spent last Friday with them, said there was a brief time they were separated in the park.

“There was a little period in the park where they went off together,” he told the Mirror.

“I’ve got no idea where they went, but they could have handled anything during that time.

“We’d walk all over town on a nice day and sit in the park. It was just what we did so they could have been poisoned anywhere.”

If the Oxford Dictionary is ever stuck for an up-to-date definition for “convenient”, then here it is. Apparently, this might very well explain why there is a big mystery as to how the pair got poisoned – unfortunately, despite at other times being a constant companion, Hobson managed to be separated from Rowley and Sturgess when they came across the “paraphernalia”, as it has been called, that made them ill. Whatever the dangerous item they found is (nobody knows), it is being proposed by the British Government as being residue from the Skripal incident (and children might yet come across it; Rowley and Sturgess, despite being infamous scavengers, didn’t take possession of it when they found it). And the BBC reported the following:

BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera said that because the highest concentration of Novichok was found on the couple’s hands, police believe the item they handled could be a container or receptacle that was used to carry the nerve agent.

However, Hobson said that Sturgess had a bath to try and feel better before she became very ill, and Rowley had a shower. How was any nerve agent found on their hands? Have we not been reliably informed that Novichok is no match for soap?

And then, if things couldn’t get any more ridiculous:

Mr Rowley is a registered heroin addict and police and doctors initially thought the incident was drug-related. But four days after they fell into a coma, the alarm was raised when they failed to respond to treatment and it emerged they had spent several hours in the vicinity close to where the Skripals were poisoned.

First of all, Rowley (at the very least) was supposed to have been attended by nearly a dozen emergency services vehicles – which must have been more if accounts of nine Wiltshire and Dorset Fire Rescue Service vehicles turning up are true – surely the police would be better represented than the numbers suggest. Granted, the Swindon decontamination shower famously went home without getting anyone wet (see Twitter), but are we supposed to believe that after all that, there wasn’t a suspicion, from the outset of the couple’s medical treatment, of exposure to something more widely hazardous than casual drug abuse? And this begs the question, didn’t anyone talk to the constant companion straight away to learn more expeditiously (for the sake of a speedier diagnosis) that time had been spent in the vicinity of the scenes of the Skripal incident? In fact, has Hobson been questioned by police at all? Some of us might rightly consider him to be a prime suspect. But instead, we learn that he has been entirely free to go his own way, and hasn’t even “been tested for possible exposure” to a nerve agent, although don’t worry because the “authorities are making regular checks [by telephone] on his health.” Too bad if he’s already somehow managed to carry some contaminate with him on his care free travels. But then, there really is no fear of that happening, is there, dear FBEL reader?

Hopefully the reader noticed the little gem amongst the BBC reportage quoted some way back up the page; from it we learn that Rowley had recently moved to Muggleton Road. Some of us suspect that he’s never lived there in his life, and it was merely a stage for play acting. On the other hand, John Baker House, where Sturgess was meant to have resided, is probably hugely significant in the bigger picture of what has been happening in Salisbury and district.

FBEL readers are bound to have heard of the FBI entrapment cases, where all the terror plots are facilitated by the agencies’ own staff, and the socially disadvantaged, and mentally ill are approached to play patsy in return for remuneration. We should be surprised if the British intelligence agencies didn’t work any differently. So let’s extrapolate, and understand that because of their situations in life, potential victims of manipulation by agents of the State are at risk because they don’t have family to look out for them (which, of course, is often a cause of their vulnerability) – they don’t have an input that could override a bad decision, or a bad influence. And because of their life on the fringes, out of the care of family and real friends, and the exposure that that situation brings to experience that is frankly a threat to life and limb, no one is surprised if they suddenly succumb to their vices.

We’ll continue no further with this train of thought, and let events play out, and more evidence come in, before attempting to conclude it. However, ahead of that time, the reader probably needs to be aware that there have been deaths in Salisbury, of the sudden sort that police, at least, believe deserve no kind of explanation: they are “not suspicious”.

On the 16th March 2018, the body of a man in his 20s was found hanging from a tree in the “Mill Lane area of Stratford-sub-Castle”. Two days before that, on March 14, in the early hours of the morning, a man of 23 was pronounced dead at the scene; a sudden death, reported 20th March, 2018. He died at John Baker House in Salisbury.

Of course, both of these “unsuspicious” deaths occurred while the Skripal incident was but a few days old. Because of the link with Dawn Sturgess, we might now be very interested in the second case, but not so much the first – except that a new death has occurred at the same time as we have seen the resurrection of the same Skripal nonsense, and we have to wonder if there is a pattern. On the 4th July, “the body of a man was found in woods near to Sarum Close in Salisbury”. The reporting in the Salisbury Journal doesn’t say that the body was hanging from a tree, although we might make that assumption with the mention of “woods”. The reader will not be surprised to hear that Wiltshire Police could not discern any suspicious circumstances.


Update, 7/7/18:

An official version of Rowley and Sturgess’ movements have been released by the Met Police – and it agrees with Hobson’s tale, but – and this is fascinating – without ever mentioning him.

The most interesting part of the timeline concerns information that Hobson does not relate: what did the couple do on Friday night?

They return to John Baker House at around 16:20hrs before catching a bus to Amesbury at approximately 22:30hrs. In the absence of any information to the contrary at this stage, detectives are currently working on the basis that they then spent the night at an address on Muggleton Road, Amesbury.

Odd, isn’t it? The Police are saying that they are assuming that Rowley spent the night at the dwelling that he supposedly calls home. So now we know that they don’t know, or won’t say for sure that he did, because otherwise they would state it as a matter of fact. All things being equal, we could put the uncertainty down to an absence of CCTV, which the modern police need to have in order to track a citizen as they leave and return home – and also a complete inability to conduct proper detective work: has the bed been slept in? – that sort of thing. On the other hand, these are not ordinary circumstances.

Now follow this logic: If someone spends a night in a house, it is most likely because they live in it, and are taking the option available to them. If they don’t spend a night, it is because they are not taking the option, or they don’t live at the house.

If the Police would assert that Rowley spent the night at Muggleton Road, then we could say that, yes, he probably lived there, just as they are telling us he did. However…

There is certainly more to come in respect to what is essentially an expanded Skripal affair – pending the arrival of more data. Suffice to say, for the time being, it is felt here at FBEL that the affair had been planned well in advance for an innitiative in Syria, but was probably triggered reactively by events (the extremely dumb, and over-promoted Cambridge Analytica nonsense was dismissed at first glance). It is also suspected that the Skripals, as willing collaborators, have never been in harm’s way and, in reality, when Rowley and Burgess were “discovered unconscious”, they were discovered together (and some readers will understand the intimation).


† Apparently, BBC staff do not read their own output – or do not understand what they have written. While the article reports that Rowley and Sturgess socialised on the Saturday, it also contains this:

Paramedics were called twice to the property, firstly in the morning after Ms Sturgess had collapsed and then later the same day after reports Mr Rowley had also fallen unwell.


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  1. Irina says:

    I don’t believe official version of the incident as it’s UK gvmnt lies. I don’t believe either in Skripal-Novichok nonsense.

  2. Phil says:

    I have read all of your articles on this subject and have never believed the official narrative. I have posted comments on various media sites saying what I believe about both incidents. In particular the possibility of Rowley and Sturgess being patsies in a, manifestly, failed false flag operation. Some of my posts were never published or just deleted. It will be interesting to see the government dig their way out of this massive hole.