Published On: Tue, Jul 10th, 2018

Treatment two: Snap Fitness 24/7 Bonnie and Clyde as patsies

In the previous instalment of this mini-series, Sturgess murder enquiry should start with the Snap Fitness 24/7 Bonnie and Clyde, disbelief was suspended (although it was very hard to maintain, and it collapsed at times) and a police investigation into the death of Dawn Sturgess was treated as a real thing so that certain ideas could be explored. It was concluded that police would want to produce an item whereby Russia could be adjudged guilty by the association asserted by the British Government; indeed, the Peanut Gallery was vociferous yesterday in reinforcement of the position, with the over-promoted street-sweep, and supposed Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson claiming

The simple reality is that Russia has committed an attack on British soil which has seen the death of a British citizen.

The author has no doubt that a “contaminated object” will be discovered – but it will have been planted: because the Skripal incident, upon which unprovable accusations of murder must be hung, was a psychological operation† – in conjunction with the dismal Douma false flag which, despite desperate misrepresentation from corporate-media, an OPCW report has basically confirmed (there are many reasons wholly unconnected with weapons why chlorinated organic chemicals would be present) – to attempt to gain leverage against Russia in Syria. If the Skripal attack wasn’t what the British Government said it was – i.e. it wasn’t as it appeared – then the poisoning of Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley isn’t suddenly going to be steeped in reality either. There really is little point trying to piece together such news as cars being seized by police in order to try and make sense of a mystery; the purpose of this activity is to cause flurry: to reinforce the illusion.

At the root of the last instalment was the question of the Metropolitan Police’s priorities in their “murder enquiry”. It was felt that if they really extended to finding an individual who could be accused of murder, then police should re-examine the famous Snap Fitness 24/7 CCTV image, and determine if the couple shown in it are Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley. Exactly why this was a reasonable expectation was pointed out previously. In this instalment, we are going to understand why the image is important outside of the Government’s fantasy.

On March 18th, FBEL published an article entitled Novichok… or fentanyl? No proof of a crime points to Skripal poisoning hoax. Naturally, FBEL never gets credited by “alternative-media”, so there’s no way of knowing if this was the first time an article that proposed drug abuse rather than foreign state-sponsored poisoning appeared on the internet. In any case, it was proposed that “Salisbury has been the victim of a grand psychological operation”, and a scheme was outlined as to how this was probably the case in terms of tactical placement of operatives:

As far as the author is concerned, Freya Church’s finishing work [Snap Fitness 24/7] at 4pm was the arrow in Achilles’ heel.  The behaviour of corporate-media  also leads the author to strongly suspect that the people shown in the CCTV footage are the people who were found on the bench. This would mean that Yulia Skripal was not one of the two individuals discovered suffering from the ill effects of a powerful drug. It would then be a safe bet to make that the male individual was therefore not Sergei Skripal. In turn, this would mean that the people discovered on the bench were actors either putting on a very good show, or patsies being double crossed with an actual poisoning at the scene. This is the conclusion that the author must make…

So, it definitely appears to be true that a couple were brought to the hospital; but there is no proof positive, that the author can see (considering also the objections being made by the Russian), that this couple were the Skripals. If Salisbury hospital has currently got beds taken up by a couple of decoys suffering from exposure to fentanyl, then for one thing, it makes redundant all the speculation about which nerve agent was used and how unhappy Porton Down scientists are about it, but more pertinently it perhaps means that we should expect to hear, by and by, about the patients’ sad demise.

The extract concludes the way it does because it was recognised that if the Skripals were meant to “die” in this exercise (meaning relocation and new identities), the British Government would need to produce bodies for a corrupt coroner (this country appears to have many) to fudge a report, and for that reason patsies must be had. Who better than a couple of Salisbury’s many homeless and drug-addled, who wouldn’t be missed if they suddenly disappeared?

This latest incident has allowed us to find out that Salisbury appears to have a disproportionate problem with homelessness and drugs, because the corporate-media has had to dig in to the issue to find angles that support the official narrative. The Guardian had a conversation with Conservative city council leader, Matthew Dean, who had a number of very interesting things to say:

Salisbury has a historic problem because people come here because the footfall is so much higher than other market towns in Wiltshire.

Here is acknowledgement of the draw that Salisbury has whereby the problems it experiences must be skewed in terms of proportion to its population. Dean goes on:

We do not have a drug epidemic. But what we have seen is a bit of county lines drug dealing, with people coming from Southampton, Portsmouth, London and Birmingham finding people that are vulnerable and getting drugs to them.

Recent evidence of Salisbury providing a lucrative market for outside providers comes from the city’s paper, the Journal, which told of an incident on 30th April, at an “address in Rollestone Street”, when police arrested a trio (of very young people) from London on suspicion of supplying class A drugs. John Baker House, the homeless shelter connected to the Sturgess case, is in Rollestone Street. It shows that if a trade in heavy drugs isn’t actually going under the city welfare administration’s nose, it is going on very close to it.

Most interestingly of all, Matthew Dean gave us some crucial food for thought when he revealed:

We’ve also issues with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Of course, Wiltshire is British Army territory; Salisbury Plain and all that. So, what are the chances that the Skripal incident patsies were also ex-military? People who could follow orders?

This opens a huge can of worms. The author does not think that it is imagination, but an actual fact that the corporate-media has been very sparing in providing back-story material for Charlie Rowley. Following links to stories expecting instruction on who Charlie Rowley is, one is surprised to find that he is defined by recent activity that led to his poisoning. Could it ever be that the otherwise extensive coverage of the incident omits a military connection? Indeed, there are questions about Charlie Rowley where a military aspect potentially impinges on the issue. Take for instance the apparent fact that Charlie Rowley lived in brand new housing, approximately worth £300,000, and this was allegedly, essentially, council housing stock. We know that Rowley moved into the property very recently ahead of his misadventure, and we have confirmation from the abovementioned Guardian article that Rowley had been staying at Alabaré Place, a homeless drop-in centre in Salisbury, before “the council found him accommodation eight miles away in Amesbury”.

Did Rowley really have accommodation by the grace of the local council? Scores of homeless people with children, living in Bed and Breakfasts up and down the UK, and waiting on queues for council housing, might find it hard to believe. The author doesn’t believe it.

Of course, there is another big property owner in the area. A 2016 BBC story gives us a flavour, and tells of approval for the building of “900 new army family homes in the Salisbury Plain”. This is very interesting, because Muggleton Road was brand new after June 2017 (as the dedicated FBEL article explains).

While the housing that features in the BBC article is for serving personnel, it serves to remind that there are organisations beyond independent commercial development companies that are placing pressures on the Wiltshire landscape for building. It would be extraordinarily helpful to know which company built Muggleston Road, and if there was any connection in its construction to the British Army (the people who gifted Syria with ISIS).

Returning, after our lengthy excursion, to the supposed illness of the Skripals as it was presented to the public, it is true to say that a full recovery was never expected. While they were ill, the Court of Protection, approached to make decisions on their behalf, discussed the good chances of their permanently thereafter being brain damaged.

When they did recover, it was supposed here at FBEL that it was necessary in order to give “proof of life” after pressure from Russia about the violation of the treaty regarding consular access. In this case, the patsies would have had a stay of execution. They could have been in and out of hospital without suspecting that they were at the centre of the storm – patched up for something that didn’t even need to have been as serious as an overdose from fentanyl, which could in itself be another layer of cover story: the crucial element to the operation involved the visibility, to a few members of the public (to give witness accounts to corporate-media), of a couple of demonstrably poorly people. Thesse people who were taken for the Skripals, whoever they were, could have been entirely innocent. Be that as it may, invariably, as the long (but short) history of patsies shows, for those who get involved in the machinations of psychopathic State criminals the price is never paid by those “hiring” the help.

Obviously, we notice that Dawn Sturgess has now died, and that corporate-media has released expectation management regarding the parlous state of Charlie Rowley. It was very interesting to see, three lines into an Express article about the death of Dawn Sturgess, the following sentence:

Her grieving mother Caroline said: “It’s not looking good for Charlie either. Maybe a few days. He won’t pull out of this either. He’s just alive with the machines.”

The above constitutes the first quotation in the article attributed to the mother: the reader may feel, like the author does, that if this was a natural reflection of a mother’s grief, words would have been spoken first about Dawn. So, here is an example of propaganda unfeelingly manufactured out of a collection of “things Dawn’s mother said”; it is a rush to shape perception. It’s like this: the article commences, the reader is about to glaze over, don’t waste time talking about how unhappy Dawn’s mother is; instead, deliver the message that wants sending. It’s so obvious that it’s hilarious. And the big irony is that in the ranks of the corporate-media, there are people telling us that:

[Dawn Sturgess] has been the target of vile conspiracy theories circulated online.

and that:

Dawn Sturgess has been demonised by conspiracy theorists who seem to forget she was a real person.

Of course, the objective is to encourage self-censorship. And the truth is that those “conspiracy theorists” that corporate-media are most desperate to have shut up will undoubtedly be engaged in coverage of the expanded Skripal incident out of a desire to obtain justice for the weak and vulnerable upon whom the psychopaths in British Government would prey. The difference between a presstitute (who takes the Government blood money) and a “conspiracy theorist” (who doesn’t) is that the “concern” doesn’t end with the people who are in the headlines for the purpose of manipulating the public.  For instance, we hear that John Baker House has been vacated, and according to an ex-resident, “everything in that building is going to be stripped out”. This evisceration, presumably, is in the name of “finding evidence”, although we feel that its real purpose is for removing it (just as so much Skripal evidence has been scrubbed). Thus, in the light of the content of this article, we feel concerned about the maintenance of the people who are being removed from John Baker House – that they arrive into whichever new place they are being moved. Indeed at FBEL, consternation has been expressed about people who have already died in suspicious circumstances in Salisbury in the long period in which the Skripal pantomime has now been playing – one of these apparently being housed in John Baker House at the time. Our side has the monopoly on concern for human beings, and our enemy, the despicable corporate-media whoredom, with its damned temerity to lecture on decency (as a device to close down inspection of the criminal activity of its masters), being antipathetical to us, has none.

[The featured image is of John Baker House, published by the Salisbury Journal]


† The reader may have come across the uncovering of a trinity of intrigue whereby Mark Urban, BBC diplomatic and defence correspondent, has been meeting Sergei Skripal (to write a book, Urban clams). Seemingly linking them both is Pablo Miller, a man who is frequently touted as being Skripal’s Mi6 recruiter (although FBEL hasn’t seen any proof of that), and who was meant to be in the same army regiment as Urban (as far as can be seen, on the strength of a photograph). There isn’t much scope in this for understanding corporate-media as a branch of British intelligence – not until these people can be made subject to an inquisition. Luckily, complicity between components of Government to wage psychological warfare on the British people is quite evident in and by the activity itself.

Incidentally, and there is quite the lack of appreciation about this, Government is not the Tories. Some people think that Theresa May is issuing orders for operations to disguise Brexit failings. The truth is that Theresa May isn’t in charge – and as for those resignations, they are bound to be all part of the plan.

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