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Archive: For those who have not yet realised: big psyop happening in Syria right now

First published at Luikkerland, 19th July, 2012

I don’t think that people, who have read recent articles on this site (where the author has just about enough an adequate possession of wit to understand real geopolitics) and elsewhere on the web where other writers are excellent in understanding and explaining it, will not comprehend what is currently going on in Syria as the major psychological operation that has been predicted since midway through June.

Indeed, from a [Luikkerland] article [link to be added later] published yesterday, we were able to read that some “Independent observers think that NATO might try to fake a news event in which al-Assad is shown to flee Syria” – and lo and behold, what appears this morning? Only an article in the Israel National News (with something similar from Reuters) claiming that al-Assad had disappeared from Damascus. The idea is that because nothing has been heard from him, then there must be something wrong with al-Assad. There is a slight problem with this idea, of course (unless I completely misunderstand Syrian Government as it is currently comprised)- two or three of them to be exact: the presidential decrees that appointed replacement security ministers – even moments after the originals were killed in the attack in the National Security building. The other thing to consider is this: the bombing was obviously an assassination of senior staff to create a perception of weakness – the Syrian Government must be aware that NATO will try and kill al-Assad if they can. More about this later.

In the same [Luikkerland] article there was also this: “western politicians are now talking about a descent into chaos which al-Assad and his government, not they, are responsible for – and are demanding he step down.” This was chiefly written in response to a statement made by the US Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta (who called for ‘maximum pressure on Assad to do what’s right to step down and allow for that peaceful transition’). Yet it was also a predictive statement about what the West’s game plan would be, because what do we have today?:

David Cameron, the prime minister called on Syrian president Bashar Assad to give up power to avert more chaos and bloodshed. Speaking during a visit to Afghanistan, Mr Cameron said: “I have a very clear message for president Assad. It is time for him to go.

“It is time for transition in the regime. If there isn’t transition it’s quite clear there’s going to be civil war.”

That particular quote comes from a Telegraph piece that claims that hundreds of citizens are fleeing from Damascus and “reprisal attacks” from the regime. Well, these may not be reprisal attacks so much as they are the much anticipated counter attacks and tactics employed by the Syrian Army before whereby the “rebels” are contained in a shooting zone, citizens are asked to leave, and when the “rebels” have no ammunition either to fight back or hold citizens hostage, then they get pummeled by Syrian heavy fire power.

However, be that as it may, at this site we have already predicted – not just on one occasion – that the “rebels” will pump out propaganda to create an illusion that the Syrian Government is in disarray, and willing to go to extreme and desperate measures.

This was published [link to be added later] on the 18th July:

Being seriously outgunned, the “rebels” strategy is based on shaping perception through psychological deceptions. Observers believe that during an extended battle in Damascus – which the “rebels” must look capable of winning – and with close NATO support, the Islamists will produce propaganda to make it seem as if the government has fallen; “rebels” may even invite NATO to “occupy the country”.

This was published [link to be added later] on the 15th July:

If we take the information together, the possible scenario that NATO might manufacture is one in which al-Qaeda, working to orders from al-Assad, attacks civilians in a beefed-up massacre of the type that Government forces always seem to be committing; this would then provide a pretext for a NATO invasion.

This was published [link to be added later] on the 27th June:

The raid [would then be] sold as evidence that fighting was “encroaching on Damascus” as if the “rebels” have made impressive gains – this is the impression that NATO, who undoubtedly planned the sophisticated operation, will want to impart to Syrians.

This was published [link to be added later] on the 15th June:

There is talk that al-Qaeda will be used to launch an attack on civilians using the chemical weapons that came from Gaddafi’s stockpiles to Syria possibly via the LIFG.

Enter, then, the prospect of a false-flag attack using chemical weapons procured from Libyan stockpiles and effectively handed over by the CIA (like other more conventional weapons) to be used on civilians and blamed on a regime made to look as if it is on the brink of extinction.

The good news is that the Syrian Government is fully aware of what is going on, and is able to impart it to its citizenship and its military – it means that the country should stay united against the proxy-invasion. As Tony Cartalucci says (and I am about to redirect readers to him) ‘in Syria, NATO air support does not exist – and unless they can psychologically defeat Syrians, and panic the world into believing immediate foreign intervention is necessary, their latest “Mermaid Dawn” moment in Syria will fail.’ Here is an entire extract reproduced in verbatim, from a Syria360 report on a statement by Omrane Zoebi, the Syrian Minister of Information:

The Ministry of Information said “Since the terrorist bombing which caused the death of Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense Gen. Dawood Rajiha, Deputy Minister of Defense Gen. Asef Shawkat and Assistant Vice-President Gen. Hassan Turkmani hundreds of websites, social networking websites and satellite channels started broadcasting huge amount of information, news and photos aimed at undermining the morals of the Syrian citizen.”

In its statement on Wednesday, the Ministry stressed that all these news and photos are baseless and have been prepared by western intelligence apparatuses and psychological war centers, adding that the goals of this campaign revealed a clear weakness on the side of the conspirators against Syria abroad and their tools inside Syria.

The statement added that weakness and frustration pushed these websites and satellite channels towards such a desperate attempt to get out of its frustration.

The statement pointed out that “the Ministry condemns this cheap manner of media and calls for giving up these ways which have been exposed to the public opinion” as it calls these satellite channels and websites to admit of their failure in their open media war against Syria.

The ministry stressed that the hired media will not be able to achieve what the armed gangs failed to achieve.

From elsewhere, there was, I assume, some more detail from this statement; Omrane Zoebi was reported to have said this:

The terrorist attack was perpetrated by the secret services of enemy countries of Syria.

I don’t know if the Information Minister was actually referring to the proxy culprit when he made this remark, or whether he meant that the attack was the work of the culprit pulling the strings itself – in other words, CIA/MI6/SAS. As it happened, I had been wondering how al-Qaeda chimpanzees could get into the Syrian National Security building – which should be crawling with… well, security – without slipping on their banana peels and setting the alarms off. I wonder if British or US intelligence agents didn’t carry this operation out themselves because it seems very much to be the foundation and bedrock upon which this highly significant psychological operation is being executed. A month ago, when it looked like preparations for a psy-op were being made, or defences tested – or an actual plan was implemented and beaten off by the Syrians – it was hinted [link to be added later], at this site – without, I don’t think, saying it outright – that if British Special Forces were involved in fighting around the presidential districts of Mount Qaisoun of Damascus, then they could be trying to abduct senior Syrian Government and military people. Yesterday’s explosion definitely looks like an assassination attempt along those lines and for the same purpose of creating an idea of a government decimated and defeated. As I began to mention at the top of this, if Her Very Lowness (by which I mean the stinking rag-bag, Queen Elizabeth) was now showing her hand as the criminal she really is by having her private army attempt to murder the head of another sovereign nation, then I am not surprised in the least bit that al-Assad should want to lay low.

I wrote before of others on the web who can explain and understand much better than I, and so please read this excellent article by Tony Cartalucci, who gives a very in depth account of how and why, while al-Assad is nowhere near threatened enough to step down, the likes of Cameron, in what is little more than a parlour trick, are blowing smoke from their backsides, and between those always carefully arranged mirrors.

Update 14:26: More good news. According to the Guardian, the Syrian state news agency has warned Syrian citizens about the potential use of sound stages in Qatar to fake ‘rebel’ victories across the country:

A security company in Qatar specialised in manufacturing models has started executive preparations in a move that is aimed at misleading the public opinion about what is going on in Syria.

According to special sources, the company has manufactured models analogous to official buildings and squares in Damascus, Aleppo and Lattakia in al-Zoubareh region near Doha.

The sources quoted eye witnesses as saying that the company started gathering people to make them wear special customs [sic] to represent military personnel and photographers as if from the Syrian TV channels and prepared public, private and military cars with fake Syrian registration plates to film fake videos and fabricated photos about the situation in Syria.

The Guardian is scornful, of course: ‘remember those claims that the fall of Colonel Gaddafi’s regime was just a hoax staged on a film set in Qatar?’ it asks. However, there was extensive trickery in Libya where al-Qaeda and the likes of Sky and al-Jazeera would be in cahoots to go ahead of the lines and claim impressive military achievements. Green Square was an entire mystery unto itself. As Cartalucci reminded us (if you followed the link) the Gaddafi ‘regime’ did not fall when the Guardian said it had fallen. These whores on the Guardian writing staff do not control reality, and though they may be laughing now, some of them will also know that the fact that the Syrian Government can tell its people that NATO is staging a psychological operation, and it can tell its people what this operation will look like, is a terrible blow to their side.

I’ll tell you something else for nothing; when this is all over and we have got our country back from the Fascist LibLabCon apparatus, it’s stinking rag-bag mistress and her associates in gangsterism from the City, the whores in the corporate-media, when they are up on charges of war crimes – every single one of them – will not be laughing.


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