Published On: Fri, Sep 21st, 2018

“Magic”, the Anglo-globalists’ main weapon; Part One: Israel shoots down the Russian IL-20M, nobody notices?

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Magic is at heart of Masonic governance. To a reader new to this site this idea will undoubtedly bemuse, or amuse – but then if he doesn’t want to understand the nature of the beast that sits on top of him all his life, the alternative media that never deals with the issue – which is all of it – beckons and awaits him.

At the heart of Masonry is a religion whereby its adherents appreciate their right to rule as a consequence of their having found the “god within”, or to put it in terms of the Hermetic variation, found their oneness with the Cosmic Mind. According to the Hermetica, it is a duty of the collective “godhood” to oversee the continued beautification of the universe: the Masonic term is the Great Work: a striving to recreate a “Babylonian” utopia – an antique technocracy redeployed in which a “council of the wise” are the unquestioned masters, and everyone else is a slave. The term “Anglo-globalist” is constructed from the concept that the US and UK governments are expressions of British Masonry, with its heart in the City of London – where they still have all the guilds through which “sacred knowledge” was channelled from the mystic east via the banker-crusaders. Sionism is a symptom of the Great Work arising from the especial place for the Jerusalem Temple in Masonic lore. (By now there are many articles at FBEL on this matter; see here and here for example, but for a full course see William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon series – here).

Of course, it is mainly a lot of mumbo jumbo rubbish – but that never spares the messenger from disapprobation and ridicule as he tries to explain to those finding fault with US and UK government that they had better understand that it is a rubbish of the sort that those in power subscribe to: for amongst the boloney there is to be found the methodology for tyranny. The basic law is government by deception – of course: that anyone has the right to rule because he “knows better” is an utter fiction. Being at the crux of the issue, deception thusly permeates into everything that an accordingly conceived government does.

This is where Magic comes in – and if the reader has found the FBEL article here he will know that no one is talking about the stuff performed in literature and film by the likes of Gandalf (who was nevertheless meant to represent an adept of a Masonic order). Magic is merely creating an illusion of something that isn’t so. The British Government performs Magic all the time.

When we think of a basic magic trick performed by a “magician”, we can observe the first rule: that the mechanics of the deception are always hidden; i.e. how the coin is later found behind an ear – it is transported there in the conjurer’s hand – remains concealed to the watcher. As a consequence there is the second rule: the apparent reality produced by the hidden mechanism appears to be impossible; i.e. the coin has dematerialised, and has been transported mysteriously to its place of discovery.

When Government performs Magic, the second rule is tweaked (or it should be), because in these circumstances,  it is undesirable that a watcher be faced with a reality that appears impossible, and a point arrived at where the suspension of disbelief would end (although modern people have an extraordinary tolerance for believing in the impossible – see the World Trade Centre). In any case, the apparent reality must be plausible – the objective is to persuade, not to stun with amazement. The apparent reality is what the conjurer makes the watcher think he has seen: Magic perhaps more akin with a card trick (the usual point of which is to persuade the watcher that a magician has a special sense by which he can detect an unknown card in a pack).

Now we apply this appreciation to the shooting down of the Russian Ilyushin Il-20M “Coot-A” surveillance and control aircraft. The secret mechanics of the operation – or so we are told – is that an Israeli F-16 brought a Syrian anti-air defence missile into the vicinity of an easier-to-detect Russian aircraft, and the relatively dumb ordnance choose to make a target of the lumbering object.

The apparent reality was created by the lighting up of a French frigate on Russian computer-consoles to indicate missiles launched, and the disappearance of the Il-20M plane from the display outputs of Russian location-finding technology. Putting the finishing touches to the picture was the unprecedented attack on Syrian infrastructure so close to concentrated areas of Russian men and materiel. The assumption to be made from this apparent reality, at the same time that the Russians are also firing their own air-defence systems around their Syrian coastal bases (and perhaps wondering if they are under a concerted attack), is that the French had shot down a Russian plane.

This is why, in the previous FBEL article on the subject, the following was written:

In the author’s opinion, there is a possibility that the Israelis, after… [the US]… had acquired French cooperation for the purpose of being the fall guy, were trying to get the ship sunk in a Russian act of retaliation.

A discussion regarding the objectives of the Anglo-globalists in the execution of this stunt forms the second half of this article (to clarify where the previous article did not).

However, firstly this scheme to have Russia retaliate needs to be scrutinised a little more – for there is a problem. To execute the plan, and get away with it, the Russian plane would have had to become invisible [i.e. disappear from Russian radar] with no evidence of the proximity of Israeli manned assets that could have made a decision to shoot it from the sky‡. In fact, it would not be desirable to have the Russians be able to easily deduce the reason for the plane’s fate: the plan relies on assumptions installed by the evidence already discussed.

In that case, why did a talking point emerge from CNN very soon after the incident in which the US military was accusing Syrian air defence of a bungle. The author was watching a Twitter thread, and saw the following tweet by Ryan Browne, CNN’s “National Security Reporter” (and made a rare contribution to bookmark it for later retrieval):

The US military believes that Syrian anti-aircraft artillery accidentally shot down a Russian maritime patrol aircraft Monday while the Syrian regime was attempting to shoot down a barrage of Israeli missiles targeting locations in Latakia, a US official tells CNN

Very soon the meme of Syrian incompetence was running wild; it looked like it could have been a coordinated and concerted effort. Notice that there is no mention of Israeli warplanes. Indeed, there is little detail of the Israeli activity in what was perhaps the first article on the internet from US/UK corporate-media pertaining to the subject (it was published by CNN on the same day – US time – as the incident). Notably, it was co-authored by Ryan Browne.

So, here we have some very big clues by which we can tell that it was the Israeli plane that must, by all and any means, remain in the shadows as hidden mechanism – not the Syrian air-defence response. The reader will probably see the same effort still being made in the alternative media to write out the Israeli involvement as much as it can get away with it. It’s all very interesting, and as such we can deduce that for the perpetrators, the Syrian air-defence response was a piece of data that could be sacrificed because it was never part of the hidden mechanism. It was not supposed to happen, but it caught the Israelis at the scene of the crime – which was a deliberate shoot down of the Russian plane by the F-16.

This version of events perhaps provides a more satisfactory explanation for why the Americans were lightning quick to publish their cover story, and mobilise twitter battalions to disseminate it. This would be the real reason why the Russian Ministry of Defence called Israel’s a “hostile act”, and said Israel was “fully to blame”. It would be why the Israelis perhaps over-compensated in their panic at being discovered; from the CNN article linked-to above (it was updated on the 18th):

Netanyahu promised that Israel would transfer all relevant information about the incident to Russia and proposed sending the Commander of the Israeli Air Force to Moscow to personally hand over the information.

Now, it must be stated, the idea we’ve arrived at has been done so by knowing the Anglo-globalists Modus Operandi; for that reason it is a worthwhile exercise. It is character witness which explains how the accused was capable of the crime. There could well be technical details about operational characteristics of planes and air defence systems that would render the appraisal invalid – and that’s ok, we’ll deal with them if and when they come to our attention, and appropriate additional material will be added to the foot of this page.

So much for means; now for motive: the presence of the Israeli aircraft was not an accident. As described in the abovementioned previous FBEL piece, the Russians and Turks had that very day hemmed in the US/UK proxy army in Idlib so that it could not prosper from any airstrikes that the Americans could mount upon Syrian forces in retaliation for “heinous crime” by Assad. Factoring in the fact that the Syrians have become very good at defending themselves from “limited” offensives; when it’s a question of greater volume of dropping bombs requiring a harder work rate in defence, at some point there will probably be a benefit to the aggressor, even slight.

Gavin Williamson, the British Secretary of State for Defence (and over-promoted retard) expressed the Anglo-globalist frustration with Russia very adequately – she should shut up and go away. As has always been said here at FBEL, the objective of the American cruise missiles attacks on Syria to date is to have Russia withdraw support for the Syrian Government and its armed forces. Russia has provided a shield for Syria whereby the Syria Arab Army has been able to clear the foreign invasion horde of mercenaries from a good deal of its territory. Now the Russians are going to sit on a line that contains the last of the al-Nusra “Free Syrian Army” in Idlib – for them the war is over. The alternative, with a little US help on the back of a chemical weapons false flag, could have been a break-out (for the jihadists in the province number a hundred of thousand – according to some). The Americans want the Russians to give up – making Syria a quagmire in order to bring that about is new US policy. This is the war that the US wants.

What, then, does the Anglo-globalist alliance do when the Russians have castrated the best part of the quagmire way before it could ever be released to make a swamp out of Syria’s now general peaceful development? It tries to push Russia into another psychological corner; it tries to cause a retreat in resolve leading to an actual physical disengagement. It has Russia sink a French frigate in retaliation for the shooting down of a Russian plane. Of course, the French would deny that there was any provocation, making the Russian’s look like unmitigated aggressors. The propaganda mills would go into overdrive – the articles are probably already written – and the idiot of a UK representative at the UN, along with her lunatic American counterpart, would pile heaps of pressure upon the “international community” to force Russia to comply with American wishes: shut up and go away.

So, no, there wouldn’t be World War III (alternative media must move its audience for funding somehow) – as FBEL continues to maintain; the war that America wants is on Syria alone, and it needs Russia to let it fight it. This is still not going to happen. Indeed, Putin won’t even acknowledge that there has been a provocation aimed at displacing Russia in Syria (it must be very frustrating for warmongering psychopaths and their rush-to-war acolytes in media); the Russian Ministry of Defence goes along with the American explanation – as far as it omits Israeli involvement. In fact, according to internet rumour, the incident has provoked a Russian “exclusion zone” that may restrict Israeli use of air-space in the region while the Russians conduct an “exercise” for the best part of the rest of September. It must be an effort to prevent Israel acting to interfere in any way with the setting up of the Idlib demilitarisation zone†: a keystone element in preventing the USA Government and military getting what it wants.


† And/or Iran can deliver its version of the S300 without Israel taking pot-shots at the cargo plane on the runway.

Update, 24th September:

‡ In the briefing given by the Russian Defence Ministry on the 23rd September, Major General Igor Konashenkov, it was revealed that four Israeli F-16s scrambled at the same time as the Il-20 began its mission – this is very significant, because the Russian plane therefore looks like the prey that launched the hunters. Eight minutes later, the Israelis notified their Russian counterparts of operations about to begin in northern Syria; in fact, the Israelis attacked Latakia – the west of Syria – and did it just one minute (21:40) after notification had been received. This can be interpreted as the Israelis trying to sow confusion. The Israelis retreated to patrolling positions while Syrian air defences started to repel the missile attack – 70km off the Syrian coast.

This is the interesting bit (with emphasis adding):

[The Israelis] set up jamming and probably prepared to attack again.

At 21:59 one of the Israeli airplanes started maneuvering (sic) towards the Syrian coast approaching the Il-20 that was coming to land. Syrian air defence units considered it as another attack.

One plane peels off (so becomes a smaller radar object), and also distorts its recognisable form, to approach the Il-20? What for? To trick Syrian air defence, or to shoot the Russian plane down?

Anyway, the briefing then gets into the bit where the Syrians were doing the shooting that has been blamed on the downing of the Il-20:

The Israeli pilot did realize that the Il-20 airplane had a much larger radar cross-section than that of the F-16 jet, and it was the Russian aircraft that would be the preferred target for the anti-aircraft missile.

Moreover, Israeli military also knew that Russia and Syria used different friend-or-foe systems, and Syrian radar can identify Il-20 as a group target of the Israeli jets. At this time, the Il-20 airplane making a maneuver for final approach towards the Hmeymim air base turned out to be into the path of Syrian air defence systems targeting the Israeli jets.

It is to be stressed that the Israeli jets saw the Russian Il-20 and used it as a cover to evade from anti-aircraft missile and carried on maneuvering in the region.

At 22:03 a Syrian anti-aircraft missile engaged a larger and closer target – Il-20 airplane. The commander reported on the fire on board and emergency descent. At 22:07 the Russian Il-20 survey airplane went off the radars.

This begs the following questions:  The Russians say that the F-16 (but suddenly not on its own, please notice) was using the Il20 as cover – but what was the F-16 doing up the doomed Russian plane’s exhaust pipe? If the Israelis wanted a Russian plane surreptitiously knocked out of the sky, would they have relied on Syrian air defences to do it? The precise timing and good fortune that would surely be required is unfathomable to a layman. If the Israelis knew that the Syrians couldn’t distinguish the Il-20 from a group of F-16s, why send their plane into the fray? If the Syrians thought they were shooting at an Israeli plane, then did they see it when they weren’t supposed to? Have they become an accidental back-up cover story (when the Russians didn’t take the French bait)?

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