Published On: Sat, Oct 27th, 2018

100 years of War Death Worship (its Luciferian significance) & troping UK Government crime

November will bring 100 years since the end of the First World War. Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday will fall on the same day: 11/11/2018. Nobody needs to understand symbolic Masonic numbers to know that the promotion of Remembrance is going to be insane (see here, for instance [edit, 03/08/21 – website now defunct]). At a time when the British Government would like to promote a sense of national identity as being somehow linked to continued subsumption into EU administrative structures, the centenary of the end of hostilities will be exploited in an especially perverse way, with the form of the ideal “peace” being that of socialist technocracy – a form that the “sacrificed in war” from Britain would have baulked against. Other political mileage to be had will be the translation of commemoration for the 100-year old dead into promotion of current British Armed Forces – or rather, support for war waged by the City of London and by the Queen’s Mercenaries, who, contrary to widespread misunderstanding, do not fight for Country.

Only bad things will come out of the War Death Worship to be pushed on the British in November, and that is why the practice needs to be exposed for its true nature. It’s useless to hope that enough people will refuse to participate this time around, but the seed of overthrow can be installed so that what is in fact a New Age religious ceremony will not become eternal, as the British Government wants it to be.

In 2012, and at a time when David Cameron was already floating ideas for hideous acts of War Death Worship to mark the forthcoming 100 years of the commencement of the First World War, a piece appeared at FBEL titled Remembrance and the summoning of the Evil One. On review, although a rewrite is not necessary, the piece suffers from some ignorance on the author’s part (discovered when he studied the work of William Cooper), and some prefacing is required: the learning journey (since 2012) has allowed a number of jigsaw pieces to fall in to place, and it’s important to present as cogently and authoritatively as possible to give people the best chance to come to terms with what they are reading. The problem is this: while the Overton Window that allows a glimpse into State-criminality has shifted since and because of 9/11, there is massive resistance to understanding the extent of British Government malignance, and the root of its cause, and the fact that events have been engineered throughout the 20th century to bring about desired political outcomes in spite of the best interests of the people that the Government is assumed to represent. For instance, a class of people, who have been stung into a degree of wakefulness by it, think that the Skripal Hoax is the be-all and end-all of State skullduggery – and it is now clear they will be kept tail-chasing on the subject until they grow tired, assume that there is nothing to be done, and revert to being fully ovine without having contemplated the iceberg beneath the waters. And ironically, at the end of it all, most of them won’t be in possession of a definite notion that the Skripal Hoax was carried out by the British State to try to alienate Russia.

And so, in the previous piece it was written that “Some people say that the UK’s ruling elite are practising Satanists, and it seems an incredible thing to contemplate.” Indeed, such a statement is bound to scare the sheep who this way stumble: it was an unfortunate, but quite an easy mistake to make. A more precise lexicon, had it been known at the time of writing, might have been a little bit more palatable – although it appears quite plain to the author that the majority of people will never appreciate that their ever reduced circumstances are not due to a series of circumstances and accidents, but are intentionally induced by a class of criminal masterminds.

Occultism is often confused for Satanism; “occult” merely means knowledge of that which is hidden – which brings us to an irony. The custom has come about whereby people call something occult because it is a mystery to them. It stands to reason, then, that a plausible explanation to turn to is Satanism – but calling something Satanic doesn’t indicate possession of any real knowledge. Likewise, people will think they have identified a Satanic symbol – in truth, all that is happening is that they are appreciating that a rune, or a number, or an image is being used to hide information. Such things are of the occult when they can be interpreted. If they remain a mystery, this doesn’t make them Satanic – it makes them meaningless.

Satanic is used to denote connection to Satanism – a catch-all set of beliefs and practices that are said to be evil, without, more often than not, any understanding of what it entails. The ritual abuse of children is an activity that is usually accredited to this phantasm – but the truth is that a Masonic power structure of the sort that rules Anglo-globalist Government and puppet (supra)national governments, which is the ruthless entity that people are mistakenly referring to, doesn’t need to control by the compromising of its membership through abuse of minors. So, Satanism is not the religion people mean. Indeed, the religion of Masonry is Luciferianism, and it’s not an accident that people haven’t heard of it.

At the heart of Luciferianism is the belief that men can become gods, and this is justification for whoever achieves this status (which is in fact a state of delusion) for ruling the majority who cannot. It’s also called the Mystery School religion, and although its more complicated than all that, the name reflects how the big lie at the crux of a political system, headed by such a hegemonic elite, has to be shrouded by a smokescreen of awe that comes from a hint to the public that the ordination of the ruling class is executed by a greater authority. In the UK, the front for the ruling class that fulfils this role is the Monarchy, and the ritualistic procedure of Parliament, and the arcane impenetrability of the legal system – and also, not least, the Christian Church(es).

There is only one aspect of Luciferianism that is occult: knowledge that is not hidden to adepts, or the initiated, of the religion. This means initiation rites and the “man as god” kernel of “truth”, with the latter being discovered at the apex of the hierarchy as a con to encourage adherence in the lower ranks of the initiated. However, that these are the only secrets in Luciferianism might not appear to be the case to modern eyes looking at re-enactments of ancient public facets of Mystery School ritual. In its very first expressions in the ancient Middle East – and it’s a method of control that has been preserved until the present day – the masses were presented with a scheme of gods to worship, with the gods themselves only being real in the imaginations of the profane adherents, and actually representing the inner secrets of the religion which they weren’t privy to. Public ceremony to honour the gods, such as sacrifices, was about the ruling class – the adepts of the religion – wielding social control. Now, if modern audiences see re-enactments of such public ceremony, they call it the occult, they call it Satanism. As for the initiation ceremony by which adepts become accepted into inner circles of the religion, these won’t have changed much, except they may be less life-threatening. When people see re-enactments of these ceremonies (which they may well do for reasons about to be discussed), then they call them occult, and they call them Satanic.

Now, it is true that some people have taken the Mystery School initiation ceremony and the ancient public ceremony and perform it in the name of mocking Christianity, and this is called Satanism (from the idea that Satan is a competitor with Christ) – but here’s news for those people: there is no entity by the name of Satan. There is no entity by the name of Lucifer either. Lucifer – the bearer of light (knowledge) – is merely a symbol for the process and act of finding the inner god. Satan is nothing.

As mentioned above, the public system of gods to hide the core of the Mystery School religion is still with us. The movement started by Yeshua to attempt to “exit Babylon” and escape the single goal of Luciferianism, i.e. the masses in slavery to a small elite, was co-opted into Christianity (please see FBEL’s Mystery School Christianity, here). However, the price for co-option was dear, and there was a significant retention of certain principles that has made the religion problematic for those looking to collectivise society under their apex of control. Therefore, a long term objective has been to amalgamate Christianity into a New Age religion (in fact, Luciferianism), pruning off the troublesome teachings in the process. To an astute reader, this will explain certain outbursts from the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury about immigration and national sovereignty, global warming and Agenda 2030 environmentalism, and sexual identity politics: all things that are of the New Age religion for the New World Order. Likewise, there has been an effort to have people engage in Luciferian public ceremony in the name of being Christian-spirited (in general, to do what a good person of whatever religion or none would do). In the last century the British ruling class have nudged the British into performing Remembrance. This is what was written about it before:

The Remembrance that British people are politically pressured to perform could be said to be an act of ritual repetition that, each time it is performed, symbolically relives the original act of sacrifice.

The sacrifice mentioned is the death of hundreds of thousands of people in war – but to be precise again, their murder troped into a presentable and acceptable form of death through the ceremony that is performed at the Cenotaph. The reader will not be surprised that the author has also since understood that the Cenotaph, never consecrated by the Church, incidentally, is a pre-classical temple – probably meant as an enlarged baetyl, or meteorite of the sort that is the focus of the Temple of Aphrodite at Paphos on Cyprus. This particular stone is mythologized as the reproductive member of Uranus that was severed and cast into the sea where it turned into Aphrodite. However, the goddess that the Cenotaph most probably honours is the modelled in the statue that sits on the Foreign Office to the east of the Cenotaph: Victoria as Britannia – or in fact Athena. In short, the Cenotaph is a baetylus temple dedicated to the goddess of war.

The other thing in the earlier article that needs an update is the mention of the EU: for the question arose, why even pretend to honour war dead when what they supposedly fought against is made manifest by a betraying Government a few decades later? Since 2012, of course, the British people have voted to end their country’s EU membership. However, as FBEL predicted before the 2017 general election, an exit from EU would be in name only (search the site with the term “Fake Brexit”), with the UK Government attaching all sorts of parallel development legislation around the repealing of the European Communities Act 1972 – which constitutes the actual act of leaving the EU. When the EC Act 72 is repealed, the country doesn’t have to be subject to EU legislation, and this is going to be problematic for politicians who opt to keep it that way. Also, there are going to be (hundreds of) thousands of foreign nationals who will benefit from a special status where they have indefinite leave to remain, and also entitlement to the public purse: access to the welfare state, and as such continuing to exacerbate its dishevelment, to the detriment of British people. Moreover, some foreign nationals will have become supposed British citizens entirely through the EU treaties, but not even this can be allowed to stand for the sake of justice. What is the point of Remembrance if Britain continues to suffer colonisation from countries (including Poland, despite efforts to gloss over its collaboration with the Nazis) against whom early 20th century Britons were sacrificed in war?

Even if British folk aren’t prepared to accept that War Death Worship is a New Age religion ceremony for control, while they betray their grandparents and great grandparents by accepting occupation and particular overlordship by a foreign power, they shouldn’t insult the same ancestors by attributing to them the achievement of winning freedom with the “sacrifice” of their lives.

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