Published On: Wed, Dec 12th, 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like Horusfest – lumps of coal galore

Now is the time of year that people are assembling grove-temples in their living rooms, and training children to put solid faith in fantasies about a fat old man who in the English adaptation of the central European tradition (one day it will come out that Christmas is a Holy Roman interloper in these lands) actually represents the Krampas demon as well the other wholly mythical priestly character. Yes, this is your Horusfest Greetings! edition of FBEL, just to let readers know that our seasonal offerings will all comprise of articles continuing the World War I series that commenced in November. Also this holiday will hopefully see the seventh chapter of FBEL’s Mystery School Christianity (volume one) series in time to provide some post sacrificial bird edification for those who won’t be relying on television as psychological crutch/surrogate for healthy familial interaction (a small donation required for non-subscribers – all the details at

As thoughts turn to 2019, and to the battleground that it is going to constitute, a little Christmas-in-the-trenches truce reflection would be most apt to close out the year’s current affairs coverage. Please consider the following extract. It is from an open letter that was published by the UKIPDaily site (to which there will be no link from here), from the officers and members of a UKIP branch in the north Midlands to the current leader of the party. The stated objective of the epistle was to seek clarification on a number of “arguments”. The second item in a list of eight draws one’s attention immediately – and then one is no longer motivated to take any further interest.

Some of our members and candidates have very fruitful careers. So far, their employers have been tolerant of their UKIP membership. Even if they aren’t so tolerant they cannot easily dismiss them due to the legitimacy of our party, in no small part due to the tactics described above [to ensure the party could not easily be shouted down by accusations of racism and bigotry]. If our party is in any way associated with riot, brawl, fight or racially motivated attack, many members could find themselves under economic threat for being part of a ‘nasty’ organisation. It could be argued that their continued membership contravenes a workplace policy and they then find themselves being disciplined and dismissed. If anyone within or associated with our party does something reprehensible, it’s inevitable that we will all end up being categorised together as persona non grata.

The concern, of course, is for the party’s new found associations with the dog-ends of politics – to use the term loosely. But just imagine that this letter wasn’t prompted by anxiety for the safety of careers at risk because of a perceived close attitudinal proximity to such an obviously noxious political brand. What if, say, the Government created a campaign to stigmatise those who spoke out about mass immigration – refugees and all. What if the Government made it a crime to criticise any immigration as being contrary to a migrant’s supposed human rights? Well, perhaps we would see people who think that their careers are too important, in order to avoid becoming persona non grata at work, terminating their association with groups or individuals who had become marginalised and criminalised merely through Government proclamation.

So, instead of standing their ground and making the Government persecute the largest amount of people possible – thus potentially causing embarrassment (and hesitation) in the authorites, and inspiring further resistance to the draconian legislation – we could perhaps expect people who think that their careers are too important to retreat so that so-called offenders can be removed from society without triggering greater upset and commotion, and so that the offending viewpoint is erased entirely from the sphere of public discourse. Careers that are too important, if the reader didn’t already know, is the root of fully formed tyranny. Germany, for instance, knows all about careers that are too important – the author was an adolescent when he, for himself, realised the answer to that question which grown men in academia still cannot or won’t discover: how did the Nazis ever happen? Because lots of people thought their careers too important.

Unfortunately for the UK, the country is stuffed to the gills with people who think that their career is too important, and these people cannot begin to comprehend the levels of psychopathy in those who rule them. They are not interested in knowing about how this ruling class is motivated, and so they cannot perceive that sooner or later, there will be a reckoning, and they will be forced to choose between their moral principles or political ambitions and that career that is way too fruitful to abandon. This extract of our study perhaps provides some concrete evidence that there may well be a dawning, at this time, in the minds of people whose careers are too important, about the ramifications of this jealously protected idea in a context of a troubled future ahead – and the author’s advice to them would be this: stop worrying about being politically active, and get a head-start on rationalising your inevitable choice to accommodate the tyranny. Don’t let notions about British World War II bulldog blitz spirit convict you as less a person in your own mind – that stuff never existed (see the Channel Islands). The chief characteristic of the Briton in these regards is “going along to get along” – though it was the ultimate irony that (while Winston Churchill ate all the rations) Britons should put themselves in harm’s way because of fear of the penalty for not doing it.

This brings us to our “seasonal” message. Yeshua, who has nothing to do with the Mass of Christ, demonstrated that to live as a human being, one must be unafraid of the penalty for defying the compulsion, produced in an individual by threats or coaxing from the tyrant, to uphold or promote the tyranny. In plain speaking, that means choosing to be stigmatised or marginalised or even criminalised for the sake of the principle. Moreover, if one lives as a human being, one must do it without reference to those who only ape it: meaning the nation may well be going to hell in a hand cart so that it might seem that there is nothing to be saved or gained from not submitting to the tide of events, but it matters not, for the reward is in the living itself, and moreover, the tyranny never gets to operate universally, or perfectly when self-empowered individuals, as they succeed, reinforce, or inspire each other, can stick spanners in the works early and often enough (there has never been a unremorseful global government). The idea whose time has come always at least holds the catastrophe at bay – someone has to produce it.

In the year to come there will be lots to do in terms of making a minefield of the ground that the British Government will have stepped on by making Britons subject to EU legislation after the EU Act 72 has been rescinded. It was predicted hereabouts (a long time ago) that a crisis would be engineered so that the British people would allow the adoption of an Article 50 deal that only benefitted the EU – however, it looks like the Government can’t manufacture the desire for it. That would suggest that there would be no plan to stage a second referendum (a more hated prospect that a deal). Watch out for another Brexit false flag?†

There should also be news of efforts to have certain grievances redressed through legal measures that we’ve been working to bring about. This stuff has been mentioned before hereabouts, and this is to update the long time reader who may have come across it, and may have wondered about any progression. Things are more promising than they have been to date. Stay tuned.


Update; 12.30pm, date as published:

Or maybe just a change of Tory leadership so a bad deal looks better because of those who are carrying it.

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