Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2019

Newport West and the EU elections; Part One: Government gets the message, renews efforts to have “tax revenue” participate

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There was an election in Newport last week, and it’s a sure bet that the British Government had one of its see-in-the-pitch-black Morlock eyes fixed on it with a view to understanding what it needs to do to encourage participation in the upcoming EU elections. We are talking about turnout – and the showing in the Newport West parliamentary constituency by-election (it was relatively very poor) must inform that there is much work to do on top of the manipulation that has already commenced. But before discussing any of this, and indeed discussing the Newport election itself (all stuff now for a series of articles), let us remind ourselves why UK Government would desperately want the British public to engage in the EU elections.

Generally, British Government needs participation in elections so that it can claim that it has consent to govern (please see the FBEL article, Delegitimising Parliament: why “we the people” must stop votinglink).

Specifically, in the case of participation in elections for the EU Parliament, British Government wants widespread contract forming activity that works in the same way. The mechanics of how EU election participation would help lock Britain into the EU is not entirely clear to the author at the moment, but consider this: if they take part in EU elections, Britons will be claiming representation in a parliament with a 5-year term. Consider also that the argument for Britain taking part in EU elections is as follows: because the country remains an EU member state, then it would be illegal under EU legislation to prevent its participation. So, dear reader, don’t be surprised when the following logic emerges as a rationale for an extremely watered-down version of the Fake Brexit that FBEL has been predicting since 2016: Britain must have representation because it is a member state, ergo Britain must be a member state because it has representation. Non-participation in the EU elections could turn out to be an exceedingly crucial factor in leaving the EU. The leave-voting part of the country needs to produce a very low turnout, for that reason, the EU elections must be boycotted (for further reading, please see Boycotting the European elections: there can be no business as usual after Fake Brexitlink).

There are very sure signs that the British Government has been stung anew into action because of the Newport West by-election (and we’ll be looking at the material that indicates a connection has been made between Newport and the prospect for the EU election in the next article in this series). Take the article by Allison Pearson, for example, in the Lifestye|Women section of The Telegraph: don’t boycott the EU elections, she pleads, spoil your ballot papers instead. She’s telling people that even if they don’t think they should vote, they should at least participate – for the benefit of the turnout figure, of course.

Then, of course, there was the recent opinion poll (for Open Europe) that put Jeremy “The Bogeyman” Corbyn† a long way ahead of the Tories in voting intentions for the EU elections. “Blow for Theresa May as poll shows Tories face European elections drubbing” says the headline on a PoliticsHome headline. If the reader is not aware, opinion polls are not actually friendly devices that indicate how a vote might go. They are grim tools of governance, and this opinion poll result is for steering behaviour. Obviously, the poll constitutes a timely warning aimed at determined sheeple: an attempt to trigger knee-jerk political tribalism. We should note, with interest, that the principal target is the would-be Tory voter – and Pearson’s Telegraph article should help us realise that this is consistently the case.

The thing is, dear reader, it appears that a good number of people have got it into their heads that they will not participate in the EU elections. The figure is high: a quarter of the public, no less, would boycott – according to a “Sky data poll” (opinion polls are also used to collect data for purposes of strategy). The Sky poll doesn’t tell us who these people are – but we can presume they are Leave voters, and at FBEL these people have been designated “the tax revenue”, though what is a self-evidence in relation to this has never been overtly pointed out; it is this: one of the main reasons they voted to leave the EU is because they were sick of paying for it. Indeed, the other opinion poll mentioned here says:

Traditional Conservative voters are also more likely to show little interest in voting – with 12% saying they had a 1/10 likelihood of voting, compared with 6.4% of Labour voters, and 3.4% of Lib Dems.

If there is one thing that the author learnt by living through the Bosham DNA harvest (explained here) is that the British Government is terrified of upsetting the “tax revenue”. And the big problem that the British Government has with its Fake Brexit is that it is exactly this demographic which is getting the major hump. So, what we are seeing, as a kind of major component of the mission for Government with regards encouraging participation in EU elections, is an effort to prevent this demographic, which has always been very placid, and has routinely voted (doesn’t matter who for, but generally it has been for the Tories), from falling away from having mainstream attitudes, and from getting into the habit of not voting.

Hence you see the charlatan Nigel Farage, and his Brexit party – formed specifically for the EU election – boasting of “A sign of things to come, Conservatives are coming our way.” Farage’s party was quickly deduced here at FBEL as having been formed to scoop up those who would inevitably have been repulsed from Batten’s deliberate toxification of UKIP. However, it also emerges that the Brexit party is for attracting fed-up Tories back to the EU ballot box.

Anyone who is advocating participation in EU elections is showing you, dear reader, who they really work for. Do not miss this opportunity to identify the enemy, and if you want to be kinder, some really dangerous high profile useful idiots (Farage, however, falls into the former category – and some very strange moments in his career are better understood).

The next article in this series looks at the reception of the Newport West by-election result in certain corporate-media and Government quarters, and the tell-tale signs that the low turnout there was indeed a major concern. A third article, amongst offering related analysis, will explain how poor the turnout actually was.


† Of course, one Corbyn’s specific roles in the job of Labour leader has always been to prevent desertion, through fear, from Tory ranks. See the following FBEL articles:

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