Published On: Wed, May 22nd, 2019

Summary: voting in the European election is a dumb thing to do if you want Britain to leave the EU

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The European election [to return representatives to the European Parliament] is being held in Britain tomorrow. It is the poll that never should have been, because the country should have left the EU on the 29th March. It takes place because the country remains a member of the EU through “fiat” legislation: or fraud (explained here).  And yet, apparently (at least according to opinion poll companies, and the Brexit Party reckonings about its support), thousands of Leave-voters are going to participate in it.

We will proceed without succumbing to the urge to make remark about the astounding scale and depth of absurdity, because in fact there are no words sufficient to deal with it. However, for the sake of the progression of a train of thought by which to serve as introduction, it has to be said that irredeemable and unmitigated stupidity and drooling idiocy in the British body politic isn’t dangerous on its own accord to the livelihood and very survival of those very concerned people who don’t deserve the imperilment, and who, in relative terms, are downright cognoscenti in comparison to the average know-it-all-know-nothing Briton that constitutes the particularly destructive corpus of the aforementioned corporeal entity. In other words, for Government to exploit democracy, or mob rule, in the manner always intended for that system, it must manipulate its constituency through and by its perception shaping apparatus – and there has been a very effective amount of this so far this week.

Firstly, there was the attack on Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party, with a milkshake. The next day Theresa May revealed a development towards achieving the Fake Brexit – as it has been coined here at FBEL since 2016 – involving the possibility of a Commons vote on a second referendum on EU membership being part and parcel of any new attempt to ratify the (completely superfluous) Article 50 treaty. Both of these incidents were provocations to engender participation in the EU elections, but because the former incident is in fact an escalation of, or is founded on a very long running psychological operation and deserves a lot more analysis, it is to be covered in a separate article to follow this.

Rest assured that a second referendum is not going to be held. At stake is the illusion of representative government. At stake is the system of democratic government mentioned above: democracy, not republicanism, please note. The republic is the pooling of the rightful sovereignty of individual English, Scots, Welsh and Irish in their own countries. Democracy is persuading, bribing, threatening, frightening and browbeating a collectivised gibbering mass into signalling consent for the Government’s own agenda (so that whenever democracy is in peril, it is in fact no bad thing).  Democracy is, and always has been the golden gateway to socialism. On the other hand, it is British republicanism, so deftly disarmed by a legal layer of apparent supremacy of the Crown, that needs to be restored if leaving the EU ultimately has any point to it (for further reader please see the FBEL articles here and here).

The differences between what should be by right and what the British Government imposes on the peoples of the British Isles is part of a vast intellectual landscape that remains disguised by the mists of the democratic system – or government by deception, as has been coined here at FBEL – and its continuation. Ignorance in the people is the key factor for preservation: the know-it-all-know-nothing “expertise” of the supposed politically-engaged section of the British population is good for the survival of the tyranny. As such, it must be sustained – by the authoritative voice offered by the Government. It therefore follows that if the authoritative voice becomes seen to be an undeniable liar, the know-it-all-know-nothing Briton is exposed as one merely knowing nothing – and this will hurt a lot of feelings.

So, the second referendum has always been a bogeyman to worry Leave-voters into tolerating the bad Article 50 deal (i.e. Fake Brexit). It has never been used as a threat that Government would intend to realise. The threat of it again this week was evidently required so as to promote participation in the EU elections – or, to really give Leave-voters something to send a message about – as part of the ongoing operation by Government to encourage votes for the Brexit Party. The motivating idea, evidently, is that the many who are so hopelessly gormless will react emotionally and decide that the only way that a second referendum can be stopped is if they “send a message” to Theresa May† by voting for a party that represents the notion of Brexit. These are key words, dear reader: “represents the notion of Brexit”. This is all that the Brexit Party – or, indeed, UKIP – amounts to. It is worth nothing in solid gold truth.

On the other hand, the raw reality is that it is absurd to think that the British Government is going to regard a result in a European election as being remotely related to anything approaching a mandate or a direction by those who cast votes for a party or candidate receiving the most. If the British Government did not heed the order compelling it to take the nation out of the EU as delivered by the referendum on membership in 2016, why on earth would it take any notice of any “message” sent at an election that doesn’t even directly affect it in the slightest way? Here is some more raw truth: the British Government only cares that people participate in the European elections, and it certainly doesn’t care how the votes are cast. The EU ballot is meaningless except for the fact that in taking part, Leave-voters will join Remain-voters in sending a message to the EU that they want to be governed by it.

As has been explained (it feels like) over again at FBEL, voting signals consent to be governed (in fact, it gets more technical that that – see the FBEL article here), therefore voting in the EU elections signals consent to be governed by the EU. Moreover, voting in the EU elections endorses the current membership-by-fiat that the British Government invented to prevent it having to rescind the legislative device by which the country is subject to the EU; i.e. the European Communities Act 1972. On the other hand, a low turnout, which is a self-evident statement of a refusal to endorse membership-by-fiat, and refusal to signal consent to be governed by the EU, is the outcome that a Leave-voter should be looking to achieve. This can’t be done by being the know-it-all-know-nothing that the British Government relies on, and following the Judas goat du jour – the omnipresent Farage and his Brexit Party – up the garden path to slaughter.


Update; date as published:

At quarter to seven this evening, the slogan #TheresaMayResign was trending on Twitter. It occurs to the author that an effort is afoot to make it appear as if protest voting in the EU elections will cause something to happen to May’s premiership. We might then modify the sentence: “The motivating idea, evidently, is that the many who are so hopelessly gormless will react emotionally and decide that the only way that a second referendum can be stopped is if they get Theresa May sacked by ‘sending a message’ to the likes in the Tory Party of the 1922 Committee”.

It is dismal stuff. It was from the likes of the 1922 Committee that the Malthouse Compromise con came from. Read about it here. It Theresa May did resign, it would not make the slightest bit of difference. The Tories, to a man, want to deliver a Fake Brexit.

Update; 23/05/2019:

The following extract is from The Telegraph today. It appears that the EU elections are taking place because “no-one knows how Brexit will play out”. The author has no more words to spend on what should be bucket-clatteringly obvious, and will not tolerate whining at a later date from know-it-all-know-nothings  about their having not been warned.

Might British MEPs only sit for a few weeks or months?

Perhaps. But also, perhaps not since no-one knows how Brexit will play out. And it is because of that uncertainty that the European Commission has insisted that the UK participates in the European Parliamentary elections.

Their fear is that if the UK revokes Brexit, or decides to hold a second referendum and the UK had failed to participate in polls, then the UK would be in breach of its obligations to hold elections and to give all citizens the right to democratic representation in Europe.

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