Published On: Tue, Jun 4th, 2019

It’s Brexit Party snakeoil, however the stars align: the conjunction of Bilderberg, Trump and Peterborough

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Our reaction to discovering that “Brexit” was listed as a topic of discussion at the American top-heavy Bilderberg group meeting that took place this weekend just gone should be one of “what the hell has it got to do with them?” It is, after all, a matter between the British people and the British Government: the former have told the latter to get the country out of the EU. The latter should have repealed the European Communities Act 1972 on March 29th. It’s all fairly straightforward, and certainly doesn’t require any scrutiny, debate or interference from any other third party – not Bilderberg, not the EU, and definitely not Trump ([currently on a state visit to the UK] who wants Brexit like he wants to build a wall on the border of Mexico, or wants to take troops out of Syria – the art of MAGA, after all, is to be the worst kind of globalist, sending your son-in-law with your Secretary of State to an infamous gathering of globalists [Kushner and Pompeo attended Bilderberg], while having your spectacularly stupid support base believe the exact opposite about you). The reason why so many unwanted foreign noses are stuck into the business of the British people is the same reason why the British Government has allowed the EU to be involved via the Article 50 treaty: Brexit is not wanted. Brexit is a huge spanner in the “Great Work”; i.e. global governance by a technocratic elite of which Bilderberg is an expression. Brexit, then, is a problem to be overcome, and as such inevitably has a direct bearing on some of the other topics for discussion that Bilderberg has advertised on its website, like “What’s next for Europe?”, and as such is bound to be in the same “problems-needing-solutions” category of discussion topic that we might expect to find “Russia”. The Masonic† Anglo-globalist steering committee and think-tank that is Bilderberg rightfully considers Brexit to be a threat because it is an unplanned and unrestrained development that threatens to place Britain outside the EU-NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) building blocks for the unified administration of the world. It wouldn’t make the country completely like Russia, which has lately frustrated the “rules based international order” in Syria, because of internal disruption as the people who rule Britain tried to have the country rejoin the EU, and kept working for it to happen until they succeeded, or were stopped (an issue surely related to the Bilderberg discussion topics “Weaponisation of social media” and the “Future of Capitalism” [in that, with the failure to install a socialist world government, there would be such a thing]). But no matter, it only takes one free wheel at the east end of Europe to have Bilderberg concerned for what would be next for Europe, what with the Russians having commodities that Europeans would like to buy.

In any case, nothing condemns the extremist minority in Britain that would have the country remain in the EU than the Bilderberg meeting having “Brexit” as a discussion topic. Unfortunately, times are such that it cannot be sweet as formerly allowed to be, but just how ironic is it that a crowd that would complain of the Tories being too white, too old and too male to be stewards of Britain’s EU(-less) future are such perfect useful idiots for the likes of Henry Kissinger: the whitest and oldest and male-est of them all. This past week, these people have had their knitting-yoghurt (resolve) stiffened by a poll by YouGov for The Times (or the mouth of British Military Intelligence, as it is called around here) that puts the Liberal Democrats ahead for a General Election win. However, one could tell the poll was mischief from the headline with which YouGov presented it:

Lib Dems lead the polls as they start to become “the party of the 48%”

“The 48%” is of course a reference to the minority that voted in 2016 for Britain to remain in the EU. This aspect of a new dynamic in the management and shaping of public perception with regards the Government’s continuing attempts to secure an Article 50 treaty with the EU was spotted as it was being giving birth to here at FBEL ‡: there is a perception programming operation underway to have the public identify the Brexit Party with Leave and the Liberal Democrats with Remain. Clearly, because YouGov itself spells it out in what is its own interpretation, this poll is for establishing foundation for the operation. Even if YouGov wasn’t on the end of a puppet string to pump out material to support a centrally-designed talking point, it would still have discredited itself with the instruction to its consumer to understand its opinion poll in a particular way. It is indicative of propagandising, not data presentation, when YouGov supplies a summarising headline that is a misrepresentation of the material. The poll states that 24% would vote Liberal Democrat in the next General Election. Using the turnout number for 2017, this would equate to 7,723,621 votes. However, in 2016, 16,141,241 people voted to remain in the EU. The Lib Dems are clearly never going to represent “the 48%”. For a start, the Scots and Irish who voted in the majority to stay in the EU have their own parties for their own particular circumstances, and furthermore, as was explained in the previous FBEL article (link at foot of page), the Lib Dem party could “only garner 995,423 more votes in 2019 than it received in 2017 – at an election [for the European parliament] that was symbolically important for anti-Brexit sentiment.” There can’t be a start to something that isn’t going to happen.

On the other hand, YouGov and The Times certainly did signal the start of a theatre of opinion poll back-and-forth. Confirming that an operation is indeed afoot, an Opinium survey for the Observer (note which flank of the fake political spectrum each poll comes from), published 2nd June, put the Brexit Party in the lead for a General Election win. It was the first time that the party have been placed in first spot in a poll for the Westminster contest – and we should notice the closeness in the timing with the YouGov poll so that the public is confronted with a pendulum effect essentially swinging between Remain and Leave, Lib Dems and the Brexit Party. Watch out for the swing returning to whence it came in the result of a future survey.

The problem with the Opinium poll is the conundrum of how the Brexit Party is going to drum up the 8.3 million votes it would need, across 306 constituencies (the number of seats that something called the Electoral Calculus website has calculated the party would win) without any local political infrastructure in any of those places. The reader is bound to have heard about the importance of prior local election success, for national parties, for creating the necessary activist boots on the ground. Without this resource, it is commonly held, there is not the facility required for successful General Election electioneering. For the Peterborough by-election, to be held in a few days, Nigel Farage has had to resort to appealing in tweets for people to

Come and campaign for the The Brexit Party in Peterborough and elect the first Brexit MP.

Taking part in a single by-election is one thing, but contesting a national election is quite different altogether: any band of volunteers that the Brexit Party can scrape together by Twitter will not be able to electioneer in 306 places at once. And then there is the potential for the Brexit Party central (whoever that is alongside Nigel Farage) to alienate any local campaigners it might have attracted by selecting for them a candidate that isn’t liked or well received. After all, there does not seem to be any empowerment of the common variety of Brexit Party financial support (lest it wouldn’t be accurate to call it membership) in terms of decision making. Let’s be clear, while it is quite feasible that Farage’s Judas goat operation will win the Peterborough by-election – indeed, the author suspects that the competition was engineered to take place for the purpose (but more of that for another time) – there is no chance that the party can organically win a General Election.

In the author’s considered opinion, the Brexit Party is a temporary, top-down sham that exists to serve Government’s short-term purpose. It is part of a new dynamic of a now long-lived programme of trickery to expedite the Fake Brexit: a froth that looks like something substantial whipped up hastily into existence, as surely only Government can, to serve emerging urgent requirements. Anyone who wants an unconditional exit from the EU is not going to get this by voting for the Brexit Party. Indeed, there are no national political parties that will deliver a proper and untangled exit from the EU – and while the Government runs them all in its full-spectrum dominance, there never will be. That’s why there is no other solution than to overthrow – non-violently, of course – the British Government. It is something that isn’t to be done overnight – there is no instant panacea, and that’s why the reader must feel in his gut that the Brexit Party is not bona fide. The solution is the gradual (individual by individual) rejection of the system until it is total, or at least enough to make the system illegitimate and powerless. The method is very simple: don’t vote and don’t pay. Of course, from a current perspective it all might look rather far-fetched, but as folk realise that they cannot  effect a self-defence in any other way, it’s going to become a way of life – and the British Government will have a big problem indeed when the population that it is trying to govern is quietly living, sleeping and breathing resistance.

Start here:

Not paying, Part One: Remember no taxation without representation? It’s making a comeback (link)

A dose of Gandhi’s Swaraj to cure the British Government (link)


† Please see the FBEL article, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”; Part One: “Inductance” for economic dominance, from which is the following:

The Bilderberg Group, [William] Cooper tells us, is the Illuminati, which is a word that conjures up a lot of excitement, but merely refers to a state of being illumined a la the Luciferian religion. As it represents a group of anti-human plotters, it appears to be in its history a cabal that infiltrated Masonic lodges to get to the top, and now is a name for those in the highest echelons across many Mystery School secret societies. The Bilderberg Group is something real, where people in the effective corporate-government of the US, UK and Europe meet to steer Globalist policy.


‡ Please see the FBEL articles:

Brexit Party (versus the Lib Dems) as new device in continuing project to obtain Fake Brexit (link)

Wanting to remain in the EU is extremist minority viewpoint – and other things not to be learnt from the election (link)

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