Published On: Mon, Jul 1st, 2019

FBEL audience statistics catch-up, upcoming projects, other things

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Just in case they ever visit, here is something for the benefit of those who think that internet media content can only have any worth if they are not all alone in consuming it. Otherwise, this is for general interest. The image below (click to enlarge) shows individual visits to since June 2017 longer than 30 seconds. The blue inset represents visits that have endured for at least 30 minutes – to get an idea of depth of engagement.

(See here for the previous such-like report).

The other thing that must be done by way of housekeeping is to introduce newer FBEL audience (and remind any that has stuck around) to the principles by which it is not unreasonable for yours truly to expect donations – please read, The change starts with you, here.

The reader must forgive the failure to ask directly for donations – one has an overwhelming sense that one would waste a good deal of earnestness on an insensible object in doing that (talking to a brick wall is an expression that doesn’t quite cover it).

One thing I will say is this: the statistics facility for this site shows visiting IP addresses – and one can then search those numbers to discover that lots of people reading FBEL are doing so via the country’s big multi-media platforms. In case you didn’t know, folks, those mega-rich, social engineering, propaganda propagating corporations don’t pass on to me any of the revenue they extract from you.

Moreover (and so one thing turns into two), because the FBEL domains are not paid up for multi-year stretches – well, it is not typical alternative media, after all – this year when renewing, the two sites almost fell afoul of the new kind of visa verification meddling so that there was a chance that they would go into a grace-period limbo and have been down temporarily while awaiting resolution of technical issues. Firstly, but not most importantly, the FBEL audience is asked to notice that there was no crying wolf about imminent removal from the internet – freedom of speech under attack (give me your money), because, well, FBEL is not typical alternative media. Secondly, suddenly one was faced with a good excuse not to have to labour so hard for so little – if only for a little while – and there was only a sense of relief. But this is too much earnestness already. Let’s just say that you can count on your typing hand how many people have ever made donations, and leave it at that.

I would like to sincerely thank those donors who are making repeating contributions of small amounts (I use the word “small” for the benefit of promoting the concept to others who may like to adopt the practice – although in real terms they are always big and important). Thank you – I am now working on the latest chapter in the Mystery School Christianity series.

The general FBEL audience can look forward to an extension of the “Jo Cox incident periphery” series, and more on National Action also. Furthermore, there are two trials coming up that will no doubt require looking into: that of “Tommy Robinson” and Salih Khater. As well as ongoing coverage and documentation of the Fake Brexit whenever it is required, there will be an examination of the recent enquiry into the London Bridge attack of June 2017 (two pieces were produced on the subject at the time: London Terror optics: police frighten the innocent public (here), and Much more to London Bridge and Borough Market than meets the eye (here).

Although there is bound to be lots to sift through and communicate, we will be especially interested in the broader police operations on the night of the attack, and the head wound suffered by by-stander Neil McLelland when he was shot “accidently” by police – a fascinating detail in the light of the revelations from the Westminster Bridge attack enquiry – as featured in the FBEL article, Who killed Police Constable Keith Palmer? (here), which is – it has to be said – material that the likes of Sky, BT, and Virgin just would not touch, folks.

P W Laurie

p.s. must not forget to say thanks to those of you posting links to FBEL articles at other places on the internet.

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