Published On: Tue, Nov 12th, 2019

The Brexit Party shilling operation unravels as Farage okays Fake Brexit and signals voters to back Tories

Readers of this site were recently told to soon expect a “general standing aside” of the Brexit Party to promote Tory candidates in the national election to be held in December. This has now happened, albeit not quite as it was predicted hereabouts. It was thought that the Brexit Party stand-down would “manifest as most candidates being of the ‘on-paper-only’ variety, with pressure coming from the likes of on voters to elect the Tory instead.” In fact, Nigel Farage announced yesterday (11th November) that Brexit Party candidates would not run at all in 317 constituencies held by Tory MPs.

It’s been said at FBEL before that the Brexit Party’s mission has been to lead the horse to water in the hope that it will take it upon itself to drink – in other words, to generate interest in voting where there might not have been any. It was also said that it matters not if these votes go to the Tories or to the Brexit Party, because in either case they would signify that the caster was endorsing the Withdrawal Agreement Bill that the Tories are going to enact on being returned in a majority to the Commons.

If we now consider the new development, what Farage has done only confirms FBEL’s previous observations about the Brexit Party: if one thinks Farage is heading a shill-operation to engineer acquiescence to the Tory Withdrawal Agreement in a general election, then one has just had it proved. Ultimately, the total disposal of Brexit Party candidates makes most sense if it is Farage’s purpose to have people vote Conservative.

Right at the very crux of this issue is how Farage, to create a rationale for staging the stand-down, has dropped all previous objections about Boris Johnson and the Tories’ Withdrawal Agreement Bill not being a proper Brexit. Consequently, if one now votes for the Brexit Party, one directly endorses Boris Johnson’s deal (the Fake Brexit) instead of only indirectly. Moreover, although it hasn’t been expressed aloud, Farage’s stance involves an implicit request for Brexit Party supporters in those Tory-held constituencies to vote for the Tory party. In most other seats where people are still being asked to vote Brexit Party, what is in fact happening is a cynical effort to prevent votes for Labour – and the alteration in the tone of the campaign is evidenced in the publications by the Brexit Party that have appeared on its Twitter feed since the stand-down. The following is an example:

The Labour Party wants to ignore the referendum result and offer you a choice of Remain VS Remain. Vote for The Brexit Party to defeat Corbyns’ Labour and to stop a second referendum.

What should be clear to see is that a campaign that began by being about objection to the Fake Brexit cannot continue along that vein. The alteration that needs must is aimed at frightening Labour-supporting Leave-voters about a threat that simply does not exist.

The appraisal given above can be arrived at simply by studying a statement that was tweeted by Farage regarding the Brexit Party’s position. It explains the decision to stand-down, and declares the change in direction that has by necessity been forced upon the Brexit Party by Farage’s condoning of the Fake Brexit:

Now that the Prime Minister has said he will not extend the transition beyond 2020, and he will go for a Canada-style free trade deal without political alignment, I have decided to put country before party and not oppose Boris Johnson.

This ensures that this general election will not result in a hung Parliament and second referendum.

We will target Labour and Remain MPs and get a voice in Parliament to make the PM keep his promises.

The first thing to notice is that the decision to stand candidates down was Farage’s all alone. It well may be that he was pressured by financers of the Brexit Party, but this would be a poor excuse if ever it was offered as one: for it would only impress more keenly upon a critic how the Brexit Party is flawed by not having membership, and in fact is self-admittedly a business (as written of at FBEL here). On this day the country is getting to hear about would-be Brexit Party candidates who have been cut off at the knees by Farage, but this should not be a cause of bemoaning to these people because it has been clear for some time that the Brexit Party is Farage’s dictatorship.  If people were wise, Farage has issued a warning that they would do well to heed; even if Brexit Party candidates were elected, why on earth would they feel accountable to an electorate?

Another point to notice is that Boris Johnson is not Prime Minister while there is no Parliament, and he is not in any position to make promises about British foreign policy. As such, what Farage produces as some kind of guarantor for his position is just fiction. The real reason for the standing aside of Brexit Party candidates is to secure the Tory Party in its most winnable seats. Some of these will undoubtedly mean Remain-supporting MPs returned to Westminster (one of these, Vicky Ford, featured in an FBEL article about dubious Tory candidates of the 2017 election),  which makes Farage’s comment about Brexit Party targeting completely disingenuous. While this reminds that the Tory Party is only a broad church when it comes to various pro-EU positions, more importantly it reminds that Farage and the Brexit Party has widened the holes in its net so that more than this small fry gets to escape scot-free.

In his statement Farage makes it clear that an extensive list of things that the Brexit Party said was wrong with Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement with the EU now no longer applies. Apparently, if we are to believe Farage, the faults of Johnson’s deal (which was 95% the same as Theresa May’s) were easily reconcilable all along, and now do not disqualify it from being a Brexit of a proper form. Of course, this is not the truth, and the Brexit Party has merely followed the so-called “Spartan” Tory rebels into party-line conformity in what is essentially a final falling-into-place of the pieces in a grand operation to engineer tolerance for the Article 50 treaty (the Withdrawal Agreement) – again, which has been covered extensively at FBEL.

Please note when Farage talks of avoiding a hung Parliament and second referendum, we can extrapolate that what he is saying is that he expects Brexit Party supporters in Tory-held seats to vote for the Conservative candidate. Before this is explained, the reader is asked to understand that there is no threat of a hung parliament, nor then a second referendum. The latter has been a spectre for a long time in the operation to engineer tolerance for the Article 50 treaty, and on explaining the Brexit Party’s deployment of it we should apply the saying about birds of a feather – or of the same tune – flocking together. As for the hung parliament, this is not by any means something that is borne out by recent opinion polls which would have the Tories win an election by a big majority. Nevertheless, Farage’s deployment of the hung parliament is for talking about the split vote that the Brexit Party would not now be capable of causing in Tory-held constituencies. The idea has been that a hung parliament would have been caused by the Tories losing seats because the Brexit Party had split the vote. Now, in this scenario, to have Brexit Party supporters then simply sit out the election would still split the vote just as if ballots had been cast. Therefore, for the Tories to win, Brexit Party support would need to vote Tory.

Again, that any of this vote-splitting would happen is not immediately apparent if said recent opinion polls are anything to go by [in fact, an article to be published in the near future casts doubt that the Brexit Party has ever been a danger to the Tories in these 317 seats] – but Britons are not supposed to be restrained by evidence, but only worked up into a frenzy at the behest of those manipulating them. And while some might say that the UK Government is arrogant for supposing that people are so obtuse that they would just switch from Brexit Party to Tory on implicit instruction from Farage, the truth is that Britons are that stupid and extremely susceptible to the likes of the material that appeared in The Sun off the back of Farage’s action: Stand down: The seats where Nigel Farage wants you to vote Tory rather than the Brexit Party.  Moreover, upon Farage’s capitulation, Boris Johnson welcomed it and called it “a recognition that there’s only one way to get Brexit done, and that’s to vote for the Conservatives”.

The lie in Johnson’s comment doesn’t need any more analysis here at FBEL, which has instructed its readership how the Tory executive put the default no-deal exit from the EU (which should have been the only way to get Brexit done) beyond the realms of possibility. The important thing to understand is that Johnson’s comment is the “catch” to Farage’s “throw”, so that people are psychologically constrained within the tracks of a certain paradigm where “eminent” figures are in agreement about what is best for them. That paradigm promotes belief in the fiction that the Conservative’s Brexit is real, and not in fact a completely new EU treaty that binds Britain in a state of vassalage.

Of course, that the Brexit Party once preached the reality of the Fake Brexit is now an inconvenience given that Farage has declared that Eurasia is no longer at war with Oceania. This is why the party now campaigns on the issue of preventing Labour winning in seats that the Brexit Party is still allowed to contest. Farage declares this scope for targeting in his statement, and says that Brexit Party representation in Parliament from such a campaign is necessary for keeping Boris Johnson good on his promises. Of course, that Boris Johnson’s promises are good for nothing – as explained above – immediately undermines all of this. Moreover, now that Farage has okayed the Tory Withdrawal Agreement, when people in these permitted constituencies vote for the Brexit Party, they will actually be directly endorsing the Fake Brexit. As such, it should be evident to the reader just how cynical the Brexit Party is, and people who may have the opportunity to cast a vote for them would have been deceived monstrously if they did indeed express their support. In fact, dear reader, the only way to avoid endorsing the Tories’ Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which will be enacted in the next lifetime of Parliament, is to not vote – and this applies in any part of the country.

The standing down of the Brexit Party should be one of those occasions when there is revelation of the method; it should be a seminal (Trumanesque) moment of elucidation with regards reality, like when the Tories formed a coalition with the Lib Dems to show that Westminster factionalism is entirely fictional. The punishment for bad government is suffering it without understanding it is bad, so it is perhaps pointless telling people that they will only have themselves to blame for their misfortunes for not seeing such blatant signs.

And it should be no surprise to discover that a good amount of obfuscation to prevent the scales falling from eyes at this juncture is coming from Jeremy Corbyn (who in his own very essence is nought but a device to maintain an illusion). Corbyn would have Labour voters believe in a Trump-Farage-Johnson alliance (so the Brexit Party stand-down fuels the campaign of fear of the “other” from the other side), and rails against a “Thatcherism on steroids”. In truth, the small business ownership liberalism at the heart of “Thatcherism” (a term also nuanced by the closure of heavy industry that was part and parcel of the country being subsumed into the EU) is not the same as the Globalism that Corbyn would like people to envision by associations they can construct for themselves from his words – nor is it the same as the Globalism that Corbyn serves through his anti-human climate and environment emergency extremism.  If anything, the people who Corbyn is on the one hand trying to frighten, and on the other trying to appeal to with promises of yet more free stuff by which to make their dependency on Government all the more like the ultimate slavery that Globalist government has planned, would do much better to see through claims that the Brexit stand-down is a consolidation in the configuration of left versus right, and acknowledge that the fear of the “other” fantasy to invite them into psychosis is not a unique feature of any one side of the supposed political spectrum, but it is, in fact, a general tool of manipulation used by assets of Government in its broadest sense (i.e. the Government that can’t be changed by voting).

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