Published On: Thu, Dec 19th, 2019

Forego a sacrificial Brussels sprout, and give a present to FBEL this Horusfest

Here’s a thought. Why not everyone just embrace Horusfest? Then, instead of having to deny that Christmas has anything to do with a character called Jesus – who, for all they are concerned, probably never existed anyway – people can celebrate for a reason more tangible: the (re)birth of the sun. The winter solstice takes place on the 22nd December. This is when the sun stops moving south (as it appears from the Earth) – and thus seems as if it were dead. After three days (on the 25th), it starts to move north again, to bring longer days in the northern hemisphere, and a harvest to come and thus salvation. Of course, to have a celebration in the name of Horusfest, which is a name proposed here at FBEL, would actually be to worship (because the feasting is intrinsically linked with thanks-offering sacrifice) within the framework of the ancient as-above-so-below paradigm, where the masses must be ruled by technocratic elite so that the heavens move in a predictable way too. But at least it would be more honest.

Moreover, Christmas, which is always been about a character who was endowed with the office of Christ as an illumined being, has never had anything to do with Yeshua. Millions of people have been duped ever since a movement out of Galilee to exit a variation of the Babylonian Mystery School system, as enforced locally by the Jerusalem Temple overseen by the Roman Empire, was co-opted (an operation that started with Saul of Tarsus). At Christmas, people have been worshiping the sun already: the sun personified as the receptacle of Gnosis, or the Christ†. So, Horusfest cuts out the crap, and give people a chance to understand that, even with their cars and their televisions, and their mortgages, and their twice-yearly holidays, they are no better off than the naked slaves of antiquity.

So, with that notion established, here is an appeal to the readership of this website that they spend a tiny fraction of (what only appears to be) their wealth on FBEL this Horusfest. Folks, there’s no need to spend any more than what you may have already outlaid on the vegetables that you are going to thanks-offer your real lord on the day of his rebirth. As for why you should make a small donation (PayPal buttons are to be found at the bottom of every article), well obviously FBEL can’t make the corn grow in the fields, so if you are worried about that not happening, maybe you should keep the money for a slightly bigger sacrificial bird on the main feast of Horusfest. On the other hand, FBEL is a “curmudgeonly voice”, albeit on a small scale, that stands between you and the full implementation of the as-above-so-below paradigm which ultimately dispenses with that façade of wealth to distinguish you from an ancient slave – and as such, might be worth investing in. Let’s look at that some more:

This year there was the conclusion of the Valerie Graves incident; it was something that is still being covered at FBEL, because it is incredibly important, and yet it generally is of little or no interest to the vast majority of people. We are finding out now the extent to which the incident was a pretext to an abuse by police (and therefore Government) who intended to try and humiliate 5000 men who lived in a coastal area to the west of Chichester. Yours truly found himself amongst it, and even took to the street, to confront police with some home truths regarding the flaws in their case, when he saw people in the immediate vicinity of his home being frogmarched to a mobile laboratory to have DNA samples and thumbprints taken. The experience was instructional, because after living through it, the author can say this with confidence: the day that they come to take people away to incarcerate them in football stadia, people are going to go. They are going to run there if the police tell them to hurry up – the author has seen it for himself. Big grown burly men getting themselves out of breath to please the authority figure who has come bearing down upon them. So, the author knows that, come the day, people are going do exactly as they are told because the request will be presented with a smiley face, and in the context of providing a solution to a problem: the synthesis from the confliction of the thesis and the anti-thesis. People will have their “go-along-to-get-along” buttons pressed; what they will be asked to do will be sold as being entirely reasonable. And there will be no curmudgeonly voice loud enough to tell them that, hang on, actually the authorities are being entirely unreasonable, and need to be refused.

When police were doing their DNA dragnet around Bosham in 2015, they wanted to haul in a catch of 5000. In the end, they got just 2819 people. When the first FBEL article on the Graves incident was published on February 8th, 2015, the police had processed “over 1200” people through January (and perhaps a little bit of the following month). This was before they started knocking on doors, so they had been relying on people turning up at a stationary laboratory located in the vicinity. Come the 5th April, The Telegraph was reporting that police were going to start sending a mobile unit to make enquiries on people’s doorsteps, and that “more than 2,000 men came forward in January and February and agreed to take part in a DNA screening programme.”

Evidently, between the time the FBEL article came out, and the report from The Telegraph, there was about 800 more volunteers to the stationary laboratory. At the same time as police were about to start going door to door, FBEL produced its second article on the issue: an open letter to the person in charge of the investigation asking inconvenient questions about the case.

Ultimately, it looks as if police only managed to coerce up to 800 people in their follow-up phase mobile operation, which (as far as the author is aware) did not actually extend solidly until December 2018 when the dragnet operation was officially ended, but took place in concentrated periods of time and mostly in 2015.

Now, if FBEL, as a curmudgeonly voice, had anything at all to do with what was the failure of a project to tyrannise 5000 innocent men, then it is a lot more than all your big name alternative media, put together, has ever done. But then, your big name alternative media isn’t there to help you save yourself from your government. It certainly might look good lamenting over the fate of Julian Assange (to create behaviour redirection in its audience), and it might look good bashing the OPCW and Bellingcat with regards so-called chemical weapons in Syria (in credentials-building activity – and there’s none more poisonous doing this than the granddaddy of all gatekeepers, Peter Hitchens), but it doesn’t (for instance) want you to disengage from the false left-right paradigm.

Be all that as it may, the motto here at FBEL is “people won’t be told”, or “there’s no telling people”, so although there is no curmudgeonly voice on a scale that is necessary, this will no doubt remain an unknown or unappreciated concept. Moreover, it has been noticed that your big name alternative media has been staging money drives going into December and ahead of this little appeal, so the alternative-media-dollar might have been spent up already, with no more sacrificial Brussels sprouts to be foregone. Never mind. Keep keeping Horusfest (and Janus-related activity); embrace it in its truest form, and just maybe there’ll never be reason for them to come for you.

Happy Horusfest!


† The reader might notice that there is a tendency in batcrap crazy alternative media (or, disinformation outlets – let’s not beat about the bush) to decry Christmas as becoming Satanic. Firstly, Christmas has always been Luciferian, but that’s obviously not for general consumption, because then people might know about stuff that would empower them. Instead, they must be made to be concerned about the entirely modern phenomenon of Satanism, and for emotive reasons, the inevitable child-abusing connotations, so that their behaviour is redirected. For further reading on why Satanism isn’t the root of all evil after all, please see this FBEL article.

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