Published On: Tue, Mar 24th, 2020

As with the War on Terror, the truth about Covid-19 will out; plus, taking the abuse, and giving back with interest

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If the reader is dismayed about the ease by which UK Government, which by ties through military intelligence includes the corporate-media (and a good deal of the alternative version), has frightened a mind controlled, infantile and unthinking mob into accepting an illusory reality that is very easily undermined by a modicum of analysis, then remember that we have seen psychological manipulation of this scale before.

Granted, this time there is no spectacle of airplanes crashing into strikingly tall and symbolic buildings and famous landmarks, but it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a Building 7 to learn about when the dust settles. Naturally, the traumatic event that provides shock sufficient to create a new public perception is lasting a longer time than the attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon did because this is a feature of its not manifesting physically, but only in tales spun by the creators of illusory reality. Nevertheless, there will come a time when the attack ceases, and the dust clears, and when data can be gathered, processed and presented to demonstrate that a crime has been committed.

In 2020 we have an enormous advantage that wasn’t present in 2001: event scepticism is rampant. Arguably, there was only one man (who doesn’t need naming around here), out of his operation in Arizona, who was creating media during the 9/11 attack and in its immediate aftermath and simultaneously perceiving evidence of controlled demolition. These days, before this new assault even climaxes, the narrative-busting scrutiny and exposure is relatively huge. And evidence that there is a great deal of scepticism in the general public comes in the form of UK Government introducing on the spot fines as punishment for people who would spoil the theatre by being on the streets and appearing to be healthy. The author knows from anecdotes and published material that police were evidently not ready for the measure, and don’t know how they are going to enforce it, and are fearful that it will alienate them from the public even more than they already are.

While the War on Terror, for which the 9/11 attack provided the opening salvo, was actually not about fighting terror, but conquering foreign countries and stealing their resources, the War on Covid-19 is about consolidating economic dominance of domestic territories by financier-government amalgams. The City of London is as much at war with the British nation now as it was, steering the UK Government, with Afghanistan and Iraq at the start of the century. Of course, the War on Terror tells us that their victory is not assured (and in fact, the indications are that they have overreached themselves, as will be discussed at another time).

Which leads us to this point: because UK Government is directly at war with you, dear reader, your remaining a spectator is no longer an option.

Recently, traffic to this site has spiked so that it has been having the biggest audience it has ever seen, but all this signifies is a migration of spectators trying to find a perspective that will offer psychological salve for coping with a fearful blot on the landscape of their otherwise neatly managed shoebox house lives. The author, who is also the creator and sole maintainer of this site, is not impressed.

Authoritarianism by UK Government is a daily reality, and has been confronted head on and personally by yours truly for donkeys years, and with little interest from alternative media audiences. Many a warning from experience has been issued, and this truth told: one must act in one’s own liberty to be free. In what turned out to be great timeliness, only the other day the FBEL reader was treated to an account regarding the NHS, in its purpose, as the direct descendent of the ancient Temple, and a mechanism of social control by death industry, and now we are seeing the institution in all its portended terribleness. It is in the lead in the cult by which Britain is tyrannised, and the author has no problem thinking of it along similar lines to the Nazi SS.  That aside, the component of the British population that is even slightly aware, from time to time, of a threat to so-called ancient liberties over which there is now a good deal of mourning, is one comprised of people who are aware in the course of being entertained. What are you doing?, was the question recently asked hereabouts, full well knowing that the answer was nothing. Now you have what was coming you.

Obviously, there needs be a change, but are you, reader, going to acknowledge it if it particularly applies to you, or are you going to reject the message, and go elsewhere to find other psychological salve? (we got on well enough without you so far).

Here at FBEL, going provocatively and proactively into the streets to protest and riot as a remedy against criminal government has never been part of any strategy; instead the idea is to start at home, and then in the neighbourhood, and then to create immunity to the State through local people. What the UK Government has been able to do using its Covid-19 stool pigeon, even if it becomes perpetual, doesn’t present any obstacles in the early stages of “Swaraj”. Start small, reader. If you are still buying corporate-media – why? If you are still paying the TV Licence, then what on earth for? Likewise, if you are not by now finding any good reason to pay the Council Tax then who would not understand if you did not pay it (especially as UK Government would see you risk being evicted first)?

As for the permanence of the overt authoritarianism that UK Government has recently resorted to, it will not persist because there is too much risk by it to the required end result; the “electric circuit” of the economy must be preserved; we are merely seeing the current being extracted, and the inductance being reduced (and this is a reference to a particular model of the ruling class’ economic dominance that older FBEL readers will have encountered before [and an article on the economic warfare being waged now in terms of that model is still promised]). When the system has been readjusted as required, the crisis will dissipate. The overt authoritarianism will also retreat, for it is primarily for creating the reality of a crisis; it is to convince people of the patsy. At the same time, it is a test to see how much the British people will take. The aim of this site is to inspire as many as possible to want to take (if necessary) as much as can be given, in a way that demonstrates a low threshold for accepting it, and then to return with interest.

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