Published On: Wed, Mar 25th, 2020

First British critical care data: no effort to distinguish the disease from death as usual; Covid-19 still a matter of faith

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The first British-sourced data on so-called death by Covid-19 was released this week, and the reader will see in a moment why it was given lip service by corporate-media outlets. The Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre (ICNARC) report on COVID-19 in critical care is one, as it declares in its introduction, that

contains data on all confirmed COVID-19 cases reported to ICNARC up to midnight on 19 March 2020 from critical care units participating in the Case Mix Programme (all NHS adult, general intensive care and combined intensive care/high dependency units in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, plus some specialist critical care units).

196 cases are covered in the report, which states that, of these, 18 patients had severe pre-existing illnesses on admittance.  Moreover, 23 of the 196 needed some assistance with general living. The median age of these patients was 64, and the age groups that contained the majority of the study subjects (more than 50%) was the 60 to 69, and the 70 to 79 ones.

The report stated that there had been 33 cases where there had been an outcome from the critical care treatment; 16 people had died, and 17 people had survived. The report doesn’t specify which if any of these patients were previously ill, or indeed frail with old age.

It did tell, however, of how most of this group of 33 had received support of both the respiratory (30 patients) and cardiovascular (27) variety, so they were evidently very poorly. Four patients were given renal support, and these are likely the same folk who had kidney illnesses on admittance. In fact a fuller break down of pre-existing illnesses is as follows: 3 people had respiratory ailments (“shortness of breath with light activity or home ventilation”), 2 had metastatic cancer, 2 had blood cancers, and 7 were suffering from immunocompromise, which means “[having had] chemotherapy, radiotherapy or daily high dose steroid treatment in previous 6 months, HIV/AIDS or congenital immune deficiency”.

The report does not make it clear that the 18 with prior illness were amongst the 33 cases where there had been an outcome, however a headline that could be constructed reads like this: 16 patients dead, 18 patients with pre-existing illnesses.

In other news, Jon Rappoport has discovered that the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has confirmed in an official document that the PCR test cannot determine the occurrence of an infection by SARS-COV-2. It says that a bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses might account for the disease even if the coronavirus is detected.

Now, Rappoport states that this is the same PCR test “used all over the world where it is available”, and in fact the only information that could be used as a pattern for testing has been the genome provided by China, so from that respect the information would seem to be correct.

This would mean, of course, that there is now official confirmation that all of the 196 patients in the ICNARC report could not have been diagnosed with Covid-19: Covid-19 is the disease from SARS-COV-2, an infection of which cannot be detected by a PCR test. Moreover, there is no other test, until the NHS takes delivery of 3 million antibody tests (at some point in the future still unknown) that can determine an infection by SARS-COV-2.  Therefore, all that is known from the report is that 196 patients were committed to critical care units after it was accepted as a matter of faith that they were suffering from Covid-19, after which 18 of them died. These deaths could have been from pre-existing illness, or maybe from problems arising from a viral or bacterial infection other than coronavirus in conjunction with pre-existing illness, or even from the very treatment (or perhaps ritual would be a better name for) meted out as a result of a belief in a thing that might yet never have existed.

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