Published On: Sun, Apr 5th, 2020

The Queen is at economic war with the British people

A business selling doodads has to stop trading due to the fact that UK Government has deemed that a doodad is a non-essential item. Putting aside the disgusting overreach of the State in interfering with free trade, the doodad seller is now faced with the loss of income from the high street side of his business. He can sell doodads online, where they are not non-essential, but he won’t recoup his losses through this incidental means of revenue raising alone.

The doodad seller has a chain of stores around a particular county, so he has more than one set of bills and rates and wages to pay (he would like to retain his staff). He also has stock that he has already paid for, and needs to regain its capital worth. In fact, he needs to retain the capital worth of his staff, and his premises too. But there is no income by which this can be done, because the Government has shut down his chain of shops.

The doodad seller, then, is under an enormous amount of pressure, and so he turns to the Government – the same mob who made him close his store – which has promised that certain financial measures for assistance will be available to businesses like his. A grant is available, but because it would be like a drop in the ocean, the doodad seller applies to a bank for a loan from the national credit pool that has been set up.

In other words, the bank sells the the doodad man a debt instrument, which he pays for in instalments stretching into the future, which gives him extra business overheads for years to come. He wouldn’t have needed it without the coronavirus shutdown, and without the Government forcing him to close his shops. But here it is.

So, now, the doodad seller finds that all his capital worth is maintained by a store of credit that must last until the coronavirus lockdown ends. None of it is realised by the price he can obtain from selling goods. It only has credit worth, and that cannot last forever; in other words, it risks being worth nothing.

Let’s say the doodad seller is lucky, and he can reopen before his store of credit runs down. But now, when he sells a doodad, only part of its value represents capital worth, while another part of it must be translated into payment for the debt instrument that the bank sold to him – the one he didn’t want, but had to get because the Government made him close down his stores. Yes, the Government made him do it as policy. The Government made a political decision to create a situation where the doodad seller, and hundreds and thousands like him, are forced to translate their capital assets into payment for debt instrument. Their wealth goes to the bank. Year after year.

Let’s say the doodad seller can’t save his business because the lockdown goes on, and he can never return to trading as normal: he has to dispense with all of his capital assets, and for a lot less than their real value. Maybe they will be transferred to the bank – at least, some of the premises might be, or perhaps the doodads seller’s home because the mortgage could not be paid. So, a private capitalist citizen’s assets has now become real wealth, of the bricks and mortar variety, belonging to the bank. Meanwhile, the doodad seller has been made into a socialised serf, to take the universal credit, and ask “how high?” whenever he is told to jump by Government.

In a previous FBEL article, now published quite the while ago, there was an exploration of the idea of the economy as an electric circuit, with an “inductor” used to guarantee output, or wealth, from the system for its masters. The “magnetic field” present in the inductor represented value held in the population, and wealth, or the outgoing charge, could be extracted when the field was reduced (it is complicated, so please look it up). This present article has told a story as an example, in a simplified way, of that annihilation of the “magnetic field” that is the British economy, for the survival of the financier class (who are the system’s masters), and as a lesson regarding what is happening under the cover of a so-called coronavirus pandemic. Much bigger businesses than the fictional doodad seller’s are going to the wall right now.

And another way of looking it is this: coronavirus is the excuse for the City of London, the real power in the land, to perpetrate a criminal racket; read all about it, here, in the FBEL article, The UK Government’s £330 billion coronavirus racket. And the really nauseating thing is that, at 8pm today, the Queen is going to appear on television, in what is being billed as an historic address, to speak not only to the nation, but the British commonwealth, about coronavirus – presumably to call for unity in a fight against it, as if people were at a world war against a common enemy. Well, the people are at war: an economic war, and they are having this war waged upon them by the Queen herself, and also the Corporation (City) of London, and the UK Government. They are certainly not at war with something that shouldn’t trouble any individual with a healthy constitution.

The Queen is at economic war with the British people because she is the governor of a mob of villainous gangsters; indeed, the Monarchy is a mob’s fiefdom, and the Monarch naught but a criminal given license by the Crown to steal the assets belonging to the Commonwealth – that is, the common assets that should be used to reduce the necessity for tax raising. The Queen’s interests are intrinsically linked with those of the Crown; the Queen relies on the denial of the common wealth. She is the epitome of vicious, unrelenting enemy.

The Crown is an imposter, made by parliament (which is made by the people), but used as a device to prevent the people unmaking parliament (see here). And of course, the Crown is a front for the City of London, which controls parliament. When the crown of Charles I was destroyed, it was more than a symbolic act; there was no more a Crown. Britain has never had a legitimate king or queen since then; but the mob that fronts for the Crown has had a governor: a hoodlum, begetting another hoodlum into the role – until the current one has the the gall to appear to the people, peeping out from amongst her gold furniture, to tell them that the UK Government’s thieving and robbing is for their own good, and their acquiescence to a system of control that they cannot influence is beneficial for their well being.

The UK Government’s war against the people is one that it hopes that we, the people, don’t even realise is taking place: we are supposed to be frightened to death by “coronavirus”. However, it is a war that has been seen, and it will be fought against, and there will be further discussion on the topic in future FBEL articles regarding what must be done in defence, and then offensively, because it is clear that the British cannot remain prey to the monsters who rule them, and they must be deposed, and even brought to justice.

While defiance, as just mentioned, is matter for another time, there is a small start to be made. The reader will no doubt have noticed that the UK Government has been trying to foster a spirit of blitz-mentality national togetherness by encouraging the masses (that it has pushed into psychosis) stand on their doorsteps to clap at an appointed hour. The fictional political party, IngSoc, used essentially the same device in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four: the two minute hate. The author proposes that those who do not wish to participate in this disgusting ritual, that relies on and reinforces mind control, utilise the same appointed time to listening to the song, God Save the Queen, by the Sex Pistols, and contemplate the words closely, and realise what it really means to want God to save the Queen.

In fact, as a matter of demonstrating one’s psychological invulnerability, and to obtain a morale boosting indivdiual mini victory, the practice (as if one was taking an antidote) might take place whenever the UK Government is desirous that we should listen to it as a collective: when the UK Government wants us to unthinkingly consume its hypnotism, as it attempts to nudge us towards our acting collectively in a self-destructive way against our interests. So, tonight at 8pm, while the Queen is geeing up the cattle towards the shed where it is to be slaughtered, at chez Laurie there will be a musical entertainment, played at full volume.

Oh Lord God have mercy. All crimes are paid.

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  1. We have nothing to fear now that Kier is installed in his rightful place, at the top of the tree – not the labour party, that’s dead as a dodo, no I mean his ‘rightful standing as a top dog in establishment circles