Published On: Fri, May 1st, 2020

Covid-19 hoax can’t survive people’s experience of it; anger must be channelled towards ending government-by-hoax

There is a talking point that needs to be nipped in the bud. It’s been smouldering away for quite the while now, and the following extract is taken from what could have been the first emanation, at just over a week into April. It comes from Fraser Nelson, who was writing for The Telegraph, and who wanted his readership to believe that Boris Johnson didn’t want things to go as far as they did:

At the end of last week, the Prime Minister was beginning to wonder if the country was taking his advice too much to heart. He asked us to stay at home – and we have. At each daily press conference, medical and scientific advisers talk about the plunge in use of transport and how well rules are being observed. What they don’t say is that this was not quite in their original plan. Government modellers didn’t expect such obedience: the expected workers to carry on and at least a million pupils to be left in school by parents.

Study these words carefully. They are clearly intended to assert the existence of over-compliance in “the country” to the lockdown, which is ludicrously portrayed as kindly prime ministerial advice. It claims that the people were suckers for their punishment, and it implies that the UK Government is free from the culpability of the economic catastrophe that is unfolding even as these words are typed.

The talking point has a variation, and it’s one that everyone’s favourite gatekeeper, Peter Hitchens, has been airing also for quite the while. For instance:

Well, if the crashing of the economy continues to June, a *lot* of the country will go bankrupt, with terrible consequences for life and health. Johnson, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, does not know how to break the spell he so rashly cast.

Hitchens, in this and other tweets, would assert that Boris Johnson started something in error and panic, and that Boris Johnson can’t end it because he doesn’t know how. The allusion to magic is purposeful; Hitchens would have his readership think that Johnson and his cabinet and their so-called scientific retinue were so successful in their wizardry that they created a condition of reluctance to leave lockdown. Herein lies the reason why Johnson doesn’t know how to break the spell.

Here is a much earlier example to reinforce the case:

…But having thoroughly terrified an astonishingly credulous public with claims that half a million will die unless we wreck the economy, they [the Cabinet] have created a monster they cannot control…

The monster that cannot be controlled is the public devotion to its predicament. It is horse crap of the highest order.

Here’s a brand new example:

The government has made people afraid. Now it can’t control or recall the fear it spread.

While it is certainly true that the British people find themselves in a lockdown because they are victims of government-by-psychological-manipulation (or government-by-hoax), it isn’t necessarily the will of the people that there be one. In fact, this can’t be known as a fact and indeed should be doubted because the illusion of consensus is always conjured as part and parcel of the operation. Hitchens doesn’t question any of this – and well he wouldn’t. The general rule is this: reality is whatever corporate-media, as an arm of UK Government, insists it is. And the narrative is issued to the various mouthpieces from a single source. There is no independence of corporate-media (and not much more in alternative media, if any). It acts according to its master’s agenda.

The general rule is discernable over again as UK Government relentlessly governs by hoax. The British people are eternal victims because they refuse to appreciate the clear inidcators of government-by-hoax when an opportunity to do so presents itself – as mentioned, such opportunities regularly do present themselves (Hitchens very selectively plays the contrarian at these particular times). If the reader wants detailed evidence of the endless operations by UK Government using psychological trauma to further an agenda, then take a while to look around this site (and please do that before posting links to exterior sites that the seasoned readership of FBEL clearly would not be interested in).

Covid-19 is a bigger psychological heist than any other recorded in these pages, and indeed vast in terms of its stage, although it is eminently more simple than the 9/11 attack, which is the most recent that it can be comparable to. As such, it beggars belief that anyone can be stupid enough to be persuaded that Boris Johnson and his Cabinet are making any decisions in relation to the mechanics of it. FBEL has covered the issue of the true nature of the disease supposedly associated with a SARS virus (see here for the latest effort). It only remains to explicitly get into the territory of questioning the very existence of SARS-COV-2, which is material that is on the horizon, to show the extent of the hoax that is Covid-19.

Let us be clear. The objective of the Covid-19 hoax is to transfer wealth from the public into the hands of the global financier ruling class, which is a shorthand that remains inadequate even if it is roughly appropriate. It also appears as if there is an effort to introduce new behaviour protocols for control of populace. There is nothing accidental about it. (Please see the FBEL articles, The Queen is at economic war with the British people [here], and The disease is unsanctioned behaviour; Switched On Syndrome and Covid-19 [here]).

The good news is, however, the UK Government has a huge problem in that the Covid-19 hoax won’t survive The People’s own personal experience of it. Social media is awash with accounts from individuals who had an elderly relative who died of some illness unconnected to Covid-19, and yet that imposter managed to appear on the death certificate. For example, consider the case posted by Twitter user @JoanneC52191646.

My husband was called in to be with his mum 36 hours before she died. She was not in the COVID ward and the nurse in her room was not wearing a mask- yet here it is in black and white. Gutted

In the images of the death certificate published by this understandably upset person, the primary cause of death is “Upper GI Bleed” – or upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Covid-19 is listed as a secondary cause of death.

There isn’t need to do a lot of trawling to find these expressions of astonishment and anger to assemble them as evidence. Exposing the Covid-19 hoax is not a matter of showing the technicalities which prove that Building 7 collapsed because of a controlled demolition. This hoax is making a fool of people up close and personal: close enough for them to detect that they are being made fool of. And in the ultimate case, the statistics are freely available: 95% of “Covid-19” deaths happened to people who died of other causes (see here). As such, it doesn’t matter what number the UK Government claims for Covid-19 deaths. It doesn’t matter if, for a whole year, all the people who were going to die of their illness anyway (or, being called a case of “excess death”, died because of conditions engineered by UK Government) happen to be labelled Covid-19 victims. The people who survive them will know that the death certificate is an instrument of deception, and the person who signed it was only following orders.

So, there are some tremulous times ahead for the visible part of UK Government, and for the main instrument of its medical tyranny control grid (the NHS). And this is why a good deal of expectation and perception management is already being deployed: we return to Hitchens, who is ideally placed. In response to a Twitter message sent to him which declared that “The Johnson regime and its close advisers (Cummings, Ferguson) should be sent to prison for a long, long time.”, Hitchens begged for mercy on behalf of the criminals:

No, no,… this sort of vindictiveness is quite wrong. Political errors should absolutely not be punished with prison or other criminal penalties. In some ways politicians who have made and acknowledged mistakes are more use in office than those who’ve done neither.

Apparently, there is no capacity for the people to seek justice against a criminal ruling class (seeking defence in ignorance and accident) because of the disqualifying motive attached to the act (by the criminals’ mouthpiece).

Here’s an earlier example:

UK government trying to work out how to get out of the economic and social damage they brought on themselves (and the rest of us). Let’s be gentle on them, provided they don’t also claim to have saved the nation.

Hitchens is advocating an inquest. It’s laughable.

It’s clear that the visible element of UK Government is concerned about the prospect of something worse than an inquest because otherwise there would not be a sustained and creeping effort to instil the idea into the public that they are at fault for their own predicament. In any case, the free people of Britain should be expecting punishment for the criminal acts of economic vandalism caused by Boris Johnson, his Cabinet, their scientific retinue, the Parliament, the Queen, key collaborators in the NHS, the police, and in local government. Of course, the chances of this happening in a system that is so heavily stacked against the individual (who is supposed to be sovereign) are very low to none.

And this is why those individuals who would be sovereign must now come to terms, if before they could or would not, that the system is in need of overthrow as a matter of basic survival. Exploring (non violent [meaning, violence will not be initiated, but is justified in self-defence]) ways to it is what FBEL is fundamentally concerned with. There must be an end to Parliament’s claim to be sovereign, a re-consigning of the Crown to the trash can, a re-alignment and purge of the court system, the end of police as militia (with a real thing re-established with the one purpose of defending the people from the State) – and much more.

If the reader is new to the site in the months of March and April, those of us already here knew that the UK Government won’t stop until it is forced to. The Covid-19 psyop won’t stop. There will be a “coronavirus” factor in your life, just like there is a “global warming” factor which means that you pay higher energy bills (even though the principle behind it has been discredited). It means robbery in the broad daylight – that won’t stop. And then there will always be the inevitable next psyop, because UK Government is government-by-hoax. It won’t stop until you force it to.

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  1. COVID1984PL says:

    Excellent job in pointing out how the government, the main culprit of this “coronacrisis” will do all it can to disculpate itself (with the use of the media, of course – the two work tightly together in sowing panic and now in this operation of removing responsibility from those who are responsible).

    The same thing is being done in Italy. In their “coronabill” they were trying to include “no responsibility” for the administration in managing the crisis, “do responsibility” to medical staff for its countless errors. And this especially as their errors surface with the around 70 autopsies recently performed in Milan: the respirators were actually killing the people, not helping them and COVID-19 should have been and could have been treated at home with cheap and widely available medication.

  2. jamie says:

    Great piece, finally a voice of reason.

  3. nick Weech says:

    Maybe some people will realise that they’ve been played. I have to admit that it was all very deftly planned; it happened so fast that the net was in place overnight. People who’ve seen your article on education in the UK, or who know John Taylor Gatto are living in the world of “They Live!” For most tho’, that’s a far off country…

  4. nick weech says:
    John Harris RIP
    If we don’t know we’re in harness, we’ll keep plodding along.
    We’re stuck inside an agenda, just like Neo

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