Published On: Thu, Jun 11th, 2020

Visitor number report and news of upcoming material

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The graph shown below is the latest to be generated from FBEL site statistics. The red line represents the number of visits lasting at least 30 seconds, and the blue line represents the number of visits lasting 30 minutes and more.

I’d like to thank all the people who have made donations in recent months, and to let them know that more content is planned for Not only will there be a continuation of the Mystery School Christianity project (a special effort is being made since this has been such a long time coming), but there will be analysis of the films A Scanner Darkly and The Lighthouse. These pieces have also been in the works for quite the while, and are promising to be slightly too extended for inclusion on the regular site. Both films offer valuable insights into the way the world works.

A Scanner Darkly appears to come out of knowledge of US intelligence agency programmes relating to drug addiction for population control, and drug use for surveillance. Philip K Dick, then, being the writer of the novel upon which the film is based, presents himself as a warden of a safe-house for the surveilled. And from this understanding we might appreciate the treatment of that martyred hero of alternative media, Julian Assange, as that which is meted out to one of the CIA’s own.

The Lighthouse is the newest Robert Eggers film, and the best film to have been made in many a year (in the context of modern infantilised comic book cinema). The Laurie household saw it at the (local independent) cinema just before the outbreak of the coronahoax, and the DVD copy, having just been released, was delivered this week. The film is about creation of submission to authority by psychological manipulation, and basically about legislation (or lore) versus law. It is an especially pertinent at this time when UK Government has made a good proportion of the population of the country crazy.

Also coming soon to the site will be a project about Chichester Cathedral as an exemplar of Masonic knowledge coded into a medieval great church, or temple.

Access to all this work can be gained by making a donation. Those readers who have made a donation but have not yet done so can subscribe at any time at

To come as regular material at the main FBEL site will be more coverage of the coronahoax, including an article that deals with the parasite Prince Charles’ advocacy of the exploitation of Covid-19 for an ecologically sustainable post-industrial economy. Also coming up is coverage of the last National Action trial. This is a subject that has added interest in the light of hostile British Army activity in a psychological warfare capacity against the British people in the perpetration of the coronahoax – subject for another article that is coming soon. Finally, expect a report on a court case brought in a feud between an objector and a utility company, where it appears the judge has ruled that costs accrued by the company for the involvement of debt collection companies in the process of recovery of payments cannot be passed on to the party that is being pursued.

P W Laurie

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