Published On: Sun, Jul 19th, 2020

Exiting Babylon: the only way to escape being prey for UK Government in perpetuity

The requirement that facemasks should be worn in shops is undoubtedly a nonsense that should lead to further hardening of attitudes in the British public towards the now very evident do-as-it-please nature of UK Government. It shouldn’t be said that causing brittleness in the relationship between governed and governors would be a grave miscalculation on the part of UK Government because, as we can suspect, it has had little choice in any aspect of the coronahoax; the operation on the economy for which “Covid-19” is a pretext will have been a necessity. We can be sure that the incurring of a considerable amount of ire would have been considered and risked in any case. Perhaps, however, the UK Government has discovered more resistance than it would have anticipated – it certainly has whiffed of desperation all along the route of its coronahoax criminal enterprise, as it has scurried to stay ahead of an infectious kernel of defiance.

UK Government should also worry that many people who were already aware of its capacity for abuse have now had a real-life lesson in the brutal determination of the ruling class – so brutal that it could turn in so much totality against its so called own people. Aggressive psychological warfare in the service of high criminality, it is being discovered, is not limited to Libya or Syria where the version involves making people think that their government, irrespective of whether it deserves such a thing or not, is on the verge of being overthrown by freedom fighters. That many Britons took to social media, when the facemasks in shops requirement was announced, to cry out and advocate civil disobedience is a sure sign of the Overton window shifting – as it needs to. At the same time 99.9% of them wouldn’t be thinking beyond their futile show of shouting “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore”. The bottom line is that they don’t understand the system that they live in, and their ingrained expectation is that it – the system – will offer an alternative, easier solution.

The reader may well have seen the film, Network, and there is a famous monologue in that movie which will help lead the reader to the particular point of this essay. The speech is given by Mr Jensen, a chief executive of a particularly powerful organisation, and delivered to the beleaguered Howard Beale, who is effectively an employee way down in the hierarchy:

We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Beale. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business, Mr. Beale. It has been since man crawled out of the slime. And our children will live, Mr. Beale, to see that perfect world in which there’s no war or famine, oppression or brutality — one vast and ecumenical holding company, for whom all men will work to serve a common profit, in which all men will hold a share of stock, all necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused.

Now, many would see Jensen’s speech as a revelation of the global outcome of capitalism. A big clue, they would say, is the linkage with the survival of the fittest (the allusion to evolution). However, the case is just not that straight forward, because Jensen appears to be saying that the global outcome of capitalism will be socialism.  In fact, Jensen is plainly echoing H G Wells’ manifesto – covered in the FBEL article, The socialist “Rights of Man” – towards a New World Order.

The bad news for mongers of the phrase “Global-capitalists”† and believers in the notion that blame for all the world’s ills should be placed as the term denotes, capitalism cannot lead to socialism. It certainly cannot lead to global socialist government, which is the sort that such a thing must be.

Be that as it may, people will no doubt be thrown by Jensen’s use of the word “business”; it does not automatically equate to capitalism.  The “business” meant does not reside in the context of real capitalism, with many people owning their own capital, often in competition with each other, not all serving the same common purpose. “We no longer live in a world of competition,” is what Jensen essentially says.

“Business” is used in the speech as a term for a particular activity – and we can say this because of the context established by other content. The business is the work of ensuring that those illegitimately in power stay on the top. The freemasonic concept, the Great Work, is the permanent establishment of such a state of affairs on a global scale; thus it is the City of London’s. It goes all the way back to the competition-hating Cain and his brother Abel: that’s what Jensen is really alluding to with his reference to prehistory. In fact, evolution is the technocratic pseudo-science of the people who would institute socialism. That Caen developed the means to kill Abel is a feature of evolution.

Jensen’s Business is the same that Nimrod was engaged in when he made himself an emperor. To do this, the first potentate in the earth, and then the second and the third, and all who derived it from him, imposed a belief system – a scheme of how the world worked. We have a way into understanding this through the Hermetic religion supposedly of Egypt where the people understood that they were slaves to destiny, but the rulers were free of it, which gave them the right to govern. All had a part to play in the continuing “beautification” (the building of monuments to power and its permanence, both literally and figuratively) of the universe: the people had to do the work, the rulers had to oversee them. This is socialism, not capitalism. It is Babylon, “for whom all men will work to serve a common profit”.

Jensen’s version of the belief system, the one in which we live, is one where men are debt slaves, and economics is gamed against them (and boy, has the coronahoax reminded us):

 There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rins, rubles, pounds, and shekels.

It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today.

However, there is in fact very little separation between the new and the old, despite the obvious differences between societies thousands of years apart. The following is an extract from one of the chapters in FBEL’s ongoing “Mystery School Christianity” booklet, and it explains how economic abuse has always been a feature of socialism:

And so now we can appreciate that Mystery Babylon [the belief system] is a system of governance whereby a few technocrats rule over a society of slaves. As mentioned in the previous instalment, it is famously personified in the Book of Revelations as Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth, with whom kings and merchants have prostituted themselves. For kings and merchants, read the imperialist (these days, globalist) corporate-government: read those who are powerful through application of Mystery Babylon upon humanity – and the writer of Revelations told us that this didn’t just involve the application of government authority, but also the creation of captive consumers of the system: the mark of the beast is a restriction placed on a general population that limits their ability to buy and sell. In fact, the mark of the beast is perhaps better understood as license to trade, and legislation to optimise it against undermined competition, granted by a technocratic government class so as to enrich itself. And so, it becomes clear that the most important technology by which the Mystery Babylon technocracy is empowered, and always has been, is to do with communication, and with the employment through it of deception, so that the slaves are convinced that those who rule have an unquestionable right to do so, and the same right to keep them captive.

This presents a nice segue to explaining the behaviour of Jensen, who, the reader will have noticed, is happier with Beale when he is distributing doom and gloom, and his ratings have crashed, than when he is agitating people to protest against and prevent the Arab financial takeover of the sub-corporation he works for. Ultimately, Jensen would rather the news network be a huge loss maker than have the people stoked up so that they would reject their place, and leave the system. And while Jensen has clearly not explained to his lackey, Hackett, who is so livid with losing money that he has Beale assassinated, that there is a bigger picture, and a matter of the “forces of nature” to contend with, he tells us, the viewer, more than is sufficient for equipping ourselves to deal with the system.

Bottom line: the system is beaten when it is vacated – when there is an exodus from it: exiting Babylon, as it is termed here. And communication is key.

We discussed above the fact that people had been moved to shake their fists and threaten civil disobedience, but there is an obstacle in the mind of the general public that prevents the promise being kept. It is the hypnosis by media that tells that the system must prevail – has all the solutions. Vote this way, or vote that: next time something will be different, is the basic suggestion. The eternal hope is that the system has a solution. Underpinning this is prior and present investment in the system, which isn’t expected to be interrupted. People want their bins emptied, so they won’t stop paying council tax. It doesn’t strike them that the Council should be paying them for their trash – or, preferably, a private company – and then selling on reusable material, even if it’s for fuel. Likewise, they want to send their children to schools, so they won’t stop paying council tax. Why don’t they instead organise themselves and form a private school, and collectively pay people to teach what they want taught?

Well, of course, there is also a good deal of physical discouragement: that aforementioned restriction that limits ability to buy and sell. If the system, through regulation, makes it punishable, or financially non conducive to create alternatives to the services which have been tendered to corporate-government sub-divisions so as to make people dependent on the State, then the easily dissuaded – of which the human race is plagued –  will not independently offer them for a living.  However, until people start creating alternatives, and making the necessary sacrifices to do it, then the system will always prevail.

This site is an alternative. And it’s an alternative in the crucially important sector of communication: Jensen’s big fear. You can tell it’s a real alternative because of how in its environment its like Connor MacLeod wandering over the battle field screaming, “somebody fight me!”  Here’s the most recent example that demonstrates the idea: when one is reporting that SARS-COV binds with ACE2 to cause Covid-19 from scientific papers, and when there is absolutely no interest in it in places that claim to be practicing journalism, then it’s because the system doesn’t want the observation, by a huge audience, of a trail leading to the issue of health terrain.

Take a careful look at what your media tells you about “Covid-19”; does it reinforce the basic concept of the psyop, even if it quibbles about how deaths are recorded, or whether or not the disease is as dangerous as claimed? Does it say “Covid-19 is as dangerous as flu in the such-and-such age demographic”? It probably does. On the contrary, here at FBEL it is said that Covid-19 is a thing contracted by those whose upper respiratory tracts‡, but especially lungs express a high amount of ACE2. Certain people may happen to be more susceptible to the condition because of the state of their health terrain (and we deal with why in just a second). Does the reader see the difference? Only when one comes to the information that the FBEL reader is directed to (it isn’t invented) can one start to ask questions about why there is a prevalence of ACE2 in the body. The primary suspects for causation are the prescription drugs related to obesity, high blood pressure, and then further complications.  Is it any wonder that ACE2 never gets an airing in any media when obesity – the gateway for the unsuspecting into a lifetime of medication (see the FBEL article, The beneficent NHS, where corporate-government makes a buck from population control) – is such a gold mine for the NHS/pharma complex?

So, this site functions as a sign to an avenue out of the system. It isn’t that it just appears to be such a sign that in actuality points readership to a road that is always travelled and never goes anywhere – which is what you have been served with for so long by alternative media. At FBEL, the reader will find the central message embedded in lots of articles: exit Babylon. There can be no more important message, for not exiting Babylon means forever being at the whim of the UK Government. This time you were made to stay indoors while some of that stored value in the economy was redirected on a course to return to the system’s ownership. Next time you could be killed in a war. If that doesn’t serve as a motivator, nothing will, and there couldn’t be a more important reason to promote this site than it’s the only one trying to get you moving.

And if you really want to roll back the socialist new world order, you can actively participate by rewarding small capital producers – although that’s not specific enough. Identify who is the new breed that understands that they are leaving the system and taking their customers with them, and buy from these and help them populate an alternative economy. You can start right here by remunerating the creator of this and other material at this site in return for your consumption of it (and please follow the link “see here” above the donation button for an extended rationale [or in fact, follow this]).


† The claim is, of course, that capitalism inexorably leads to monopolies and corporate dominance. Well, when the system is gamed by the perpetually powerful for the purpose of producing “utopia”, what else is going to happen? The problem has been that capitalists have allowed themselves to be socialised.

‡ Additional, 12/06/21: since the publication of this article, some considerable doubt has arisen regarding the idea that ACE2 is expressed in the upper respiratory tract. See, New Study Acknowledges Increased Levels Of ACE2 As Factor In Contracting Covid-19; Who Will Take Any Notice? (link)

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