Published On: Wed, Jul 8th, 2020

The most comprehensive and cogent analysis of the Woolwich terror incident

Yesterday was 7th July, and a ceremony was performed at the memorial in London’s Hyde Park that should be nicknamed, if it isn’t already, “not seeing the wood for the trees”. God forbid the UK Government ever again needs scrap metal to build Spitfires.

However, the monument was attended in all seriousness yesterday by several dignitaries to lay wreaths in a ritual that tropes the murdered into sacrifices, and honours them so that their ghosts don’t haunt those (or the offices of those) who performed the taboo killing (please see the FBEL article, Remembrance and the summoning of the Evil One).

There was the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, the head of the Metropolitan police, Cressida Dick, and the heads of Transport for London, Mike Brown , British Transport Police, Paul Crowther, and City of London Police, Ian Dyson, were also in attendance. And then in a subordinate group – as these sort of things are always conducted – who laid wreaths in a second wave, were the likes of London Fire Brigade Commissioner Andy Roe and London Ambulance Service chief executive Garrett Emmerson. Chief High Priest in attendance was Boris Johnson, despite a being in the middle of a row for bunglingly sort of acknowledging that 20,000 people were killed in care homes by negligence (no metallic-mock-forest-grove/primitive-caryatid-column-complex temple for these bloodless sacrifices), who used the present tense, “we are not afraid”, in a remembrance tweet for an historical event which was, then, clearly purposed for the psychological effect of reminding people that they are always potential victims of those who perpetrated the July 7th bombings.

The 7/7 bombings, or so the story goes, were carried out by four “Islamists”, but in fact with bombs that they shouldn’t have been able to make and that wouldn’t have worked (if at all) in the way that has been claimed for them. The fallacy of TATP as an effective explosive in the hands of amateur bomb makers doesn’t stop it featuring routinely in false flag, hoax, or entrapment case events that have been executed since 2005 to essentially maintain a pretext for staging regime change across the globe. The reader can see an example of such a fairytale in the FBEL article, Ahmed Hassan’s “bomb” a decoy – Parsons Green explosion appears to originate from elsewhere.

Mentioned in said article is Nick Kollerstrom’s book, Terror on the Tube, which deals with the 7/7 bombings in a most comprehensive way. This work actually set a benchmark because, such is the UK Government’s modus operandi to have its terror event narratives set in incontestable historical stone – and remembrance ceremonies attended by saluting uniforms and bowing suits, of exactly the sort held yesterday, are part and parcel of doing this, it is therefore vitally important to scrutinise them in minutiae so that they inevitably become incoherent and unable to support official narrative, and assist in demonstrating the modern historical account as the catalogue of lies that it surely is.

While Kollerstrom’s book was the definitive work on the 7/7 bombings, perhaps the most comprehensive and cogent work on an incident of the same pretext-serving magnitude was executed by yours truly. The Woolwich terror incident was a precursor to the ISIS psychological operation, and an exercise in expectation management for intended UK meddling in Syria. FBEL’s extensive 2015 analysis of the event is now being republished at the version of the site (link), chapter by chapter as a number of broken link to image problems are being fixed, along with some editing that needs to be done (with explanation where it is significantly substantial). This is in addition to the material promised (and progressing slowly) in the previous upcoming material report, to be found here.

In other news, below is the most recent chart for visitor numbers.

Viewed with the attitude set out in the following extract, which is from an article written in March, the chart is completely understandable.

Recently, traffic to this site has spiked so that it has been having the biggest audience it has ever seen, but all this signifies is a migration of spectators trying to find a perspective that will offer psychological salve for coping with a fearful blot on the landscape of their otherwise neatly managed shoebox house lives. The author, who is also the creator and sole maintainer of this site, is not impressed.

It is understood: people want to suck their thumbs. UK Government has eased lockdown to a level more conducive for it. And reams of controlled, late to the point and late to the fight, prevaricating, bet-hedging, gatekeeping, garden-path leading, chattering, no-solution offering alternative and (defeatist) periphery corporate media is there so that there can no feeling inadequate about it.

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