Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2020

Updated: Visitor number report and news of new material on; plus other upcoming material

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28th August:

An update for those who might be interested in it: my t-shirt arrived on 27th August. The material is not flimsy, and is good quality. It looks and feels nice. I didn’t realise that it was coming from Spain at first, and the long way around. However, I’m satisfied enough to invest some time in new designs (creating and testing a more ambitious one now). And there is an option to speed up delivery for a little fee.

Further to the upcoming material detailed below is work that has arisen from comments on the most recent pieces. This stuff will work its way to publication, but it’s in a queue. There’s an article on the Rule Britannia psyop coming in the next couple of days, and a new Mystery Christianity chapter should also get finished the first week of September.


Original: 15:27, 8th August

As promised, now available on ( is the long time in coming next chapter of the Mystery School Christianity book – which is timely stuff after an episode in history when Christian churches have clearly demonstrated that, according to their own reckoning, government of men is a higher authority than God. Please note, because this new chapter was years in arriving, it suffers a bit from it in the writing. A review and reorganising to facilitate easier reading will be needed at some point in the future.

Also now available is the complete first section of FBEL’s coverage of the Woolwich terror incident, the precursor to the ISIS psychological operation.

Still in the works is analysis of the films A Scanner Darkly and The Lighthouse. Both films offer valuable insights into the way the world works.

A Scanner Darkly appears to come out of knowledge of US intelligence agency programmes relating to drug addiction for population control, and drug use for surveillance. Philip K Dick, then, being the writer of the novel upon which the film is based, presents himself as a warden of a safe-house for the surveilled. And from this understanding we might appreciate the treatment of that martyred hero of alternative media, Julian Assange, as that which is meted out to one of the CIA’s own.

The Lighthouse is the newest Robert Eggers film, and the best film to have been made in many a year (in the context of modern infantilised comic book cinema). The Laurie household saw it at the (local independent) cinema just before the outbreak of the coronahoax, and the DVD copy, having just been released, was in recent weeks. The film is about creation of submission to authority by psychological manipulation, and basically about legislation (or lore) versus law. It is an especially pertinent at this time when UK Government has made a good proportion of the population of the country crazy.

Also promised, and still coming soon to the site will be a project about Chichester Cathedral as an exemplar of Masonic knowledge coded into a medieval great church, or temple.

Access to all this work can be gained by making a donation. Those readers who have made a donation but have not yet done so can subscribe at any time at

Also, if anyone who has bought a t-shirt (thank you) wants to subscribe, then please go ahead and do so, and drop me an email ( to let me know that the registration pertains to you.

As for the regular site, although FBEL is winding down its coronahoax coverage (because, in the potential audience for it, there’s a preference for the output from the alternative media – so good luck with that), a few pieces are still promised. One article will revisit the real phenomenon of SARS-COV to ACE2 binding, the cause of real Covid-19 – it’s stuff that, for some strange reason, one will never find covered in alternative media. Secondly there will be a revisit to the subject of the connection between obesity and Covid-19, not through the condition itself (which is the idea that the UK Government is pushing), but through prescription drugs for obesity related ailments. It also appears that, in June, a piece was promised looking at the relation between Covid-19 and an ecologically sustainable post-industrial economy (a New World Order), so this is still on the to-do list.

Postponed since March or April and still to do is a report on the last National Action trial, which used one particularly completely suspicious piece of evidence to convict Alice Cutter. Also, it turns out that another of the defendants in that case is linked to neo-Nazi militia units in Ukraine, the sort that has the support from UK and US Government in an anti-Russian front, so of course the stink only increases.

For those who might be interested, I ordered my own FBEL “666” T-shirt last week, and am awaiting delivery. This post will be updated at that time to provide a report.

The graph shown below is the latest to be generated from FBEL site statistics. The red line represents the number of visits lasting at least 30 seconds, and the blue line represents the number of visits lasting 30 minutes and more. Thanks to you all for visiting.

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      Thanks for your comment, because you’ve reminded me to point out that is an abbreviation for Perhaps it has been a while since that’s been done.

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