Published On: Wed, Sep 9th, 2020

Action to end the interminable unlawful lockdown

So, how’s your alternative and assigned-to-be-dissident corporate media doing leading you out of the coronahoax lockdown? If you are honest, reader, the answer would be, it isn’t doing.

The author of this piece is looking forward to the time when there is, in the British public, a general arrival at a conclusion that each individual must act to defend himself and his family and his community from the UK Government. Lots of people are moving in the direction to this destination at this time because they are seeing arbitrary rule by the executive branch of UK Government. However, they probably don’t appreciate that the potential has always existed for the abuse, and that the UK Government misgoverns as a matter of course for consolidating power. Because the public by far and away mostly volunteer into abiding by legislation, which is rules towards achieving a political agenda (as opposed to law, which is concerned with the preservation of rights even to the detriment of said political agenda), the victims of UK Government misrule are usually relatively few and have no collective voice to be heard.

This is changing.

We are lucky, because at this time we are seeing UK Government unveil completely to reveal its nature: the Coronavirus Restrictions Regulations, which are increasingly produced by diktat, with no basis in terms of public health for justification, for the convenience of UK Government (and this does not overlook the fact of no parliamentary scrutiny involved in their original creation – it’s just that parliament is dead and so the issue is neither here nor there), is merely legislation that lots of people will not volunteer to abide by. Therefore, the threat of punishment (which would be unlawful violation of an individual’s rights) and persecution becomes a motivating factor in increasing numbers of people to do what they need to do: defend themselves.

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Having people realise that they cannot rely on party leaders, apparent political representatives, or media personalities to do the necessary work for them is one of the aims of the author in producing this site. People must be their own leadership, and they must take their own initiative. Moreover, if they follow certain celebrity figures, then it doesn’t excuse them needing to become a person who also does his own job of self-defence. So, it becomes necessary at this juncture to distinguish two people, who have become personalities, from the melee of false leadership in alternative and assigned-to-be-dissident corporate media. Simon Dolan and Piers Corbyn are individuals who are taking their own (particularly effective) action in self defence [Corbyn is useful in that he has forced a day in court – see here]. They have asked for support from the public, which makes them into personalities who will have a following. But this shouldn’t negate anyone’s duty (to one’s self) to be, themselves, a leader.

The solution to the interminable lockdown is pushback: applying pressure at its Achilles heel so that UK Government must give in. The ultimate expression of this is the overthrowing of UK Government – or the restoration of the proper commonwealth, as it should be termed. Those who are horrified to read such words, from being too feint hearted for the task, do not fret: the scenario does not exist at the moment whereby it is possible to restore the proper commonwealth. The point in raising the idea is to talk about certain principles that form the basis for activity for self defence in the face of a perpetually abusive regime. Overthrowing the UK Government is the ultimate act of self defence, and will be necessary. And the wee timorous are asked to remember that the Americans more or less codified the overthrow of bad government as being the duty of a freeman, which reflected the reality of the fact extrapolated in English law.

There are two planks. The first is to deny wealth. The second is to deny legitimacy. For further reading, see:

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There is a third plank, which is the denial of territory and jurisdiction of central government, and its courts, and its enforcement officers, and this develops out of the scenario where the first two planks are enacted.

This third plank, by nature of inextricable association, gets mentioned or alluded to when dealing with the first two planks (see the articles linked-to above). However, there isn’t really a piece dedicated to it at FBEL, because it is seen as bridge to cross when the need arises. That being said, there are plenty of other pieces where the third plank crops up (and these are listed at the foot of the page).

It occurs to the author that when the enforcing agents of UK Government are empowered to persecute people under the pretext of entirely trivial offenses (with no respect for the principle of the Englishman’s home being his castle), then a need to organise in communities to prevent enforcement becomes more of a pressing concern.

Don’t forget, the third plank scenario is envisaged in a context of weakened central government. This is not the case at the moment, so the intensity of the self-defence would need to be adjusted accordingly.

What is required is for people to organise so that they can become a crowd at a location where the central government is looking to persecute individuals, through the local enforcement agency (police, or indeed, newly proposed so-called “covid marshals”‡), in the name of coronavirus legislation. The idea would be to prevent persecution by spoken persuasion reinforced by physical presence – just being a dumb obstacle in the way, in numbers, means that police have to allocate more resources than they otherwise would have to. There is no need to offer violence. The objective would be to exhaust and demoralise police. Firstly, if there were hundreds of such denials of access across single regions, police would be outnumbered and unable to operate at all locations. Secondly, it will be demonstrated to the police (or “covid marshals”)  that they are on the wrong moral side, and that their acts of persecution will not deter defiance to it; i.e. teaching to them that their action is futile. Be warned, people engaging in such activity should be prepared to be arrested† in a worst case scenario, but, as explicitly stated before on this page, people should take their own initiative, and that means making their own judgement calls.

Just a word about this: Piers Corbyn is asking for people to organise locally, as far as the author is aware, in order to protest.

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The author would not get involved. Protesting, if that is the purpose of Corbyn’s movement, is not the same thing as acting in self-defence. Going into the street and declaring the territory a no-go zone is also not acting in self-defence (see the article linked to immediately above). We’re talking about protecting people in their homes and when going about daily business in their local communities. Moreover, local people do not need to act under any national banner – and the risk of causing prejudice in the locality against a movement that would otherwise be valuable to all the people is not the main issue. If local people are reporting to a central enabling office, they could in fact be identifying themselves to Government, who could feasibly use the information to infiltrate and defeat any organisation that otherwise would be organic. Above all else, the impetus for defending one’s home, and defending the homes of neighbours and that of folks in the wider local community should come from a sense of local self defence, not because a central figure or institution ordered or requested it. Organise yourselves. (The author is in West Sussex; and his email address is


‡ Legalised “have-a-go-Gestapo”?

† It’s highly unlikely that so-called “covid marshals” will have police powers, and that’s why the proposal is in fact a sign of UK Government weakness. People could ignore them, like they could ignore the rest of the Coronavirus Restrictions Regulations, if they wanted to.

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