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Covid-19 as a modern day variant of an antique technocratic control device

The Babylonians could predict an eclipse of the sun at the time of the biblical Abraham†, so it’s easy to imagine the scenario. Come the time of an eclipse, in ancient days, the technocratic class – those who could understand the science of astronomy – which was the priesthood, and through it a king, would tell the ignorant, subjugated population that the power to stop the sun being eaten by the moon was in human hands. All that was required was supplication offered, via the interceding ruling class, to the Cosmos. Thereafter, the people would be held to the pledge made in their name to live more in accordance to a mode of being insisted upon by the priests; a mode of being which would ensure that a Cosmic catastrophe would never befall their society.

We know that ancient peoples would have associated an eclipse of the sun with their political system because the Babylonians evidently used the eclipse to judge the rule of a king. The signs to read were all in the array of planets to be seen in the blackened sky while an eclipse (or the Alchemical Marriage) was taking place. A king would need to be put to death if the omens were not right.

Of course, that the technocratic priesthood would know what planets they would expect to see long before any eclipse took place means that the ceremony was theatre for the people. Indeed, the king would actually be replaced with a stand-in who would be sacrificed when bad omens were predicted (and revealed). We can expect the people not to have felt cheated by any substitute at the killing because of the principle of the ritual. The king had symbolically paid for misrule, but the misrule need not necessarily been due to him; his people might not have played their own part to the letter.

The concept at the root of the understanding between the rulers and the ruled was “as above, so below”. Normally, there would be order in the Cosmos. However, the eclipse of the sun represented the threat of a situation where the solar orb did not rise above the horizon every morning, and the predictable seasons did not occur in their allotted place in time. When these things did happen, it constituted a scheme by which life was possible: it was a guard against death.

Thus, an eclipse of the sun was about the threat of Cosmic chaos that must be seen off by order in human society. To maintain the order of the Cosmos, there had to be political order on earth: as above, so below. We can read about this very real idea in the Hermetica, from which we can also obtain details of how such a society would function:

Since the world is Atum’s handiwork, those who maintain and enhance its beauty are co-operating with the will of Atum by contributing their bodily strength in daily care and labour to make things assume the shape which his purpose has designed.

Chance is movement without order, and skill is the force that creates order.

The Earth is kept in order by means of humanity’s knowledge and application of the arts and sciences – for Atum willed that the universe should not be complete until man had played his part.

Pages 65 & 66;

When the Creator had created this beautifully ordained universe, he wanted to order the world also.

So he sent down man – a mortal creature made in the image of an immortal being – to be an embellishment of the divine body of the Cosmos.

It is man’s function to complete the work of Atum…

Atum implants each human soul in flesh by means of the gods who circle in heaven [the planets in the Zodiac].

It is man’s lot to live his life according to the fate determined for him by these circling celestial powers [the planets] – and then to pass away and be resolved into elements.

There are some whose name will live on, through the memorials of their handiwork, but the names of the many will fade into darkness.

Few can escape their fate or guard against the terrible influence of the Zodiac – for the stars are instruments of Destiny, which brings all things to pass in the world of men…

To my way of thinking, however, it is our duty not simply to acquiesce in our human state, but, through intense contemplation of divine things, to detach ourselves from our merely mortal nature.

Pgs 80/81/82, The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharoahs, Freke and Gandy, Tarcher Cornerstone Editions, 1999

These fragments impart a good deal of information. A few people are able to escape their destiny: these are the technocrats who oversee the creation of order, through the expression of the arts and sciences, or continuing the beautification of the universe, which can be interpreted as meaning the building of monuments to and of the institution of government. The labour is performed by the masses. This is how those who cannot escape their destiny must keep their place. They are helped to this acquiescence by being made to think that it is part and parcel of their spiritual being (this will sound familiar to Christians [not necessarily the same thing as followers of Yeshua], and for the good reason that theirs is a religion co-opted by the Mystery School). Hermeticism (also known as Lucerferianism), of course, is the religion of freemasonry, where to create the Great Work is to recreate a socialist “utopia” under newer pharaohs. It is entirely relevant to our situation because the freemasonic City of London/Military Intelligence amalgam rules Britain.

Thinking about the Tower of Babel, or Mesopotamian ziggurats, or Egyptian or Mesoamerican pyramids, or even NASA space rockets to the moon as very fundamental and literal monumentalism as a device to sustain technocratic control is really useful because of how there must be welfarism in the society that creates them. How else, you see, would a craftsman earn money if all day long he was creating something for the State that projected the power of the ruling class?

And this is what it all boils down to, so that it’s more exact to say that the beautification of the universe is about creating monuments of the State as monuments to rule of the State. In Britain, the NHS is a great example. Especially during the course of the Coronahoax, it is plain to see that the NHS satisfies a fundamental criteria in the religion of socialism (the same as that of freemasonry) as something to perform sacrifice for and give reverence to, in return for continued order of the Cosmos. As well as being structurally enormous, the NHS provides activity whereby the State is justified and is an avenue through which the rule of the State can be exerted. And the example serves to remind that, in this day and age, the people who rule are the very same type of technocratic class that have always ruled (and individuals within the class think and like to believe they are descended from the very same ancient technocrats).

So, at this current time, in a manner that is becoming to them, what the technocratic class has done, instead of claiming to have the power to make the moon spit the sun out, it has claimed that through its NHS colossus it can stop people dying of a deadly disease called “Covid-19”. The “Covid-19” psychological operation is a modern variation of an antique technique for technocratic rule.

Of course, these days we know that the moon never will obscure the sun so that there could never again be heat and light on the earth. This is the natural reality, but back in the day, it was the outcome that a priesthood took credit for. The eclipse, while it was happening, was a disaster in progress with, as far as the ignorant were concerned, the outcome unknown. In reality, everything was under control, and being exploited. Or, in fact, there was nothing to lose control of, and just exploitation of a natural spectacle.

Likewise, “Covid-19”.

In reality, “Covid-19” has been the exploitation of “normal” death of the very ill blamed on a separate ailment that still hasn’t been properly understood (which may have been around for a long time, misunderstood as flu‡, or possibly is the same illness caused by SARS-COV (i.e. SARS) that appeared nearly 20 years ago and perhaps has never gone away). In this scheme, large scale death by “Covid-19” stops when “normal” terminal illnesses are no longer designated as “Covid-19”. The priesthood – the technocratic rulers – can then take credit for stopping the plague. It can impose conditions of sacrifice for the service. Now, people are calling the exploitation of “Covid-19” the Great Reset, but this evokes the idea of something new; it doesn’t reflect how English liberal society has been being attacked and slowly altered for many years, and in fact since the first reaction, by Victorian aristocracy and church (Toryism), to Georgian gentrification of the working and middle classes (Whigism). The plan to reintroduce full Babylonian order has been around for a long time.

The eclipse analogy is very useful for thinking about how “Covid-19” is being treated in media, alternative or even corporate, that is issuing a dissenting voice. The question that one needs to ask is this: if dissenting media existed in ancient times, would it be exposing the truth that there never should be any fear that the sun would disappear, or would it concern itself with issues relating to the scale of the sacrifice asked for by the priesthood? Would it be denouncing the technocracy as frauds, or would it be saying, “well, of course, we don’t question that the priesthood stopped the sun being eaten, but is it really fair that the eldest child in each village has to be killed at the temple each spring equinox?”

Let’s update the question. How is your alternative media covering Covid-19? Again, there are two possible ways. The first is to be outside the magic trick to demonstrate and expose it, the other way is to be inside the world of the illusion, and pretend that the magic is real.

The very simple answer to the question is that if dissenting media/media influencers are not exposing the illusion of a killer disease manufactured from “natural” events₸ – in this case, the death of people who were going to die (with most if not all deaths being iatrogenic, and some being hurried up to fruition, hence the quotation marks around “natural”) – then it is operating as if it were controlled opposition.

As it happens, the signs are there that dissenting media is entirely controlled. English speaking dissenting media will not recognise the real phenomena of SARS-COV binding to ACE2, which is the beginning of a trail to completely undermine the hoax of a huge death tally – the core of the deception. Dealing with ACE2 is like discussing the movement of earth-orbit bodies in relation to the earth’s position with the sun, but dissenting media won’t do it. Moreover, British dissenting media will not even acknowledge the existence of ICNARC and its data on patients in ICUs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which supplements the truth of a much smaller tally. When a smaller death toll is established, and blamed on the real culprit (ultimately, we suspect, prescription drug poisoning) – because some people do suffer from an illness that leads to pneumonia, that leads to complications and death – then there can be grounds for denial of the fact of a new virus, which undermines every other issue: the validity of testing, case numbers, contagiousness; in short, everything.

So, the above counts as a refinement of the appraisal made at FBEL back in June:

The reality of Covid-19 can be explained in much less than 300 words…, but a simple, coherent message explaining exactly how and why there has been a hoax does not emerge into a body of cognizance from alternative media.

The reality of Covid-19, according to better understanding, has since been explained, albeit in a little more than 300 words, in two FBEL articles, Covid-19: utterly false perception of great danger created by letting some old and ill people die, here, and its follow up, Covid-19 in a nutshell, here. Indeed, the nature of the hoax based on two versions of Covid-19, the real one and the one for propaganda, has been told of here at FBEL since the beginning, in such articles as April’s, A tale of two Covid-19s; potentially, the only real thing is the fight too far picked by UK Government, here.

At FBEL, the reader labours under no illusion: the moon can never swallow up the sun.


† Which would have something to do with his exit from Babylon – see the article, The science of the age versus technocratic “magic”; there can only be one outcome.

‡ There needs to be a dedicated article on why Covid-19 is not flu. The conflation of the two is deliberate for the purposes of making Covid-19 appear more dangerous than it is or can ever be.

₸ Indeed, if alternative media, or social media influencers are blaming 5G, or the spreading of a laboratory created biological weapon, or they are claiming hydroxychloroquine as a cure, they will be operating within the illusion (even while they also may be claiming a hoax) because these talking points are based on a premise of a real virulent and potent disease.


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  1. I’m reminded of the film – Apocalypto – at the time of the eclipse….when the Priest and Kings eyes meet with an undisclosed look of cunning comprehension.

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