Published On: Wed, Sep 23rd, 2020

Operation Flush the Turd

A pattern has emerged. UK Government tinkers about with its Coronavirus Restrictions Regulations, and every time it does it, your alternative and assigned-to-be-dissident corporate media and media influencers have an hysterical reaction.

But this is the bottom line: Dolan versus the UK Government, in the High Court, has prevented the defendant in the case from implementing a lockdown to the fullest extent that was no doubt intended. This was explained long ago at FBEL, and the use of a very simple to understand analogy of a tide coming in to make the UK Government pull up its trouser legs should have been inserted into a wide section of the public consciousness if this site had the following of the size that the demented and doom-mongering alternative and assigned-to-be-dissident corporate media (perplexingly) never fails to be abandoned by, no matter how obviously controlled it is.

While Dolan’s Judical Review yet lives, albeit in its current appeal limbo, it hangs like the sword of Damocles over UK Government’s plans, and limits its capability in terms of the extent of the lockdown that can be imposed. Even if Dolan’s Review is ultimately denied, it is debatable even then that full lockdown would be possible because of how it had to be withdrawn after a stick of law was shaken at it for all the world to see (even if your controlled media won’t help you to do so).

Notice, reader, that of the so-called restrictions on personal movement rather too hopefully pronounced at first, it is only a requirement to stay indoors, or self-isolate, when supposedly a positive test case that remains from the original lockdown. At the same time, it is a restriction that is volunteered into by getting involved with the testing regime, and ultimately can be ignored given that it’s unenforceable (unless prison tags are fitted to an individual). Notice, reader, that there is a restriction on gatherings, which again must be unenforceable for the largest conceivable part, and even though there are reports of people in droves snitching on neighbours assembling at gatherings of more than six, the phenomenon is probably an invention of someone in the Cabinet Office Rapid Response Unit, aided and abetted by the 77th Brigade.

The part of the current form of the lockdown that arguably affects most people is the requirements requested of companies in terms of procedures that make them inefficient, in the name of “Covid-19”. Where these apply to customer facing parts of the business, they are actually requests to implement policy, which does include allowing customers on the premises, unchallenged, without wearing face coverings (because, at its core, lockdown is voluntary). The way to combat these restrictions and have them withdrawn is to take custom away from businesses that adopt strict social distancing policy, so as to apply pressure on UK Government through the lobbying from corporations that would inevitably follow. Again, and because it seems, incredibly, that people in Britain don’t automatically understand that they have the power of sanction through their purse, this would perhaps be a strategy more broadly deployed if this site had the audience of the controlled media that fails everyone so much, and yet cannot be left to rot.

Which brings us back to the point, which will be reintroduced via a Twitter publication by Simon Dolan, which is an example of the sort of reaction which is inverse to that which tends to be produced, in much the same context as this one was, by controlled alternative and assigned-to-be-dissident corporate media. Dolan was reacting to a proposal by a Welsh politician to introduce mandatory “Covid-19” vaccinations:

This is a test to see how the public react. These pieces are dropped deliberately and strategically.

Shock testing is a real thing, and this is what Dolan correctly identified in this case – and it has been noticed that it’s not for the first time either. Shock testing has briefly been covered at FBEL before (see here). It involves provoking changes in public behaviour. Shock testing is exactly what UK Government routinely does when it tinkers with the scraps of the lockdown that are available to it. However, in these circumstances, if it was understood in the thinking portion of the population that there has been no major change, it would have been as if there had been no trigger fired. So, it’s a job for the controlled alternative and assigned-to-be-dissident corporate media to react in a histrionic manner.

There was plenty of this on display on Twitter yesterday after the latest bout of UK Government tinkering with its lockdown scraps, and attention is drawn to it on the FBEL Twitter timeline, if the reader won’t take the author’s word for it (if the opportunity arises, this article might be updated so as to be annotated by examples in the footnotes). In fact, it was the stark contrast offered by Dolan’s tweet to the material offered by certain doom-mongering, but nevertheless popular alternative media figures, that begged so clearly to be turned into an illustrative article.

Furthermore, it presents an opportunity to express an intention, because a distinct sign was noticed, amongst the drivel produced by the controlled woe-betide-us brigade, that reinforces a suspicion, first indicated in the recent FBEL article, The Trafalgar Square Turd, that was scathing about David Icke’s appearance at a rally organised by Piers Corbyn, that there is an effort to install the Son of Icke, as he is known in these parts, as a figurehead of an anti-lockdown movement in order to discredit the general anti-lockdown position. In a coincidence, a comment arrived under the same said article criticising opposition to Icke.

A sense of déjà vu was strong, to say the least, and evoked the time during a similar effort to promote “Tommy Robinson” in order to rubbish Brexit, when exactly the same sort of comment was received at the site. At that time, FBEL was at the head of a persistent series of articles discussing the use of the character Robinson as an instance of the UK Government’s equivalent to a cointelpro operation (for example, here), and it is hoped that this work, in its small way, contributed to the abject failure of the project. Likewise, and especially as the contributor of the aforementioned comment told the author that “it’s time you realised” Icke to be an ally, given the fact of supposed alliance by definition of common enemies, there must now be work to ensure that the New Ager – and therefore the New World Orderer – the Son of Icke, who is as clear a case of the enemy as anyone is like to see, goes the same way as “Robinson” into non-exploitable, no asset value, surplus to requirements, needs to be retired, status.

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  1. Darryl says:

    I find it quite reassuring that Dolan called out the mandatory vaccination interview as a government strategy to test reactions. Dolan has been attacked quite rigorously over the last few days by Mike Graham (who has been interviewing Peter Hitchens every week for months on Talk Radio). The basis of his attack is that it will cost the UK tax payers money to fund the defence of the government – which considering the Bank of England is financing tens of billions of government spending each month is truly laughable (plus the debts will obviously never be repaid). Dolan’s case will cost the country a couple of million whilst the establishments actions will cost the economy hundreds of billions. Talk Radio is undoubtably the most skeptical mainstream media organisation at the moment, whether it is genuine opposition is another matter.

    The Times was making quite a big deal about police being overwhelmed with informant calls on Tuesday. I suspect and hope it is untrue. I constantly find The Times has the most pro establishment propaganda – David Aaronovitch has to be the worst culprit.

    • P W Laurie says:

      “Speaking of Mi6, it is a long-held belief at FBEL that The Times is a direct mouthpiece for British military intelligence.”
      From, For the simple sake of disruption and discombobulation: the Gavin Williamson sacking (link)

      Examples (list not exhaustive):
      British volunteers in Syria; Part Two: The Chinese social media superstar psyop (link)
      British Government beta tests the “Charlie Rowley with perfume bottle” narrative (link)
      Salman Abedi’s suitcase, and the far more interesting (but hidden) Libyan dimension (link)
      Shamima Begum (a clue might be in the name) and the inconvenient truth about ISIS (link)

  2. Dopanit says:

    is unfortunate that the gaze is repeatedly conducted to the pulpit of ankle biting urchins, but then its been that way for a very long time, ragging away as the legs grow longer….until it gets a good hold and folk forget to question it’s attachment…or when others profess to be of a different breed, then the question – is the priority of release…absolute – as it should be for those who listen – not to be content to drag along a more appealing substitute.