Published On: Sun, Oct 4th, 2020

Viewing figures and new and upcoming material report

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Time again for another periodic performance and new and upcoming material report.

This won’t be the first time in one of these things that it is stated that coverage of “Covid-19” will be scaled down at FBEL. The issue really boils down to a simple fact of a hoax, where the impression of a disease was created by the killing off of hospital population. Moreover, the measures that UK Government have implemented using “Covid-19” as a pretext must be defied in order to render them redundant; it’s all that simple. It’s quite clear what needs to be done. There has been enough writing about it. That being said, there are a few things to keep an eye on (the progress of vaccine trials, for instance), and there are articles which have been intended for a long time – which, in fact, is something that can be said about pieces not relating to “Covid-19”. Details can be found in the previous edition of this report.

Newly appearing on the site is the first chapter of a book that is already written, but to be added in stages, and treated as a work in progress as it is refined. Access to this material is via a new tier of subscription which is available to donors who have made, and are making recurring contributions accumulating to the amount of at least £50. This figure isn’t supposed to represent any value that the material might have (at least, not at the moment). The point of the additional tier is to provide something extra for long time and dedicated supporters of this site.

Also now on the is a series of articles which first appeared at the regular site dealing with the coroner’s inquests into the Borough Market incident (false flag, in fact) of 2017, which appears to have been committed by several teams of knifemen, as per a methodology that we have seen used (whether we realise it or not) in various serial killing or gun rampage cases in both the USA and the UK; indeed, there is a plan to write about such historical and infamous crime in terms of it possibly being psychological operation committed by Government. In any case, the London Bridge Inquests series straddles three levels of subscription, with the opening chapters being accessible for all. It is a series that is due to continue, and when it does, it will be available on the second tier of subscription.

As always, more chapters in the Woolwich and Mystery Christianity books are due – I will try very hard in October to publish these. Plans to write critical analysis of the films Scanner Darkly, and The Lighthouse have turned into an expanded project: a series of analysis of cinema that is relatable to the sort of thing typically covered at FBEL. Please look out for that on

Once again, to anyone who has made a qualifying donation, but has not yet subscribed to, and would like to (a crucial condition), then registration can be done here.

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