Published On: Wed, Nov 4th, 2020

More Woolwich book

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Just to let those readers who subscribe to ( know that a new tranche of material has been restored so that all of Volume One of The Woolwich Terror Attack: A Report on the Precursory Incident to the ISIS Psychological Operation is now published and publicly accessible. The intention is to have Volume Two restored in November as the month progresses, so please keep checking back as there are no plans to make any new announcements about it.

And keeping this very quick, because the proportion of announcements regarding work to come versus actual work coming has lately been too high, the long queue of articles promised in previous updates of this kind is steadily being processed. Other than that, to look forward to is a series studying Prohibition in the United States, which is something by which we can properly understand the coronahoax, given that it served as a pretext for social, political and economic engineering. We’ll be looking at how it created circumstances by which the US Government, and the socialised American state could grow. A long promised piece on ecologically sustainable post-industrial economy (a New World Order) through the engineered Covid-19 crisis will probably feature as part of this series.

Below is a chart showing visit numbers to this site, incorporating October 2020: the blue line indicates those lasting 30 minutes and more, and the red line represents all visits lasting more than 30 seconds.

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